Fan Response – Ending This Week’s Impact Wrestling With A “Real Lights Out”

I sent a Fan Interaction Activity on my Facebook page last night in regards to the ending segment of this week’s Impact Wrestling. You can read my response to the segment (and the show in general) at this link. As I stated, this segment received more of a mixed reaction, and has beat the whole after discussion of the “#August1Warning” reveal. At any rate, I reached out to fans and gave them the opportunity to have their work published right here on the site for thousands of people to see and read. Luke McLachlan sent me his reaction to the final segment and then gave his own twist on how he would have ended it. Luke’s work is below. You can follow him on Twitter at this link or friend him on Facebook at this link.

“I didn’t dislike the ending for this weeks Impact, but I thought it could have been handled differently!

Now before I go on, let me inform you that I’m from Australia and Impact won’t air here until 8:30pm Saturday night, however I read the play by play as it posted while being broadcast in the US.

But I do know my rough American time zones due to watching plenty of wrestling over the years and had noticed that Impact basically went full length this week as per normal on Spike TV. Dixie didn’t really cut Impact like we are meant to believe.

Now, If I’m Dixie and I want to go heel and gain some heat, here’s how I lay this one out based on what she did this week but with a little twist.…

First, seeing this Impact was taped last week we have some wriggle room with production etc. I’m going to pick up the phone and dial Spike and request some commercial break be removed from earlier in the show and have it transferred to the final moments of the broadcast. This allows me to compress the show through the start/middle and supply Spike with the weekly amount of content they require to air an edition of Impact.

What I’m doing here is buying myself some time. Scrapping that commercial break means I’ve banked a few extra minutes for the final segment cause here’s what I’m going to do…

With the extra minutes now banked, and judging the AJ/Dixie segment runs for 10-12 minutes, let’s assume we have 20 minutes to go in the entire broadcast when AJ’s music hits.


Now the viewer is sitting at home looking at the clock. We all do it. We love to scrutinize segments that are too long, too short but we know with 20 minutes to go that there must be 2 segments left or one hell of a turn coming to keep us entertained before the show finishes. The segment plays out as normal. Dixie comes down and they do their back an forth “yada yada yada”. 10-12 minutes later and she shuts down the show! Um, WHAT??

Effectively Impact is now off the air 8-10 or so minutes earlier and Spike has no choice but to play commercials to fill out the hour. This is where the earlier scrapped commercial break slots back in.

Spike has fulfilled its commitment to advertisers by playing their commercials and TNA has fulfilled its commitment to Spike by providing the regular amount of wrestling content and all seems well.

But not for the viewer! The viewer is peeved… Dixie has just ended Impact earlier then normal. She’s pissed me off. I sat there wanting my 2 hours worth and she just screwed me out of it.

This woman is on a power trip! She’s just screwed the company and the Network to prove the point that she’s bigger than TNA’s own Franchise player.. How dare she!!

Now I’m that peeved you better believe I’m tuning in next week to see this woman explain herself, how can she not? Surely Spike Execs must be mad. I need an answer and I better be getting it next Thursday when Impact goes live!”

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  • Luchador

    too over the top, now that would be copying too much the boss, the executives and network angle, I like the way it is now because she really isn't the evil boss she didn't do malicious things to AJ or others she just snapped because AJ is embarrassing her in public of her wrong business choices