(Back)Hand Of Fate


In one of my previous articles, I mentioned that creative in wrestling is all about making the best show possible, after many factors that put you in a very crappy situation.

During a PCW event on May 30th, while brawling outside of the ring, MVP injured his knee. X-Rays were inconclusive and he stated he needed an MRI. No more news (as far as I know) past this has been given by him. It is quite possible he will be well enough to work on Slammiversary, but what happens if he doesn’t?

For us to really receive a good payday from this story, it needs to go on till Bound for Glory. For us to get what we truly want, this MVP faction has to be the faction that tops everyone previous. It needs to push the line further than Dixieland. It needs to destroy more people than Aces & 8s. It needs to do a complete takeover of the company (Heel Hogan in 2011?). It needs to dominate TV time. Then finally, (kayfabe) firing nearly everyone that gets in his way (Roode, EY, Bully, Joe, AA and whoever else they throw into the mix. Personally I think it needs to be more than just them, so adding people like Gunner, Magnus etc would help, there needs to be an all or nothing Bound for Glory match.

That Bound For Glory match needs the same circumstances as the AJ Styles VS Bully Ray BFG 2013 match. The only man I can think of whose believable enough for the job is either AJ (unlikely to come back, but I still believe goddammit!) or Joe. In this match, everyone associated with MVP needs to run in and help him. Nobody runs in and helps Joe/AJ (I will always still believe!). This needs to be a damn long match too.

But why? Its simple really. We’re at the point of another heel faction after many that came before it. The only way that we will really enjoy the time of TNA not letting people take it over, is if this last takeover is the one that tops all of them previous. So again, what happens if MVP doesn’t work this match and win the belt?

Well, first thing that could happen; premature ending of the story. Why is this bad? Simple. Where does TNA go from here then? Do they start having the originals taking the company back post Slammiversary? Bad idea. This story has only been built for several weeks. It needs several months of MVP domination. If the story is ended prematurely, we’ll just feel like they dropped the ball and won’t have the big payoff at the end. If MVP doesn’t win the title, this is what will happen. So this includes things like EY keeping the belt and having something like a triple threat/4 way dance where MVPs faction doesn’t get a win (Don’t get me wrong, a triple threat or 4 way dance could be a decent idea, but an MVP faction member needs to win, or the winner needs to join MVP’s faction – they could have Roode win and then join them!).

Second thing that could happen; MVP gets jumped at the start of Slammiversary by like 10 guys (masked maybe?) and then hobbles around injured (or some other backstage segment that explains it. Could be interesting if they used PCW’s wrestler who was brawling with MVP to say that he injured MVP on purpose or something) and MVP puts someone in the match to practically compete for him (maybe a triple threat? Or MVP removes himself from the match and has a quick match with the victor after, where they lay down and take the count so MVP has the belt) like Lashley, or they could use the opportunity to introduce someone else to their ranks and have him compete in the match. This could work as MVP will still get the belt and his heel faction will still dominate.

Lets hope that this (back)hand of fate doesn’t ruin the potential of this amazing story. This story is what TNA needs, and if you can get past the fact that MVP is ex-WWE (so is Kurt and people go crazy for him in TNA, so is Jeff Hardy. Can we stop complaining and understand that wrestling talent is just that: TALENT), you’ll see that no other could fill this slot like he does. He’s a veteran to the game. He’s great on the mic. He’s believable when he speaks and most of all, because of him being a veteran and his past, it works when people like King and Lashley look up to him. He’s a natural to this character and this character is really what TNA needs right now.

Thanks for reading. Unfortunately, due to some traveling that is about to happen (read that as leaving a crappy country where the only time I have a decent enough connection to make this post is at 4/5am) and airport security being a pain, my laptop is being wiped shortly after this post. Hopefully I have enough left in me after I get home to write something for you next week, otherwise it will probably be the week after when I’ve really recovered (8 hours in a 35 degrees plane with no A/C – oh well, at least I’m prepared for hell) from my travels.

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  • TNA Chris

    Remember how they attacked ec3 at the end of the show this week? Dixie told them they’d all pay. They should have the PCW wrestler come on and collect his check from Dixie. Since she promised they’d all pay. Then Dixie could say that nobody messes with a Carter.

    She could then say the board of directors demanded the main event be a king of the mountain match. Featuring EY, Roode, Lo Ki, the winner of the joe lashley match and more.

    • TinyI

      The issue with that is the premature story ending. This needs to happen post Slammiversary. Bound for glory needs an all or nothing moment. This heel faction needs to make everyone else look tame.

      Otherwise I’d be all for a KOTM.

      • TNA Chris

        The story wouldn’t be over, MVP would still control wrestling operations from his hospital bed/home and the heel faction doesn’t have to look strong always.

        Look at the corporation, they’d get their asses whooped and the crowd loved it.