Has TNA Been Covering The Stains With The Table Cloth?

I never usually write my thoughts on Impact Wrestling here on TNANews.com as other people write their opinion and I comment during the Watch Party, but I feel like I really have to comment on this week’s show.

First off, between the wrestling friends I have and the people I have heard from this week, I realized that I know the most diverse wrestling fans. That is not a bad thing. That is what a wrestling fan is all about! A wrestling fan sees something and has an opinion on it. They like it or don’t. They tell what they think. Everyone is different. That is what it should be like. We usually never see that though. Strangely, that is what I got this week. There is a lot of people all over the place with Impact Wrestling.

I asked around after Impact Wrestling this week about the show and I got answers from both sides of the spectrum. One person wrote, “At least it’s worth watching. It’s already better than Raw!” Another person wrote, “Massive thumbs down!” One person wrote that wrestling in general has been boring. Now, I know you can’t please everybody, but usually you please a lot of people at the same time and then you don’t. Usually those people have the same thoughts and so on. Strangely, I see a mixed reaction to those people who have that same thought process. You have to start asking where things are different.

I, personally, liked some stuff that Impact Wrestling is doing. The Aces & 8s story was tremendously thought out as it led to a Hulk Hogan and Sting story as well as an AJ Styles story. I wrote wrestling shows and completing one major story is hard as you need to make it flow and logical, as well as having the SARSA methods, but creating 2 or 3 stories from the main picture is unheard of. Usually you have a main story. TNA branched off into 2-3-4 stories.

Speaking of stories, I think that too much stories can hurt the product. That is one of the problems I have with TNA tonight. While I was typing the live results, I realized the multiple stories that they had in just a half hour. In 30 minutes, they had almost 4 different stories going. Do they really need that? I felt like the show was rushed terribly. 4 stories in 30 minutes and then you have more stories coming and you can’t keep track. In 2 hours, TNA didn’t even showcase all of their stories. Where was Matt Morgan? I wasn’t upset that we didn’t see Matt (since his recent outburst against WNW), but there is this storyline with him against Hogan. Then you have last week where the X-Division wasn’t even featured. Sure, there was a segment, but that’s nothing for a whole division. I don’t know if TNA isn’t managing their time right, but I think they are looking at the big picture. They are looking at it from above and they aren’t tearing it down. That is quite a coincidence as WCW used to look at the show week by week instead of looking at the whole. Can you tell the difference?


One of the weirdest things in my mind and the things you normally do not hear is the situation of the event itself. I like to thank Jesse Sherwood for telling me about the taped Impact Wrestling in person and how it was seen on television. It certainly is a wake-up call.

I was typing to Jesse and he was, I can probably say, frustrated with the whole show. Do I blame him? Not entirely. He informed me that there was so much that was left out. I was thinking the other day about the backstage promos and if they were actually shown to the crowd during the tapings. I was betting on the answer being, “No.” I was right. I mean, TNA gives you a live show that is aired on Spike TV at that very moment. They then give you a taped show. 2 shows in 1. Not bad at all. If TNA did go through the entire show, people would be sitting there for 4 hours. That is like Wrestlemania! I really can’t see that happening. They would have to cut out the backstage promos and interviews to save time. Well, Jesse pointed out, that they still wasted time. How? They filmed more and shown less. He was very stern on what they cut out. They cut an Austin Aries promo during the sorry contract signing segment and they also cut out a good portion of the Bully Ray segment at the end of the show. Those are just the segments. He said they cut out some of the match time too. I find it all hard to believe, but I do believe it. I haven’t been to a taped wrestling show for awhile. I went to WWE Raw a few weeks back but that was live. Taped is different. I do not remember every having large chunks of programming being cut out for the show on television. It just doesn’t make sense. Isn’t that wasting TNA’s time and the fan’s time? Then again, I can see how it can benefit. Jesse said Impact finished with Bully Ray going through a table. We did not see that. So, is that a bonus? Is that like WWE’s dark main event?

I also asked Jesse, and Gesus Oliver, who both went to recent Impact Wrestling tapings about having a Meet and Greet for the front row audience members before the event. The reason why I bring this up is simple. I am going to Impact Wrestling in 3 weeks and I will be in row 1! I asked a TNA superstar about the show and the situation and the person told me that they (TNA) have been doing a Meet and Greet before the show for the people in the front row? Really? How come that didn’t happen when Jesse and Gesus went to the show? Was this person just blowing me off OR was this person disconnected with the company? I can probably say that the person probably gave me information that they knew, but it is no longer relevant. Isn’t that a bit weird – A TNA superstar not knowing what is going on in the company, more importantly, not knowing what is going on before the show?

I tend to praise TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling a lot, and all for good reasons, but I am peeling back the layers of this onion and it is starting to stink.

Is the show problem with the timing and managing how it runs a short-term problem or is that how it will be done?


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  • http://TNANews.com Ric Santos

    Great piece Alex. You'll get my point of view in my next article coming soon.

  • Colin S.

    It is VERY true that they are all about "trimming and cropping" their taped broadcasts, as I was at the September 12-14, 2011 tapings that ran on the 15th, 22nd, and 29th of that month, and when I went back and watched the shows, I realized that they had butchered a ton of stuff. This was the set of tapings when Jeff Hardy first returned (which no one even got to see), Sting faced Flair in what I just realized was Flair's last match, and Hogan "retired" to get out of facing Sting at BFG.
    I was actually filmed heavily while cheering for Hogan during that piece, as I was rocking a vintage Hogan shirt, and they ended up cutting it out entirely to substitute Sting in the back commenting and changing the entire feel of the actual moment, as the crowd was losing it for Hogan.

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