Gail Kim – Her Heart Lies With The Wrestling In The Ring

It is without question that Gail Kim is one of the best women wrestlers in the world today. In fact, she very well could be the best woman wrestler today. Gail Kim graced her presence in the wrestling business for over 10 years. She knows the craft of the business. She works day in and day out. With that being said, she knows where she can showcase her talent. She knows exactly where her heart lies. It lies in that wrestling ring. That wrestling ring is TNA Wrestling‘s ring!

As I mentioned before, Gail Kim is a veteran in this business. After years of hard work and training, she made her debut in the WWE in 2003. She quickly became the Woman’s Champion. She held it for about a month and never held it again. She won people over match after match with her wrestling ability. Her time in the company wasn’t long-term though. She was released by the WWE in 2004. Even though she was released, she made a name for herself. Everyone knew the talent she processed.

Gail vs. Kong

TNA Wrestling knew exactly what Gail Kim brought to the table and both sides came to an agreement. Gail signed with TNA in 2005. She had a minor role where she was the manager of America’s Most Wanted and Jeff Jarrett. She had some sporadic matches in the next year with another former WWE diva, Jacqueline. They had some crazy matches from a Six Sides of Steel Cage Match to a Street Fight. 2007 came and Gail’s stock rose just as fast as Apple’s stock did in summer and fall of 2012. TNA Wrestling started their own women division. The Knockout division was born and the face of the division was non-other than Gail Kim. She was crowned the first Knockout Champion at Bound for Glory 2007. Later that year, a feud started that no one will ever forget. Here comes Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong! This rivalry put Kong on the map but also the Knockout division. This feud really changed everyone’s mind on how women wrestling can be. As 2007 came to an end, TNA had their yearly awards. The Knockout of the Year went to Gail Kim! Not only was it deserving, but it really valued Gail the top lady in the company! Her rivalry with Awesome Kong ended in 2008 where they actually main evented an episode of Impact! It was a big moment for both stars but also for TNA Wrestling!

Gail went on to compete against other Knockouts in the division. Sadly, her contract ended in August of 2008. Her final match in TNA was against Awesome Kong. It was a great, but emotional, way to finish her time in the company.

I always say, “All good things come to an end.” I also say, “When one door closes another door opens.” Gail Kim went back to her 2003 roots as she signed with WWE once again. The wrestling world went crazy. The best woman wrestler is now with WWE. The lady who put TNA’s women division on the map is now back with the largest wrestling promotion in the world. As Vince McMahon always says, “It is all about the money.” Who can pass up an opportunity to make more money? Unfortunately, money comes power. WWE has the money, so they have the power to really make or break anyone. It’s great to earn a lot of money, but it always comes with a price and we seen that from Gail Kim. When she returned to the company, she went on to face the top divas. She fought and went for the title, but lost each and every time. She stayed there till 2011. Her final match in the company may not even be considered a match. WWE set-up a Diva Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the Divas Championship. WWE instructed her to get eliminated within a minute of when it started. That one sentence really pinpoints WWE’s direction of the Diva division. Gail decided to just eliminate herself from the match as she exited the ring shortly after the bell rang. Management in the back didn’t even notice. People aren’t kidding when they say that the Diva match is the “Bathroom break” or the “Snack break”. It looks to be that way for WWE management too.

After the incident, Gail asked for her release from the company. They did not grant her the request as they told her that she had to stay there for the remainder of her contract. Her profile was removed from WWE’s official website and she was gone from the company. Honestly, WWE probably didn’t even notice that she left just like they didn’t even notice when she left the Battle Royal. Gail went on record later on in an interview and stated that she felt that the company held the females back.

Gail Kim

While the beginning of 2011 was a disappointing time in Gail’s career, the ending of the year was that, “Light at the end of the tunnel.” She hit the light as she came back to TNA Wrestling. Since she came back, she won the Knockout Title and also became one half of the Knockout Tag Team Champion, with Madison Rayne. Her Knockout Title reign became the longest TNA Knockout reign in history as it went on for 210 days. Gail was truly back where she belongs. She was back on the top. She was on a show where she can showcase her talent and her ability. While she has been appearing on and off television for the past couple of months, she is in a rivalry with Taryn Terrell. The rivalry has been going on since March. Their last match occurred at Slammiversary XI where they faced each other in a Last Knockout Standing Match. That match, some are saying, was the match of the night. It truly was the woman match of the year so far. Even though Gail lost, both gave 200%. Gail, once again, showed her true talent. We didn’t see Gail drop down for a quick 10 count. We actually seen her fight. Gail will now compete against Taryn in a Ladder Match to determine the number 1 contender for the Knockout Title.

Win or lose, we know Gail will be putting on a classic out there. Her and Taryn are starting to have great chemistry with each other. It really shows. Gail is once again showing why she is the best woman wrestler in the world. Strangely, there probably isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t get asked about WWE. We can clearly see that on Twitter. In fact, here’s Gail answering a fan on whether she will return to WWE:

Looking back at the whole 2011 Battle Royal incident, do you think Gail regretted it? Here’s her answer:


There are people who like Gail’s work and there are some who don’t. Either way, no one can deny that Gail is one of the hardest woman in the wrestling business. She sticks up to what she believes in. She believes in wrestling. She wants to succeed. She wants the division she is in to succeed. If there’s no room for growth, why be there? Gail says she will never go back to the WWE. Her home is TNA Wrestling. She build the division up. When someone is asked about the Knockout division, “Gail Kim” is a name that will instantly be mentioned. Gail Kim follows her heart. Her heart is in the wrestling business… in the wrestling ring… performing night in and night out… heart lies where the wrestling is… in TNA Wrestling!

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  • TNA_is_Best

    Love it. So professional and your really do your homework. Great article.

  • steidman

    Great Article and agree that Gail is one of the best in the industry. She is also extremely professional and from the looks of things not afraid to put over younger talent.