Fantasy Booking: Lockdown 14 (Contains Spoilers)

WARNING this article contains spoilers.


X Division Xscape for the X Division Title
Austin Aries (c) vs Manik vs Kenny King vs Zema Ion vs Sonjay Dutt

Winner: Austin Aries retains his title after escaping the cage. Order of eliminations before the final two are Dutt, Manik and Ion. King attacks Aries after the match ramming him into the cage from the floor and this builds a feud between the two.

Chris Sabin and The Alpha Female vs Velvet Sky and Alex Shelley

Velvet tells Sabin she has a mystery parter for Lockdown. It turns out to be Sabin’s former tag team partner Alex Shelley who is disgusted at the way Chris has treated Sky.

Winner: Velvet Sky and Alex Shelley

World Tag Team Title Match
The Bro Mans (c) vs Bad Influence

Winners: Bad Influence win the straps and go on to feud with The Wolves heading into Slammiversary.

Knockouts Title Match
Madison Rayne (c) vs Gail Kim vs ODB

Winner: Madison Rayne

Last Man Standing
James Storm vs Gunner

Winner: James Storm wins after cracking numerous beer bottles over his former partners head.

TNA World Title
Magnus (c) vs Samoa Joe

MVP declares that if anyone gets involved they will be fired.

Winner: Magnus retains. Joe has the match won but Brian Hebner won’t count the fall. He counts two but stops and has a sad look on his face. As Joe is distracted with Hebner he is rolled up from behind and Magnus wins. After the match Brian tells Joe he is sorry and that he had no choice. Joe attacks Brian giving him a Muscle Buster. It is later revealed that Dixie told Brian that she would fire both himself and his father if he counted the fall for Joe.

Lethal Lockdown for Control of TNA
Team Dixie: Bobby Roode, EC3, Rockstar Spud and Bully Ray vs Team MVP: MVP, Jeff Hardy and The Wolves.

Winner: Team MVP. Magnus and Bad Influence all get involved in the match but Kurt Angle returns to stop them. The order of entry is Roode, Richards, Spud, Edwards, EC3, MVP, Ray and then Hardy. The match ends when the returning Jeff Hardy gets the pin on Rockstar Spud. This gives MVP control of wrestling operations in TNA. Jeff Hardy gains a TNA Title shot from this as well.

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  • Kazamaniac Brother!!!

    Don’t bury Magnus Brother! No more Hardy getting title shots give on to the K A Z!!!.

  • Mark

    New layout anyone?

    • Alex Barie

      Yep. New design for the site which coincides with the new era in TNA. Still will be making some tweaks to the site in the coming days.

  • Aaron Scott

    Love the return of Alex Shelley idea.

  • crazychrisr

    This would be a perfectly booked Lockdown PPV! Everything makes perfect sense and builds towards future storylines.

    The only head scratcher is the tag team title match. Both the BroMans and Bad Influence are heels and part of Team Dixie. Having these 2 teams go head to head is going to turn one of them face (probably Bad Influence). This would ruin a feud against the Wolves – who will obviously be TNA's main face tag team.

    A Sabin vs. Shelley storyline would be brilliant and give both of these talented wrestlers something to do while Aries dominates the X Division for a while. Please bring back Shelley!!!!

    I do think that TNA needs to give Magnus a few good clean wins to give him some credibility. They need to get over the fact that he is a good wrestler and that he COULD win clean if he wanted to…but he chooses to cheat.

    That's just one man's opinion