Following His KO Loss, Has King Mo Lost His Ability To Draw?

When Spike TV signed Bellator Fighting Championship to replace the UFC programming they lost to FOX one of the things network executives wanted to do was create crossover appeal with TNA Wrestling. All parties agreed the first cross-over star would be Muhammed Lawal, better known as, King Mo.

King MoMo admitted in October that pro wrestling training was harder than he expected. He  even said it was “three times harder than MMA.”

He continued this tone in a January interview where he said he was targeting the spring for his first pro wrestling match and wanted to give himself enough time to be ready.

That was the last we heard from Mo prior getting knocked out in the first round of his Bellator fight against Emanuel Newton that aired on Spike TV last Thursday night.

Now as Mo scrambles to regroup his MMA career, does he have any appeal to the TNA audience? If not, should they even worry about bringing him in?

One of the biggest reasons Vince McMahon has been reluctant to try his hand at MMA is fighter lifespan. Vince used to argue with Shane that once a fighter loses, they lose their ability to draw. It’s not like pro wrestling where a worker can be scripted to go under but still look good.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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