I Want Hulk Hogan To Wrestle Again

I just know right away this is going to be an unpopular article. The majority of wrestling fans on the internet flat out don’t want Hulk Hogan to wrestle again. Hell even over at the WrestlingNewsWorld.com article, a commentator named Charles said “If there is a single human being in the entire world that thinks seeing Hogan wrestle in 2013 would be even remotely entertaining I would be truly shocked.” Well guess what Charles, I’m that single human being.

Wait a gosh darned Jimmy Hart. Didn’t Hogan call me a clown and want me fired? Well I’m a Pastamaniac and just can’t hate the big bootin’ pasta godfather.



So yeah it looks very likely that Hogan is going to have one last run in wrestling, something that has been talked about for a year or two now. It wasn’t until recently that his teasing tweets could really be interpreted as reality and not just hype. I understand as the years roll on, the generations of wrestling fans change too. I was not old enough for Hulkamania, so I don’t truly get the phenomena , but I was around for the second coming in WCW right up to his excellent match at Wrestlemania with The Rock (Hogan was too bloated and felt like a pig for a third coming) I completely understand why the modern generation don’t get  Hogan though. He isn’t relevant anymore (Just like Cyndi Lauper, Mr T or any other stuck-in-the-80′s star) and he is literally from a different time. Kids won’t get excited by prayers and vitamins unless there is an app for it. Heck, they don’t know there was once more than three Dudleys or that Kane was a dentist. They can’t relate to the Hulkster anymore.

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But you know what everyone can relate to? An underdog story. A comeback underdog story. A story that could be applied to many wrestlers today :Jake the Snake Roberts, Ric Flair, maybe even Scott Hall. It’s a story that has been used (to great success too) for Terry Funk over the years, but the story would easily be the best fit for Hogan. Basically Rocky Balboa/6 in which Sylvester Stallone (Hogan’s co-star in Rocky 3) comes out of retirement, trains like never before and has one last crack at the top. He has nothing to prove to anyone, except himself. Substitute Rocky with Hulk/Thunderlips and boxing with wrestling and voila.

Of course, Hogan would have to be deadly serious about training. It’s well known his back is a wreck and part robotic, if we’re talking movie parallels, we don’t want it going down The Wrestler route and realistically, it could go either way. Hogan would have to be able to move relatively pain free, we know he is going to be limited in-ring no matter what and so he should get his body as healthy as possible. This means not just hitting the weights and “hulking up” and no more exploding radiators. He should seriously get on DDP Yoga, which has done the impossible for Hall, Jake and that guy who was told he would never walk unaided again. If they could get DDP involved on screen even better. It would help the audience cheer for Hogan to recover if they saw him struggle through the grueling process. Plus good publicity for DDP - everybody wins.  


Also, what everyone seems to forget is that Hogan doesn’t have to win. If we go for the Rocky way again, simply going the distance is what is important. He doesn’t need another title reign, it’s the journey that counts. That last hulk up after kicking out from defeat, blood pouring down his face, arm extended, finger pointed. That rush throughout the crowd thinking, believing that “Holy crap, he might actually do it” only to go on and lose. It’s been said a lot recently that results don’t matter and I agree with that here. If we are to be realistic and say his opponent is Bully Ray, then the extra heat he would receive would be immense too. TNA could cover the story well; maybe in a pseudo-documentary style and cash in on all the guaranteed publicity (Hogan would plug it more, ’cause it’d be about him)

It’s 2013 and the man he wanted fired wants him in the squared circle again.


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  • http://TNANews.com Ric Santos

    Interesting take on Hogan and a possible return to the ring. It could work if organized properly and Hogan’s ego out of the equation, but we will have to wait and see.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    hogan can barley walk for god sake so how the hell can he wrestle and he has ot many injuries

  • Brad

    he's one match away from being a cripple

  • Kashoo

    Yes peeps go nuts when Hogan comes out…actually lately his pop has been little less each week. For his own health I dont think he should ever wrestle again. HE SHOULD NEVER HOLD CHAMPIONSHIP GOLD AGAIN!!! He is too battered up to even put on a marginally good match. And quite frankly as a TNA fan I tolerate his presence only becuase his name generates some interest. His presence in TNA for almost three years now has NOT taken TNA to the "next" level brother.In fact if you look at the rating before Hogan came on board they were actually abit higher and def more consistent week to week. I dont think he is really helping TNA and sticking him in the spotlight one more time will more than likely turn off fans than gain new ones. It smacks of desperation on TNA's part to even consider it as an option. When realistically ll they neeed to do is push the talent they have and build awareness of the workers they have. Its all perception.When Aries was champ crowds would chant his name. Even if the watchers at home dont recognize him as a top guy after months of hearing the live audience go nuts for him (this is true of other talent too) the peception changes. This is wrestling promotion 101. Did anyone react to Stone Cold or The Rock right away? No it took a very long time and some well considered booking to get them to the next level. Its almost like TNA has an inferiority complex.

  • AJ Grabowski

    Is it wrong that this article actually kinda makes me want to happen a little bit? Like he said, they could bring back DDP to help hogan train (I'm a DDP mark, I'll admit that, it won me over easily), plus, he doesn't even need to win the title! That's the best part, it could just be one great match, and that's it!

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