Impact Battlefield- How TNA Stands Before Destination X

Impact has had a month of strong showings and now we have this free-to-air, impromptu “PPV” in Destination X, where we expect to see the past, the present and the future of the X-Division. Names which have been revealed by Dixie Carter are Homicide, Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Manik, Chavo Guerrero and Kenny King. Nothing new here, but are we going to see any other former stars-Amazing Red for instance? A new X-division champ will be crowned after Chris Sabin challenges Bully Ray via Option C. I’m gunning for Sabin- but does he have any chance? We were certainly made to believe so after Sabin defeated a former world champ in Austin Aries, only 2 weeks ago in a monster main event. Bully has his gang, and Sabin has his- in the form of the Main Event Mafia.

The MEM is complete with all members revealed. I wasn’t thrilled with the appointment of Magnus, and even less pleased with Rampage, who will be in Impact on a temporary basis (presumably), which makes me wonder if the MEM is going to be a very temporary stable? In any case the Mafia have effectively shut down the Aces & Eights, using intimidation tactics to hold the bikie gang at bay-for the most part. The Aces & Eights have lost a lot of momentum and are already seeming like less of a threat. Apart from taking out Suicide/Manik last week, they haven’t hurt anyone seriously in a long time and may be overdue. On the other hand the Mafia have loads of momentum, with Magnus and Joe dominating the BFG series.

I was really pissed that Magnus won the 25 point Joker’s Wild Tournament! First of all, he definitely did not need the points… and seeing as he’s already on a big push to the top he probably has a lot more singles wins in the wings- and a bunch of more points, potentially making him the highest BFG series points winner ever. As Alex has said, the more points Magnus gets the more unrealistic the chance that he will win the series. I just don’t think the win was justified and I thought Bobby Roode was a certainty to take 25 points, even from the start of the night! We have the longest reigning world champion, and winner of the first ever series, sitting on 0 points from 3 matches, and now 2 losses to Magnus! Giving him a dirty win over Magnus in the Gauntlet match could have put him in first place by a whisker, and a much closer and competitive series. I think Roode, along with Aries, has racked up too many losses as of late and hope that he isn’t losing stance. I think Bobby deserves to be at the very top… speaking of, Roode and Aries are going 1 on 1 this week in a BFG Series match in a Destination X rematch from last year. One of these men is walking away with points, and the other is going to receive yet another loss.

I doubt there will be any time for Knockouts action this week on Impact-we’re probably due for a break as we usually see the Knockouts once a fortnight. Hopefully though we get a bit of build for the upcoming Gail vs Mickie title match, which looks to be promising and could be an amazing feud. After Mickie has been the dominant heel in the division, can we expect a Gail Kim face turn?

Tune in this coming Thursday for Destination X- a new X-division champion will be crowned and hopefully a new World Heavyweight Champion!

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  • Dases

    Totally agree with you and love your writing. I am confused with this push for Magnus, sure I love the guy and think he will be a great champion one day but as for now at 24 years of age he isn't ready considering the calibre of performers available. It would also be very questionable having Magnus taking the title of the badass Aces & Eights stable.
    Bring back Abyss!!!