Feinstein Controversy – A Decade Later

“A Guy Who Makes His Living Selling Tapes of Sweaty Half-Naked Guys Rolling Around Would Do Something Like This? NO WAY!”

“Rob Feinstein resigns from ROH after embarrassing report”

Both of these are headlines from wrestling websites when it was discovered that ROH founder, Rob Feinstein, was caught trying to have sex with a 14 year old boy.

In 2001, after ECW went out of business, RFVideo owner Rob Feinstein decided to create his own wrestling company, Ring of Honor. Since its first show in early 2002, ROH has featured some of wrestling’s top talent; AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, CM Punk, Terry Funk, Austin Aries, Mick Foley, Matt Hardy, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, and Tyler Black (WWE’s Seth Rollins). ROH continues to provide a wrestling-based product, and has maintained a fanbase that consists of true wrestling fans (even if I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of their fans opinions).

In 2004, Feinstein met a ’14 year old boy’ through instant message. They made plans to meet and ‘hang out’ at the boys house. He claimed that his sister was partying in New York and his parents away, and gave Feinstein his address in Chicago. When the ROH founder arrived at the boys house, he was welcomed with news cameras, and then drove away. Soon after, he resigned from both ROH and RFVideo.

When this situation took place, many people were scared not only for the future of TNA’s relationship with ROH, but for the future of ROH as a company. Here are some quotes from forum posts about the situation from March 2004.

“Don’t forget that ROH has a working relationship with NWA-TNA and if TNA doesn’t want their boys working for ROH, they probably won’t………”

“Shocking stuff, I always knew RF was a fruity scumbag… but I never would have suspected anything like this.”

One of the biggest things that resulted from this situation was the end of TNA’s talent exchange with ROH. Since the beginning of TNA, they had allowed talents from TNA to also work for ROH. Many talents took advantage of the opportunity, including some of TNA’s top stars, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Amazing Red, and Red’s cousins, Wil and Joel Maximo, who wrestled as the SATs.

Here are some parts of a phone conversation between Rob and the ’14 year old’

Rob: Well, um, yeah, you know, I’m just a little paranoid. You know, your age.
JB: Paranoid about what?
Rob: I just, you know, don’t want people to find out.

Rob: Do you have MTV?
JB: Yeah
Rob: Can you turn it on?
JB: Um yeah, why?
Rob: Cause cops wouldn’t have MTV at the station. Make sure I can hear it.
JB: Whatever dude.

It is obvious that Feinstein was scared of getting caught. He was careful, but clearly not careful enough.

This situation happened 10 years ago and I don’t think I’m alone here when I say I wish TNA and ROH would have another deal similar to the one they had in 2004, however, it would be complicated because from what I understand, it states in every TNA wrestler’s contract that they can wrestle for indy companies, but not if the event will be shown on TV, and ROH is shown on TV (not in most places, but still). Just think of the matches that could happen. Samoa Joe vs Adam Cole for the Ring of Honor World Championship. Chris Hero vs Austin Aries. Bad Influence vs Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. I honestly don’t see how anything negative could come out of a new deal, and I really hope they do figure something out, even if it is just for one show. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t pay for a TNA vs ROH PPV, and it would make sense considering AJ Styles, one of TNA’s top talents, just left for ROH, and The American Wolves, two of ROH’s top talents, just left for TNA.

The inspiration for this article came when I saw something that said that Rob Feinstein stated that Sting was signed by WWE. I did a ton of research for this article, and I hope you all enjoyed reading it.

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  • cinimodyeslah

    i enjoyed this

    • TNAisamazing

      Thank you!

  • Nic Winstead

    Fienstein.v.Hansen (Toys r us match) @ WrestleMania 30.

    • Phenomenal1

      That is not even funny. I have kids and am funny about my boy watching wrestling because of this.

      • Phenomenal1

        I know you are trying to joke so sorry if I came off aggressive. But you can understand what RF done is sick and he should be in jail for the rest of his life.

    • TT

      HAHAHHAHAHAH Hilarious or Hulk and Chyna vs X-Pac and Linda

    • Nic Winstead

      Sorry all.

  • Alex Barie

    Everyone says you learn something every day so this is my history lesson for the day. I had no idea about Rob Feinstein, so this certainly explained it.

    Onto another note, I like you mention ROH and TNA should have a working relationship but I have always questioned whether TNA should allow their talent in other companies. If their talent can make a living on what TNA gives them then by all means the talent should try ways to get more money. After all, this is their career. On the other hand, I feel like this could hurt TNA. Imagine if someone like Samoa Joe went to ROH or another company for a match and lost? Imagine if he got hurt? What would that do to TNA? Obviously they have plans for Joe and it could really damage said plans. This is the case of weighing the risks vs. the rewards! Interesting article Jake!

    • TT

      Would rather see a relationship between NJPW and TNA rather than ROH they have great wrestlers who would be unfamiliar to the wider public and get American exposure.