Has The IWC Caused Wrestlings Decline

This week my laptop died, it is  how I would normally see Impact because its not shown over here in England until Sunday night. However I’ve had my phone, instantly now I don’t need to search for results. One click of the button and I have everything there at my finger tips. So my question is, is this good for us fans?

Every week I watch Raw live, I don’t know the results and I watch the action as it evolves, whereas Smackdown is not shown until 10pm on a Friday night and I couldn’t honestly tell you the last time I watched it, I just don”t need to. I know every thing that is going to happen. I used to do the same with recorded impacts, I would stay up until one am and grab the live shows, how ever with the recorded shows, I would read the spoilers and then grab the show on a Sunday evening. Now I write for here I’ve avoided any Impact spoilers for either this week or next. I haven’t read any of the excellent blogs about this weeks Impact and I haven’t wrote my own, and its killing me, I want to know what happened, I find myself with my finger pressing buttons on the Dirt Sheet app and then quickly shutting it down, its like an addiction.

Why do we do it, we all find wrestling entertaining, this is our weekly soap opera, these are the stories we want to see unfold so why do we read spoilers. I don’t look forward to a movie, just to decide while im waiting in the queue to grab someone leaving an earlier show and getting them to tell me everything that  has happened, or my favourite T.V show at the moment is walking dead. Season three hasn’t started here yet. I know the season finally is on this weekend stateside. Not once have I Google’d what has gone on with Rick and his band of zombie survivors and I don’t want to.

Not once have I watched a soccer match and gone online to find out what the coaches have said about the players performance back in the locker room, yet as soon as I see something amazing or terrible in a wrestling show I’m instantly on Wrestling News World to see Dixie’s or Vince’s reaction.

When I was old enough to decide whether to watch wrestling or not, when I was too big to sit and watch shows on my dad’s knee, Raw was my show of choice. It was shown in the current spot that Smackdown occupies, and WCW was shown at the same time on another channel. I would record WCW and watch Raw ‘live’.  I knew it wasn’t live but I had no access to the results, every thing that happened was new to me.

I don’t think WNW is the problem its us fans, we want to know what is happening before its even happened. When thinking of this article, I remembered back to when Cena won the RR in 2008. For those who don’t remember Cena had been out with a shoulder injury, and wasn’t expected back until after WM, yet his music hit during the RR. Instantly as soon as that music hit I logged onto Wrestling News World yet the site had crashed due to heavy traffic. The next day the first question Richard answered on Ask WNW was why didn’t you tell us? I’m sure that question wasn’t asked in anger, yet I can imagine many people in the IWC would of been annoyed at not knowing. Why?

We fans, with our demands have taken the intrigue out of wrestling. Before the internet I would still know that Chris Sabin was injured yet I could sit and wait for the return of The MCMG’s however because I know of Ales Shelley’s contract situation I know that won’t happen. I have to say, i’m enjoying Impact a lot more watching it ‘live’ so would I change the way I can access information?

No! As soon as I watch this weeks Impact, I will be clicking my Dirt Sheet app, I will be reading what my fellow writers thought of the show, ill be logging onto WNW premium and seeing what’s happened backstage. Anybody who watched wrestling in the 90′s has like me gone through this technological revolution, we’ve gone from mobile phones that were too big to fit in our pockets to mobile phones that we can watch movies on. We have gone from the Friday nights picking a family film from the video library to  been able to click one button and watch one instantly. Our viewing habits have changed, I can watch Wrestling on the train to work and if I don’t watch I can read it, and I love it. Its just hard weening myself off reading Impact spoilers, its a slow fight but i’m winning it.

So has the IWC’s demands for knowledge instantly ruined wrestling? Possibly. Would I change it? Never.

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