Frederick’s Thoughts On IMPACT

AJ Styles (2013)

Frederick’s Thoughts On IMPACT

1. Another Sellout for TNA, I continue to love the format of going on the road, giving diehard wrestling fans another show to watch.

2.     Heel TAZ is hilarious “This is the Greatest Way to kick off Impact, even though we are in Arkansas”. I not only love his new character, but he seems re-energized with it.

3.    Opening Segment was so so, DLO isn’t much on the mic, there are reasons that he was working as a producer. He has always been a good wrestler never too good on the mic.

4.      What will Joey Ryan’s role be going forward who knows, thought he was a bit funny as the special guest ref.

5.       The DIRTY HEELS are too good not to be headlining

6.     CHAVO is not a good face

7.       The AJ and ANDERSON segment was good stuff, love the direction they are going with this

8.        Get rid of Joseph Park #WewantABYSS

9.          James Storm is outstanding on the mic, another good segment with him, the Phenomenal One and Hogan

10.          Good to see PETEY WILLIAMS back, they never should have let him leave

11.       SONJAY DUTT is another one, way too talented to be left off the roster

12.       Again TAZZ with another one “Please Todd don’t talk when I’m talking” love it

13.        Is Brooke Hogan finally going to turn next week and reveal she is in the Aces and Eights, that’s what it seems like its going towards

Decent show, I expect next weeks Impact to be much better though, with the titles on the line and what will Aj decide? Until next time, I will see you when I see you! @carljfred

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