Final Scoreboard For Fantasy Wrestling Series Two – 3/13/14 Impact Wrestling


Sorry for the delay as I am currently out of town and missed this week’s Impact Wrestling; however, I am here and finalized the numbers for’s Fantasy Wrestling series 2! As all of you should know, this is the final scoreboard for series 2 as it was a tremendous ride! It certainly was a roller coaster compared to series 1 and I hope all of you enjoyed it as I certainly did! I loved all of the interaction and the interest people had! So, without any delay, series 2 winner is Ibrahim Francis as he did a fantastic job managing his stars! Not only would he drop select stars at certain times so he wouldn’t be deducted points, but he also picked stars up to gain the maximum points he could receive. He truly is what a manager should be! Congratulations to Ibrahim and thanks for everyone who participated! Stay tuned to the site as I will announce series 3 soon! The final scoreboard is below!

1. Ibrahim Francis: 132 points
James Storm: -3
Ethan Carter III: 10
Tigre Uno: 2
Bobby Lashley: 2
Brittany: 3

2. Jesse Sherwood: 124 points
Bully Ray: 12
Eric Young: 4
Rockstar Spud: 13

3. Jason Thorpe: 121 points
Magnus: 2
Brooke: -3
Gunner: -3

4. Charlie Lowery: 114 points
Samoa Joe: 7
Jessie Godderz: 6

5. Jim Duff: 106 points
Bobby Roode: 6
Joseph Park/Abyss: 4
Kazarian: -3

6. Zeppelin Mayers: 92 points
Mr. Anderson: 12
Eddie Edwards: -3
Davey Richards: -3

7. Aaron Jockers:: 88 points
Kurt Angle: -3
Manik: -3
MVP: 4

8. Jake Mandell: 73 points
Chris Sabin: -3
Lei’D Tapa: 2
Samuel Shaw: 2
Senada: -3
Bad Bones: -3

8. Jeffrey Elliot: 73 points
Dixie Carter: -3
Madison Rayne: 2
Kenny King: 2

9. Andrew Kenyon: 42 points
Sting: -3
Gail Kim: 2
Robbie E: 6

01. Mack Scott: 14 points
Jeff Hardy/Willow: 4
Christopher Daniels: -3
Velvet Sky: 4

11. John Harris: 5 points
Austin Aries: -3
Hernandez: -3
Zema Ion: 2

Free Agent
King Mo
Rampage Jackson
Rob Terry
Taryn Terrell
Alpha Female
Christy Hemme
The Great Muta

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  • Jeff Elliott

    Congrats to everyone involved. It was fun and can’t wait for series 3. It deffo made TNA more interesting coz now we all had a stake in the show. Hopefully there will be more competition next season :).

  • Charlie

    Congrats everyone. Thanks Alex as again this series was awesome. It’s weird because for the second time in a row I ended up in 4th for the final scoreboard.

  • Ibra

    First off I would like to thank Alex for creating this fantasy league. Secondly I would like to thank my competition for participating. Just a month ago I thought I didn’t stand a chance of winning in this league but with key signings and drops by myself I prevail. I would like to also thank jason Thorpe cause because of him when I told him or commented saying he should of drop Brooke a month ago And he sure didn’t listen helped me to win this league. Can’t wait for next season. Alex u could just pencil me in from now and do I win a prize for winning the league Alex barie?

    • Alex Barie

      Really appreciate it, Ibra! I’m out of town but will email you on Monday about being the winner.

      • Ibra

        Thank you alex