Examining The 2013 Bound For Glory Series – The Losers, The Winners, And The Prize

We are in the beginning stages of TNA Wrestling‘s Bound for Glory Series! It’s hard to believe that this series started in 2011. It is into its third year and it has made quite an impression amongst the stars on Impact Wrestling and the show itself! This year’s series looks to be jam-packed with high profile stars, but it also has stars that are new to the whole series! I’ll be taking a look at the losers, the winners, and the ultimate prize that goes to the person who is crowned the 2013 Bound for Glory Series winner!

BFG Series

Before I go into this year’s series, I want to discuss the previous years. The Bound for Glory Series started in 2011 and I clearly remember it. 2011 was the debut year for me on WrestlingNewsWorld.com as I was writing Impact coverage every week. I was right in front of the Bound for Glory Series as I seen it unravel before my eyes. Honestly, it was a mess! I understand that the first time on anything isn’t the greatest, but I would have expected TNA to have been a lot more organized. The series was downright crazy. It was hard to understand the point system and the different match types. While everyone thought the person with the most points would be the winner… that wasn’t the case as it would then be settled in a Fatal Four Way Match. The winner of that match would be the series winner. While that year was very unorganized, TNA stepped it up the following year and delivered! The 2012 series was absolutely tremendous as TNA explained the rules in detail, explained the matches in detail and updated the scoreboard as the show went on.

The Bound for Glory Series is becoming a staple in TNA Wrestling just like the King of the Mountain match was. In fact, I know people who think the BFG Series is the best time of the year for TNA. That is saying something! I honestly love the whole concept and it really keeps me interested for months leading to their biggest PPV of the year, Bound for Glory.

This year’s participants are as follows:
AJ Styles
Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
Christopher Daniels
Jay Bradley
Jeff Hardy
Joseph Parks
Mr. Anderson
Samoa Joe

Jay Bradley

This series is stacked with some of the biggest names in the company. It also has names that are quite new to the whole scene. They are Jay Bradley and Joseph Parks! While this is a great opportunity for Jay, I don’t see him going far. Sure, he can get a win here or there, but I expect him to be in the lower end of the scoreboard as time goes on. Remember how D’Angelo Dinero and Robbie E were in the previous years? Jay is young and has a lot of time to grow, but there’s no way that we will be seeing him in the top four. Joseph Parks is one character that TNA have been pushing hard for the past couple of months. It’s not surprising as he is over. Parks is in and we have to expect either interference by Abyss or Parks shows his violent side when he sees blood. Either way, Parks is going to gather some good amount of points, I think, but still don’t see him winning this thing.

While those are the obvious stars that have never been part of the Bound for Glory Series, there are some choices that may in fact surprise you. Kazarian, Hernandez, and Austin Aries never been part of the Bound for Glory Series. Hernandez isn’t quite as shocking because TNA has been focusing him on the tag team division for quite sometime. Austin Aries isn’t surprising either because he only rose to main event status last year as he turned his X-Division Title in at Destination X. Kazarian, who has been part of the company for years, has never been part of the series. His partner, Christopher Daniels, has been though.

Ray and Anderson

12 stars are part of the series, but the top 4 stars at the end are the ones that matter. Those top four will battle it out and the winner of that match will go on to face for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Who will it be though? Looking through the stars, I can see two obvious choices. One is AJ Styles, who I have been calling the winner of the series since April, and Mr. Anderson. AJ is a given for multiple reasons like TNA pushing him back up to the top to finally get the title again. Mr. Anderson, however, has been planted in the series because Bully Ray wants an easy match at Bound for Glory. However, we can see that Anderson wants some power. He wants some control. Being champion brings both of those. It’s no secret that Anderson wants to be the focus of attention. While Bully thinks Anderson could make for an easy fight, Anderson thinks otherwise. There’s no doubt that he will put up a fight. Just imagine the story that will create! I can see TNA doing that!

Two more stars that I can see be in the top four are Samoa Joe and Magnus. Joe is one of those stars who should have no problem getting points. In fact, he can probably take out quite a few of the stars in the series quickly. It would make sense for Joe to rise up for revenge purposes but also because he really just wants to be in the main event again. I decided to pick Magnus just because of TNA’s slow push for him. Magnus has been receiving an on and off push for a couple of months, but he can really gain some ground being in this series. He doesn’t have to win it, but he can be in the top four and that will make him look like a threat and a possible contender in the near future.

While I see a great story developing if Mr. Anderson wins the series, I am still sticking with my original pick of AJ Styles. I have been vocal about him winning this year’s Bound for Glory Series since April! I can see where TNA is going with Aces and with him. It will develop a full circle. It will all tie in. While I am going with AJ, nearly anything can happen. That is why the Bound for Glory Series is such a great time in TNA!

Who do you think will win the Bound for Glory Series to face Bully Ray at Bound for Glory for the TNA World Heavyweight Title? Do are your top four? Will Jay Bradley and Parks impress? Give your thoughts!

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  • Dylan

    Just an FYI, the wrestler’s name is Joseph Park, not Parks.

    Sometimes some people have mispronounced his name on camera,
    such as Hulk Hogan, but there is no “s” at the end of his name.

  • Matt

    I love the BFG series, still surprised that they haven't put either James Storm or Matt Morgan in there, I understand Storm being left out due to him having the Tag Titles even though he now has no-one to fight due to Bad Influence and Hernandez being in the BFG series. I can also see AJ Styles winning the whole thing and showing he was Team TNA the whole time. My final four- AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Mr Anderson