Fan Response: Taking Dixie Carter, AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, And Impact Wrestling To Another Level

Fellow reader Luke McLachlan continues on with the way he would book the AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, and Dixie Carter situation on Impact Wrestling.  You can follow Luke on Twitter and let him know what you think at this link.  If you want to be part of the successful “Fan Response” segment here on the site, please email your work to me:  Luke’s article is below:

“So Dixie rips up AJ’s contract, Hogan looks like he doesn’t know what’s going on and I’m sitting here scratching my head thinking where would I book this to move forward?

Well here’s my idea and for this to work let’s forget about expiring contracts and play with what we have seen on TV over the last few weeks.

So we have three Impact’s left before Bound For Glory and the Number 1 contender is without a contract, and by the look of Impact Dixie doesn’t seem in the mood to open the check book to good old AJ.

Personally I think Dixie needs to take this to another level.  If AJ doesn’t have a contract what’s he doing in the ring?  Let alone the building?  Take this opportunity Carter and remove him from the building to keep drawing you some of that heel heat your trying to get.  Force him to buy tickets to the next few Impacts.  Show him sitting in the crowd with the fans.  Maybe have him do a run in to keep him relevant.  We do have to keep him relevant heading into the PPV… that’s a must!

During this time we have to have Hulk try to play the mediator while trying to side with Team Dixie… Hulk you’re my middle man, but I’m going to give you a Hulkamania moment down the line so bear with me, brother!

So let’s move forward to the impact before Bound For Glory and shoot a scene as Impact starts.  This will be AJ hanging out in the front of the arena waiting for Hulk to arrive.  AJ confronts Hulk and let’s him know that the Californian Athletic Commission has alerted AJ that he must be under contract to be able to participate at Bound For Glory!  Hulk is going to tell AJ that he’s going to handle this and sets off looking for Dixie.

Have a regular match and when it’s over we find Hulk backstage letting Dixie know what AJ told him.  Hulk is going to lay it out for Carter and explain that people bought tickets and ordered the pay-per-view to be able to see this promoted Heavyweight Title Match and to avoid any shit storm with refunds, Dixie better sign AJ tonight.  Hulk is going to leave this all up to Dixie now!

AJ in crowd

The show continues and eventually AJ makes his way to sit with the fans. Final segment starts and out comes Dixie to the center of the ring with a clipboard.  She reiterates to the crowd everything Hulk told her earlier about the issues with the Athletic Commission.  She then calls AJ to come to the ring. She will go on to explain that she doesn’t want to sign his lazy ass to a long term contract as it will cost her money, so she pulls out a ‘’One Night Only’’(1 Day) contract for AJ to sign.  This will allow TNA to fulfil his obligation for the BFG match and the paying fans while allowing her the flexibility to not have to deal with AJ on a weekly basis.  AJ will sign the contract and drop the clipboard on the ground for Dixie to pick up as Impact goes off the air.

So let’s fast forward to the main event of BFG… AJ vs. Bully Ray and we want a five star, knock down drag out match from these two until Brooke Tessmacher starts to get involved.  She can do a leg pull, distract the referee or whatever but just enough to get Hulk down to ring side to stop this nonsense. Let’s have Bully spot Hulk and start with the badmouthing.  He can start with the ’’Dad’’ calls, draw the ire of Hulk by telling him while AJ is down that Brooke is way more classy then his hoe daughter.  He’s glad he kicked her no talent ass to the curb etc… Really fire Hulk up as the match continues.  Finally AJ makes his comeback and gets the 3 count on Bully right next to the ropes.  Bully goes to place his foot on the bottom rope after the 2 count but as a sign of payback, Hulk pulls the rope out so Bully can’t break the 3 count and AJ becomes New TNA World Champion!  BFG will go off the air with AJ celebrating in the ring, Bully looking pissed and Hulk smirking.

On the following Impact, we start with Hulk making his way to ring.  This should get a good pop from the crowd where he will introduce the New TNA World Champion AJ Styles. AJ makes his way down, poses for the fans, shakes Hulk’s hand, and goes to speak on the mic only to be cut off by a pissed looking Dixie Carter making her way to the ring with a suited lawyer and two police officers.  After entry she rants at Hogan for pulling the rope in the BFG match and deciding the outcome.  She goes to question him on why he isn’t Team Dixie before turning her attention to AJ Styles.

She’s goes to congratulate AJ on his Championship moment.  She applauds him on showing the world some of the old AJ, the never give up TNA original AJ before reminding him that he had a ‘’One Night Only’’ contract and that one night is over and seeing his contract has expired.  He is holding that belt that belongs to her! She will state she wants it back and if AJ doesn’t hand it over these two fine boys in blue will have no problem taking it from him!  Hulk is going to try and reason with her only for Dixie to tell him to shut the hell up!  AJ reluctantly looks at Hulk before dropping the belt at her feet in a show of disgust. The lawyer will bend down to pick it up while Dixie shakes her head at Hulk.  Once the lawyer hands the belt to Dixie, she grab some cheap heat by doing her best Jimmy Hendrix aka Hulkster impression and play the belt like a guitar like Hulk used to do with the WCW/NWO title! (You know we are going to boo the hell out of that.)

(I know any WWE fan who reads this will be saying your just copying the E by having the title stripped.  Maybe a tad.. sure, but I would like to think the immediate payoff soon to come with this will wash away ant doubts of why I had to write the title stripping portion of this work in, so please bare with me gang.)

Before leaving the ring, Dixie will let Hulk know that he messed with the world title outcome at BFG so he has tonight to fix it… and he better fix it good for Team Dixie!

Let’s cut to a backstage segment with Bully demanding his title back or a match for it tonight.  Have him call Hulk out, call him every useless name under the son and refer to his daughter again just to get the point across etc.  Further in the show we can see a number of established talent try to lobby Hulk for a title shot using obvious reasons.

With everyone gunning for a title shot, Hulk makes an announcement that there will be a 20 man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal Main Event to crown a new TNA Champion tonight.  Hulk can go on to explain that he’s sick of hearing about Team Dixie and he’s on Team TNA and it’s lead by Millions of Hulkamaniacs and includes a newly re-signed AJ Styles.  The camera can cut to the left to show AJ holding his new contract just before he asks Dixie, “What are you going to do about it, brother?” and tosses the contract at the camera as the scene cuts.

Main Event time and let’s come back from commercial break with 14 men already in the ring.  We introduce five of the bigger TNA names including Bully & AJ before the bell rings to it underway.  You are thinking we have only got 19 men, right?  Well to be honest, it’s not mentioned on TV so you’re not going to be head counting and pick this up, are you? You’re going to be watching the action unfold waiting to see who is crowned TNA Champion.


So, the match continues and entrants are getting tossed over the top rope till we have the final five. I would choose Bully, AJ, Daniels, Joe and Roode to finish this one off. We really need to showcase the originals of TNA and there is no better place then the final moments of a World Title match. Now, saying that and seeing there is no referee in the ring to give DQs in Battle Royals, let’s get Brooke Tessmacher to toss Bully his chain where he, one by one, knocks each man out in the ring till he’s the only one standing.  Lets have him yell, ‘’How do you like that Hogan?’’ At this point, we need Mike Tenay to say ‘’14 men are already eliminated and Bully Ray only eliminate 4 more to win the Title’’… Taz will then rebuttal with ‘’That only makes 19 men, Tenay!’’

Which leads us to our Hulkamania moment I spoke of early… Hulk’s music plays, crowd pops and he appears on the stage in his red and yellow ready for action while Bully stands dumbfounded in the ring.  Now I know there will be lots of the IWC sitting at home going ‘’NO NO NO’’ that Hogan is going to win the title while the rest of us cheer him on one more time.  With the other 4 men in the ring down, Hulk and Bully will square off toe to toe and for the good of the company, he will eliminate himself and Bully Ray with a clothesline over the top sparing the haters the heartache of watching the Hulkster capture the gold one more time.  This will now leave 4 TNA originals to fight it out for there Title in which I would have AJ going over in what I’m sure could be an epic finish to memorable Impact and recapturing the gold that Dixie just took from him hours before hand.

My booking of TNA here re-opens the doors for the very worthy TNA originals to once again challenge for the title over the coming months while removing Bully from the immediate title picture to concentrate and finally finish the storyline of his ongoing feud with Hulk Hogan.

With Bully busy, it’s the chance for the Mafia to finally put Aces & 8s to bed and restore a touch of order to TNA.

Dixie will be at a cross roads having a re-signed star she didn’t want holding the companies major title while she tries to reign in her newly confident General Manager Hulk Hogan.

Personally I’m not sure how they have TNA booked for the next few weeks to BFG or the Impact after but I’m looking forward to being entertained and hopefully after reading this you be too!”

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  • The Boss

    Involving Hulk Hogan only to show that he’s NOT involved is stupid. Furthermore if Hogan doesn’t win, then whomever does end up with the title will feel like a disappointment. If Hogan is going to lace up the boots and get involved in a title match, he simply MUST win.

  • Tna-babemagnet

    I think that they should have that, but have hulk not as a man in the match, but have him eliminate bully with the help of brisco, bischoff, knux and anderson, have aj win and after the match, have dixie fire hulk for fixing the result of the match, but have JJ (jeff jarrett)take out dixie after she fires hulk, turning him face and making an alliance with aj and jeff jarrett, leading to a match at genesis between aj and bully with dixie in bully's corner and JJ in aj's corner- tna WHC vs control of the company- jarrett controlling the company if he wins

  • kyler

    great show but my biggest problems, where the news star's they can make out of this story,
    if i would do this the story here i would of had dixie come in and said due too contract aj bfg series win is non-void and the new Winner that she deserve to win (Jay Brady) mega heel heat on dixie and brady who has no point, so hulk hogan come out and said u r the priz but im the book, book aj style and brady in deciding clear winner of the bfs series winner, then dixie said, but hogan if brady does not win the match, the end of hogan here with tna. then at the end good match between both guys, oh before this match dixie is talking on her phone to ???? Ego during the match ego come out and attack, with a ref bump, hogan comes out clearing house on ego, then goes to hit brady but turns and hits aj instead with booooooooooooo rain down hogan leaves the ring and brady hit's aj with boom stick 1……2…. kick out . brady pissed off and gett's in the ref face set up another boom Stick Miss pale from aj style clash while hogan watches ends show.