How Long Can Sabin Keep This Up? Tito Ortiz Thoughts

I have to say, Chris Sabin’s second return from an ACL Tear didn’t interest me at all. I was still disappointed from the extremely short return the first time he came back from an ACL tear that immediately caused his second ACL tear. I had no faith in him lasting 5 matches and even wonder why he would come back after two ACL tears. Terrell Owens said after he tore his ACL he wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy. If a freak of nature like Terrell Owens struggled to come back after this how could Sabin do it twice. I knew if Sabin could stick around he would win the X-Division title. But I wrote before he had no chance of cashing in Option C and becoming WHC. But can Sabin be champion at lets say…..Bound For Glory. Or is he a transitional champion ready to drop the title to someone else.

I’m glad to say I was wrong about Sabin and looking forward to his upcoming steel cage match with Bully Ray and hopefully a couple more title defenses. But with me every time I see a new world champion I always think can this guy main event or be one of the main events at a WrestleMania or in this case a Bound For Glory or even at Lockdown. There are no in between PPVs that someone like Sabin can headline to see if he really has what it takes to be champion. If Sabin holds onto the title he would most likely be headlining Bound For Glory. I have no problem with that at all become I like others just want to see good matches. All my doubts about Sabin went away when he and Aries went at one on one in the Triple threat X-Division match. Then the possibility that he would face an AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, or Aries again at Bound For Glory would be great. That would also eliminate the chance of having Bully Ray as champ face Hulk Hogan for the title. Now they could face off in a non-title match that doesn’t have to headline the PPV. Sabin deserves to be champion and deserves to be champion all the way to Bound For Glory. TNA would be adding another main eventer just like they did Aries. Even if its not past BFG someone like Sabin whose had to return from one of the most devastating injuries a performer can have TWICE should be rewarded with the main event at the biggest TNA PPV.

Quick Tito Ortiz thoughts. I was shocked that it was Tito Ortiz who was August1Warning but I unlike others was not upset that it was Tito Ortiz. Don’t blame TNA if they cant get a Dave Batista or a Goldberg because they didn’t want to be apart of TNA. Don’t you think they would want guys like that. The influx of MMA fighters hasn’t drawn the buzz TNA probably wanted but I will say even though the attention Tito Ortiz may be negative from some, its attention nonetheless. And for those upset your still going to tune in and see what he does.


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  • TitoSucksBigOnes

    Its Attention nonetheless???? Its changing the channel is what it is…

  • HE-MAN

    U know ur ass is gna tune in!! U dnt have to lie to kick it!! Lmao….

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