Jeff Hardy Sits Atop the TNA Top 10

Welcome to this week’s TNA Top 10!

Every week, I will analyze and rank the top 10 TNA wrestlers based on various factors.  I’d like to say these rankings will be strictly on in-ring wrestling alone, but professional wrestling is much more than hip tosses, body slams and suplexes; professional wrestling is a thing of entertainment now.  So, my rankings will be based on in-ring performance (actual wrestling and the ability to get the crowd to love or hate them), promos and other non-wrestling angles.

1.  Jeff Hardy, TNA World Heavyweight Champion up_alt (LW: 2, Wks: 2)
The TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy was over in his match with Austin Aries, and in the main event segment.  While he’s not as explosive as he once was, and I thought his in ring work this week was below average, there is no doubt that he has momentum going into Lockdown Sunday.

2. Austin Aries up_alt (LW: 3, Wks: 2)
Austin Aries had an excellent match with Jeff Hardy to open Impact Wrestling yesterday, and it was nice to see a wrestling match start the show.  Aries is great on the mic and his in ring work was even better, I think he is a top guy in TNA, and I’d love to see him make another push for a TNA World Heavyweight Championship run after Lockdown.

3. Bully Ray down_alt (LW: 2, Wks: 2)
Bully Ray was great on the mic this week, but not seeing him perform had me take him down a notch.  I’m interested to see Bully’s true colors; I’m not convinced he is genuine.

4. Hernandezup_alt  (LW: -, Wks: 1)
This guy impressed me this week.  I thought his in-ring work was good, and the guy combines power with speed and agility.  To have him teamed up with Chavo Guererro, someone who is a ring veteran, makes him that much more attractive.

5. Sting down_alt (LW: 4, Wks: 2)
Unfortunately, I had to drop Sting down a notch.  My favorite in ring performer of all time was awesome on with his TNA vs Aces & Eights promos throughout the night, the crowd was hot for him as always, but his in-ring performance was just not there.  I believe Sting’s better in ring days are beyond him, but every time he gets into the ring, I just expect Sting vs. Flair or Sting vs. Hogan.

6. Samoa Joeup_alt (LW: -, Wks: 1)
Samoa Joe is a guy I think should be a top 3-4 that this company builds off of.  He’s got a great character, and has great in-ring work and he’s proven it.  This week, I thought his tag team match against D.O.C and Bischoff was great.  He and Magnus work well together.  Of course, they are former TNA World Tag Team Champions.

7. Magnusup_alt (LW: -, Wks: 1)
Magnus’ tag team match with Samoa Joe was great.  I enjoy his short promos over the past few weeks he’s been in, and I thought he was great in the ring.

8. James Stormup_alt (LW: -, Wks: 1)
James Storm had an awesome match.  His in-ring work was awesome, and his match with Anderson flowed well on the offensive and defensive.  I like this guy, his character and his work.  I’d love to see him make a singles title run.

9. Andersonup_alt (LW: -, Wks: 1)
I’ve never been fond of Anderson’s work, even dating back to his days in WWE.  But, this week I thought him and Storm worked well together, and their counters and match flow was great.  While I wouldn’t rate the match as something worth talking about, for what was done, it was great.

10. Chavo Guerreroup_alt (LW: -, Wks: 1)
Chavo Guerrerro is in a place at TNA, where he can have a new name for himself.  While I greatly enjoyed and miss the WCW cruiserweight matches, he just was nothing more than that in WCW.  In the WWE, he was in a better position, but it was only because of the late Eddie Guererro.  Here in TNA, he’s a veteran who can still perform at a cruiserweight level.

A couple honorable mentions this week go out to Christopher Daniels, Kazarian and both Gail Kim and Velvet Sky.  I love what TNA is doing with the Knockouts division, and love that it actually exists, in a wrestling format and not just for show.

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