Is AJ Styles The New Sting?- A Look At His Character Turn And How It Is So Similar


Aj Styles has been the face of TNA since its inception, winning multiple titles, having several great matches and being talked about as one of the best wrestlers in the world(1). Since he lost the World Title to RVD back in 2009, his stock has plummeted to the point he was doing jobs to his less talented buddies in Kazarian and Christopher Daniels(2).

Like many wrestlers, The Phenomenal One’s character has grown stale and needs to be updated. This is why you are witnessing  this new dark side of Aj. A dark side that looks oh so similar to Stings Character change back in 1996.

Do you remember when Sting had the multi color face paint and came out in blue tights? Most people from my era(3),  prefer his black and white, trench coat transition that transformed his character. This is one of the many reasons why Sting is where he is today; A Legend.

Stings character changed and he rebelling against the NWo was some of the best programming in the history of Wrestling. My question;  is Aj the New Sting?

I know it has only been a few weeks and I may be jumping the gun, but I have a sense we are heading down that road. He is already being courted by Aces and Eights and has shown little interest in helping the TNA locker room in their fight against them. Remember it was Sting who felt disrespected and hurt by the WCW locker room and nearly joined forces with the New World Order, only to show his true colors in the end(4).

I think this could be a great opportunity for Mr. Styles to break out of his typical good guy role and show a darker side. A darker side which has him linked to drug  use, alcohol abuse and neglecting his friends and family. Maybe his character is lost and feels disrespected by TNA. After all his booking was pretty questionably for the past year and a half (5).

Is this the start of Sting 2.0 rebelling against Aces and Eights? Is the new Aj Styles exactly what TNA needs to take down the evil empire? Will he alighn with them and make TNA pay more than they already are? Or am I jumping the gun and this is not where they are going with his character.

Can’t wait for Impact tonight, feel free to comment as long that it is not WildCat Chris Harris related. Until next time I will see you when I see you!

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(1)    Just behind CM Punk in my humble opinion

(2)    That is not meant as a shot at the team of Bad Influence as both men are very talented.

(3)    Which is not that old by the way

(4)    Another great moment in Wrestling right here

(5)    His push seemed to fall further and further in the Hogan era

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  • Jake

    i was at first live impact in chi, and i compared him to sting also. i think he’ll join 8&a but not say anything or beat up anyone, turn on bully and challenge him at BFG for title.

  • Numero Uno

    Not trying to be a know it all or anything like that, but AJ Styles lost to RVD in early 2010

  • Carl

    Numero Uno- Thank you for the clarification, do you agree with my assesment of Aj's new character?

  • Carl

    Jake- Thank you for the comment, I agree!

  • John

    Yup, I was watching TNA Impact from last week and noticed that he was wearing black tights, and BLACK GLOVES, just like Sting used to wear.