Five Superstars TNA Should Showcase In 2014

Aaron Scott Jockers said this:

“Every good team needs a leader. I live in St. Augustine, so I see the Jaguars collapse on a weekly basis. It hurts because while they do have actual talent, they have no real leader short of a second-string quarterback. Every famous winning army had a famous general since the history of war-winning on this earth. Every famous civilization had a famous king or queen that led their nation to moral or bloody achievements, or successfully adjudicated in times of peace with wisdom and reserve. So it just makes sense that if TNA is serious, heading into their second decade of evolution then there should be a leader doing just the same. Now, the federation has a few potentials that could be The Guy so without me saying who will be, or who it should be, let’s take a real look at who could be, and see what 2014 may be shaping up to. Off the top of my head let’s start with five.”

I do agree that every company needs a leader. WWE loves the term “narrow focus”. They love to narrow focus the spotlight around one superstar. While they are at it, they will build up a superstar to go against the superstar that they are showcasing. We have seen this over and over again with John Cena and whoever his next opponent happens to be. When we take a look at who the leader should be, or try to narrow it down, in reality, it isn’t that hard. Let’s try to narrow it down to five superstars that the company should focus on. I do not mean five superstars that could be the World Heavyweight Champion but five superstars who should be showcased during the show and be given meaningful stories to be involved in. To start, there are not many superstars on the roster who have great wrestling ability. I actually find it easy to make a list of five superstars the company should focus on. Let’s start.


TNA should focus on Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe has been seriously misused as of late. With as many gimmicks that he has had, the fans start to not care. He is the undefeated Samoan Submission Machine. He comes out with fake tattoos on his face. He comes out dancing with fire before a match. He tag teams with Magnus for no reason. He is back in the Main Event Mafia, which goes absolutely nowhere. It always seemed that he was thrown into the Main Event Mafia just to make the story work and seem more important. Lately, Joe has not even been on television. He is like Kane. No matter how bad of a gimmick he has, the fans seem to love him. They don’t love him as much as they did many years ago when he was showcased as a real threat. But the fans do still love him. We are still loyal to him and still want to see him in action. When we see Samoa Joe cut a promo that reminds us of when he was a threat, we all get excited. We all think that he is finally getting that push. He deserves it.


The second superstar TNA should focus on is Bobby Roode. It is easy to say that Bully Ray is the best at cutting promos. It is easy to say that he is the best heel in the business. I do not want to take anything away from Bully Ray with saying this but more of to emphasize how great Bobby Roode is. Bobby Roode might be doing better promos as of late. Whenever he is on the microphone, I can’t look away. I don’t want to look away. He is the It Factor. He is a professional in the business. He is a veteran. He is one of the company’s best pure mat wrestlers. This is why he is great for a feud with Kurt Angle. They both have similar wrestling styles. Bobby Roode needs a huge push in 2014. He needs to become a major face in the company. I believe, along with Samoa Joe, he could have been so much bigger than he is now. In saying that, this should be Roode’s last year. You might call me biased but I am not a fan of wrestlers in TNA over the age of 36. Anywhere from 28-36 is great. If you can find great wrestlers that are under 28, such as Adam Cole and Matt Taven, even better. If I ran a wrestling company, most wrestlers would likely be under the age of 34. There is a reason for that. As people say that Daniels is still great in the ring and you can’t notice that he is aged, they aren’t looking close enough. Daniels used to be high flying and fast paced. Now, he is using more ring psychology and heel tactics. It is nothing against him. Almost all old wrestlers do it. You might say that Kurt Angle is still a great wrestler but if you look at him five years ago, there is no comparison. There should be an age limit for professional wrestlers.


With talking about age, we should mention someone who has incredible wrestling ability and is only 29 years old. His name is TJ Perkins, otherwise known as Manik. This man is too athletic and entertaining to not be showcased. He reminds me of Amazing Red and Rob Van Dam. When Rob Van Dam was becoming a wrestler and training, his trainer told him to create his own moves and not to steal from others. He has done so. If you watch TJ Perkins, he has also done so. You cannot take your eyes off of him when he is wrestling. I will say this again, I do not care if TNA keeps him as Manik or removes the mask. TNA should remove the mask. Since we already know who he is, it would just make sense. Also, fans have a hard time getting emotionally invested and relating with someone who wears a costume and mask. I am a fan of masked wrestlers but this is if there are masked wrestlers. Right now, there is only one masked wrestler. If there were many masked wrestlers wrestling each other in the X Division like WCW did with the cruiserweight, it would be different. TJ Perkins could easily be featured as a star of the X Division or Tag Team Division. TNA would be smart to do so.


The fourth person TNA should showcase as a star of their company this year is Austin Aries. Austin Aries is very different from the rest of the wrestlers. Most of the wrestlers are thought of as heels or faces. We all know which categories Bully Ray and AJ Styles fall under. We all know which categories Kazarian and Eric Young are under. With Austin Aries, it’s more of a challenge. He doesn’t perfectly fit either one. With him, you try to look at the other person and see who is more of the jerk. When he was talking with Chris Sabin backstage the night that he defeated Sabin for the X Division Championship, they both seemed like heels. It was strange. Aries seems to be the only wrestler today that we can truly call a tweener. He is right in between. I love that about him. No matter what Austin Aries does, the fans love him with all their heart. If we are honest, we cannot get enough of Austin Aries. He was very entertaining as Austin Starr in TNA 2005-2007. I didn’t know anything about him back then but he jumped out at you. You could just tell he was different from the rest. He has the charisma that very few have. We should all go back and remember the night that Austin Aries won the X Division Championship as Suicide. The fans went crazy! Needless to say, we are all very glad to he is back in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.


The fifth and final wrestler that TNA should showcase for the year of 2014 is Kenny King. I am not going to rest about this. I have mentioned many times before that TNA is making a huge mistake by not using Kenny King. It has been said that the summer was about reviving the X Division. It was not. It was truly all about Kenny King and his evolution as a character. During the summer was when we really got introduced to him on a national level. No longer were the internet marks the only ones that knew about him. No longer did you have to watch Ring of Honor Wrestling or an independent show. Now, we were seeing Kenny King thrive as the X Division Champion in TNA Wrestling. He is one that is like Austin Aries. Both of them have incredible wrestling ability and charisma that very few in the business have. The last two times we saw Kenny King is when he was facing Austin Aries. It was obvious that during both matches, he was sent out to make Austin Aries look good. He looked ike a jobber. His first match was competitive but he barely hit any of his signature moves. It was sad to see Kenny King come out in his entrance, looking like a star, only to job out.

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  • cinimodyeslah

    YES i agree:)

  • Charlie

    Oh my gosh I think everyone agrees that Samoa Joe does indeed need to be showcased this year. He needs to be in the world title picture, he needs to be in A title picture at least. I think a perfect next storyline if Magnus gets out of this one with the title is to do a former tag team world title rivalry. It only makes sense.

    • steidman

      I think a Joe / Magnus match at Lockdown would be great.

  • drew

    although i agree with your picks (manik in particular) i totally disagree with you about the ages thing. put angle in the ring with any of them 5 and watch an epic match

    • Christopher Bell

      I didn't say that Angle isn't good anymore. Look at my Who TNA Should Hire And Fire roster. Every week, someone has been hired and fired. Kurt Angle is still on the roster. He still has intensity. He is just not as good as he used to be. Look at his past matches compared to now. They are not the same. Its just like Christopher Daniels. I am not saying that Daniels is a bad wrestler by any means. He's just not as great as he used to be.

  • kk

    joe need to get in shape

    • Christopher Bell

      Very much agree with you. I have mentioned it in my Who TNA Should Hire And Fire article. That is why he is not on that roster anymore. But if TNA kees him around, push him. If they don't want to push him, let him go so he can go on to do great things in Ring of Honor.