Fan Response: TNA Cutting Costs & Using It In A Story On Impact Wrestling

Luke McLachlan sent me another article to continue his previous article he wrote last week.  This is in response of‘s interactive approach where you can send me an article that you wrote in regards to TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling.  His article can be found below and you can reach him on Twitter at this link.


“After writing my alternative ending to Impact last week (seen here), where I came up with the idea of Dixie gaining some good heel heat by really cutting the show off early, I started to ponder on where I could take this storyline while helping TNA cut costs.

My idea would be for Dixie to slowly start turning the screws on the TNA roster to become the ultimate heel … She does nothing for me as a face, being a tweener gets you nowhere in the world of wrestling, so let’s turn this lovely lady into a heel that’s totally consumed with the bottom line of the company’s finances.

We have always had the mega rich bosses willing to pay any price on TV to seemingly get the upper hand of their roster, staff and other personnel, so having a money saving/tight budgeted heel would be a nice change of pace… well it would be for me!

By becoming this character on screen, it would allow TNA to downsize appropriately off screen to once again produce a nice working model that is capable of turning a decent profit.

You may wonder:  Why would they want to downsize? Well , it seems every other TNA article currently going around either has some mention of a roster cut or contract expiring. Even if it doesn’t, we still get the same remark from the same small minded fans exclaiming, “TNA is going out of business because they’re broke.”  So at the end of the day, why not?

TNA is still the second biggest wrestling company on the planet with a dedicated worldwide audience, so I believe they don’t have to appear big on screen in order to look big because they already are big! Whether you choose to acknowledge this or not is your opinion and you are totally inclined to have that.

So that brings me to this question: How does TNA downsize while using Dixie’s character on screen?

Dixie needs to start playing this up. She needs to publicly state, and on-screen, that her family’s money is supporting this “roster” and that she’s sick of it. She’s sick of seeing her one day’s inheritance being handed over to ungrateful overpaid talent that aren’t producing anything for the bottom line.  She can further carry on in a number of segments over a number of weeks and basically confront talent and tell them they are basically stealing from her. From there, she can use this line to officially close an edition of Impact with an in-ring segment…

“If you guys don’t produce anything, you’re stealing from me. If you’re stealing from me, then I’m going to steal from you!”

Over the next few weeks, she can explain what she means by telling the wrestling world that she means stripping back TNA to bare basics in the hope of turning a profit and putting money back in her pocket! She can further explain that everything from venues to production costs will be cut under her watchful eye. And so it begins…

Cutting costs onscreen will actually mimic cost cuttings in real life!

I’ve had a quick look at TNA Wrestling’s touring dates on the website and noticed that they seem to be booked up until December 29th in the US. What I have also learned is that they are booking venues for Impact that have seating capacities from 9,000 people (The Cox Business Centre) to 18,000 people (The Verizon Arena). We all know that Impact is struggling to have 4,000 odd people turn up for a show and the majority of these venues are being taped off and blacked out on TV to appear fuller then they are. So what’s the point of spending money to book larger venues than are needed? Surely this has to be costly in more ways then one?

I propose that from Jan/Feb onwards they book smaller venues they can easily fill out. They need to cut back in booking larger venues and appear like a modern day ECW. Surely a live full house in a small venue will produce a better live TV feel then 3,000 fans in a 15,000 seat arena.

Imagine Dixie coming out and telling the roster they “ain’t putting asses in seats” in the big venues so she’s booked a heap of small venues so the talent can realize how good they had it!

What about downsizing the stage and entrance ramp? If TNA is playing in small venues, how about we scrap the big set? It’s not needed at this point, so the cost of hauling and setting up that big set around the States is now gone.

Imagine Dixie telling Samoa Joe or Joseph Park that he doesn’t have the body of a model, so why should he have a catwalk down to the ring… Oh that’s just got her some serious heat!

How about some on-air firings? Nothing shows cost cutting like kicking the dead weight to the curb. Let’s have Dixie fire some production crew members (plants, of course) because seeing that the company is half the size, they only need half the staff!

There are many more ideas I have to help further the storyline which I think would greatly improve TNA, but really do you have 6 hours to read them all? This storyline would help blur the lines as, in reality, TNA would be cutting costs and in a way, hopefully, it would help them save face with the IWC… Would the IWC really question something as real as this?

Dixie planted the seeds for this storyline last week when she told AJ that everything he has is from her family and this is just my way of carrying it on. It might not seem viable and interesting to many but as a TNA fan, it sure speaks to me!”

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    • jim

      agreed. thank you.

  • Chris

    i would be interested in reading your other ideas. i really like the one with her firing on crew members. It would have a big "wow" effect. You have some great ideas. I like where your mind is going.