Help Get A TNA Pay-Per-View In New York!

TNA's equivalent to Wrestlemania in New York would be amazing!
TNA has been around for nearly 12 years and in its 12 year existence, they have not done one pay-per-view in New York. They started doing monthly pay per views in late 2004 and not one of them was held in New York.

I could understand if one was never held in like North Dakota or locations not recognized as “wrestling cities”, but NEW YORK?

New York has always been a great place for wrestling events to be held. For every year since 2006, Final Battle has taken place in New York. The first ever WrestleMania took place in New York. New York was also one of the three locations for WrestleMania 2. Since then, countless WWE PPV’s have taken place in New York, including Royal Rumble 1992 and Great American Bash 2008.

On February 22nd, 2014 at 3:04 PM, I created a petition to have either Bound for Glory or Slammiversary in New York. It has since received 21 signatures, but we are going to need a lot more if we want TNA to notice and consider it.


Please help us by signing. It literally takes under a minute. Thank you.

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  • Kazamaniac Brother!!!

    If anything they should come to San Francisco or Oakland rather than all the bumpkin boondocks they usually go to, fans don’t only live in West Alamba!!!! It’s so Annoying!!

    • TNAisamazing

      They went to Cali for BFG and we all know how that worked out…

      • Kazamaniac Brother!!!

        I’m talking about Nor-cal not the south that’s there problem the civil war is over!!! Go up north!!.

        • TNAisamazing

          I highly doubt whether they are on the north or south part of the state is gonna make a difference

          • Kazamaniac Brother!!!

            It konda does because after awhile TNA is just known as that cool promotion that plays in Mississippi, like NY they have good crowds so dose SF but I bet those 14folks in Alibene,TX are pretty bored and quite spoiled.

            Again, IMO.