Hulk Hogan And Michael Jordan- How Their Careers Took Similar Paths

Growing up a diehard Wrestling and Basketball fan, many people have always compared Hulk Hogan to Michael Jordan. It makes perfect sense when you think about it, both superstars revolutionized their sports, both make significant turns to get  rehash their popularity(1), both made one too many comebacks and now both are trying to run franchises the same way that brought them fortune and fame.


If you don’t know Michael Jordan is a CO-Owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, and much like Hogan in TNA, has yet to bring his success during his career to the front office. The Bobcats posted an NBA record last season of only 7 wins and 59 losses. Mj’s previous greatness on the court could not prevent the Bobcats from being the laughingstock of the NBA.

When Hogan came to TNA, it felt in many eyes (2), that he could help propel a company that seemed to be gaining steam. Hogan’s presence would push TNA to be a legitimate threat to the WWE, making them re-up their programming, similar to what they did when WCW and ECW became powers.

Much like Jordan not being able to carry over his success, Hogan has been resigned to the same fate. Every week he struts his stuff on Impact as if we were still back in the 90s, where fans would be glued to the TV set to watch him. This has not been the case, and the product has been hindered by his presence (3).

MJ and Hulk have not been able to produce winners in their second careers and it is becoming more doubtful that they will. What makes them even more similar is because even though both individuals may say things to the media that will piss of their fans, we as fans will still continue to root for their success.  Even though Jordan may make excuses, we cannot help for him to turnaround the franchise, much as we hope that Hogan can right the ship in TNA.

Hulk Hogan and Michael Jordan are the best at what they did, and no matter who comes along it will never change (4) there will never be another Hulk Hogan in wrestling, similar to there will ever another Michael Jordan in the NBA.

The one difference is that Jordan is not calling out people in the social media or trying to promote a new restaurant, he seems more confident in himself in that aspect. Hopefully Hogan will ignore the critics and his ego to help bring Impact Wrestling to the top.

Until the next article, I am Carl Frederick and Ill see you when I see you.




(1)    Michaels was his first comeback after his baseball sabbatical and Hogan’s was his legendary heel turn in WCW, joining the New World Order.

(2)    Including mine

(3)    Hopefully this will get the Hulkster to call me a Mark on Twitter, no pressure Hogan, my twitter is @carljfred

(4)    Although Lebron James and The Rock may have something to say about that

(5)    That’s for you Hogan

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