My Favorite TNA Matches Part One

There have been tons of great matches in the history of TNA. I have decided to talk about a few of my favorite ones here. Please let me know what you think, leave your favorites in the comments below and stay tuned for part two.


Slammiversary 2013
Last Knockout Standing
Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell


The feud building up to this match was done perfectly. Taryn was the Knockouts referee and was tired of Gail putting her hands on her. Finally at Lockdown she snapped and attacked Gail. Going in we all wondered if Taryn had what it took to be in a match like this. While in WWE she was never able to show her skills. She went above and beyond expectations and many consider this the best Women’s Wrestling match in years. These two went on to have a great Ladder Match shortly after on Impact. Taryn is currently away due to her pregnancy but I hope she returns.

Hard Justice 2006
Falls Count Anywhere
Samoa Joe vs Rhino vs Monty Brown


This was Joe’s biggest test since debuting in TNA and going undefeated for 14 months and counting. Brown had been severely miss used by the company and would be gone not long after this. Rhino had recently turned down an offer to re-join WWE for their revival of ECW. All three men had something to prove.

Earlier in the night a fire broke out in the rafters in the Impact Zone causing the place to be evacuated. It took around an hour to get the PPV re-started. These three guys went out there and busted their butts for the fans. This was a great high energy brawl all over the arena. Samoa Joe stayed undefeated picking up the win. The finish saw Joe STO Brown off the ramp and through a table. This a must see for fans of any of the three and or fans of hardcore style matches.

Slammiversary 2009
King of the Mountain for the X Division Title
Suicide (c) vs Jay Lethal vs Consequences Creed vs Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin


This was sadly the last year we saw the King of the Mountain match in TNA. The show featured two. One opened and one closed the show. This one for the X Title opened the show and after what we saw there was no way the closing one could follow up. All five men put their bodies on the line. Sone truly innovative and awesome spots took place in this match. I had the pleasure of seeing this in person and nothing else on the card got the fans going like this match did. In the end Suicide won to the dismay of the crowd who were behind the hometown boys of Sabin and Shelley. Hopefully we will see this KOTM match return this year as it has always bern one of my favorite TNA matches and this one was no exception.

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  • Kazamaniac Brother!!!

    Magnus.v.Aj Styles…

    No Surrender 2013, would’ve been better had Mag won.

  • friv 2

    I am impressed with Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell, simply because I was a girl

  • Phil Robinson

    nice matches, i've not seen the hard justice one so i had better get watching it. i hope you mention the 3 way for the world title at turning point '09, because that was epic.