Impact Wrestling 6/20/13 Top Ten Tier – Sting’s Mind Games Work

Welcome everyone to the first installment of my new weekly series – Impact Wrestling’s Top Ten Tier! I will be ranking the top ten stars of the week’s show depending on multiple factors from how much time TNA invested in them on the show to match outcomes. It is strictly my ranking, but feel free to give your thoughts and your own ranking!

10. Hulk Hogan

Some probably won’t be surprised that Hulk is in the top ten, but the people may be surprised that he is number 10! I didn’t feel Hogan made a huge impact as he usually does. Sure, Hogan had his fair share of appearances during the show… he opened the show and announced who won the poll between Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode, but Hogan also caught Bully Ray in the back and pinned him up against the wall. We sure thought Hogan was going to take Bully out, but Hulk wanted Bully to take a shot at him. Ray didn’t, but it sure made for an interesting and edgy segment.

9. Austin Aries

Aries won his match against Jay Bradley as he gathered 7 points in the Bound for Glory Series. In fact, Jay put up quite a fight against Aries. It wasn’t a bad match at all. It was back and forth, but Aries hit his combo double move with the running dropkick to the corner and then the Brain Buster. He gets the win and is on the board.

8. Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels is another person who won his match in the Bound for Glory Series and he got 7 points. His match with Hernandez wasn’t anything spectacular, but both carried their weight. Hernandez keeps impressing me each week, but Daniels’ BME (Best Moonsault Ever) was the exclamation point.

7. Jeff Hardy

It was hard to put Jeff Hardy at number 7, but I had to. He won the poll against Bobby Roode, which was quite obvious. He called out Roode, which was predictable, but his match with Roode was a great main event for the show. These two have nice chemistry together and it showed. Hardy came back and got the win and he is on the board in the Bound for Glory Series.

6. Brooke Hogan

Brooke made quite an impact on this week’s show and that is why I gave her gave her number 6 this week. Brooke’s first focal point was the State of the Knockout Division Address. That segment cleared things up but also left a question and that question is, “What are they going to do with the Knockout Tag Team Titles?” It looks like they are just going to vacate them. Honestly, they should as those titles are a waste right now with the little Knockouts they have. Brooke mentioned that Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James is set for next week and that Gail Kim will face Taryn Terrell in a Ladder Match in a few weeks! I actually wrote to TNA writers about making that match. I’m stoked for it as I know it is going to tear the show down. Brooke’s next focal point was with Bully Ray. Brooke left the arena, but was going to come back as Bully called her. He wanted to talk. She was going to come out at the end, but Sting did instead. The question still lies on the true relationship between Ray and Brooke.

5. Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson received the most points this week for‘s Fantasy Wrestling. That means that Ken was seen on the show more than anyone else. You really wouldn’t realize until you go segment to segment. Not only that, Ken won his match against Joseph Park. Ken is on a huge role! This is one guy who, I think, will be staying in the top ten for quite sometime!


Magnus is the only guy who made someone submit last night and that means he has the most points out of anyone in the Bound for Glory Series. He is in first place. That can change by next week, and it probably will, but Magnus is at the top right now. That certainly gets him one of the top 5 spots on here.

3. Bully Ray

Bully Ray continues his reign as champion and his reign as President of Aces & 8s. The group is slowly falling through the cracks, but his reign continues. His next opponent could be Chris Sabin, Kenny King, or Suicide. Whoever it is… expect Ray to win. Ray has a war on both sides though. It is like Germany in the 1940s. People are coming from the East and the West. Ray has to worry about the next challenger for his title, but he also has to worry about Sting’s Main Event Mafia. Ray fell victim to the group this week, and he could very well fall again this week. That title is the only thing keeping him afloat right now. I also have to through in that members of the Aces & 8s may soon be after him either Doc or Mr. Anderson. Ray could be in deep trouble soon!

2. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was only seen once on the entire show, but his only appearance was a huge one! Kurt came on stage after Bully was walking backwards up it. He turned and Kurt took him down and put him in the Ankle Lock. Kurt is a member of the Main Event Mafia. It was a predictable pick, but a big pick! Kurt has history with Sting and the faction. Could things repeat itself? I don’t think Kurt will try to gain control only because their main focus is to take aces & 8s down. Kurt brings the Main Event Mafia to another level.

Sting New MEM

1. Sting

Sting gets the number 1 spot because of his lovely mind games! He announced that he will be making a New Main Event Mafia. The whole week had people questioning who will be in the group. It showed right here on the site with huge amounts of traffic. Sting made the deal with Kurt this week and revealed him. Sting is building his family. Sting is in the mind of Bully and the rest of Aces. He continues building his family in the next couple of weeks. There’s no question that Aces are panicking.

What are your thoughts on this week’s Impact and the rankings? Who would you make number 1?

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  • wrestlingscoops2323

    how the hell do u put brooke hogan on that list come on now

    • Alex Barie

      I'm pretty sure I explained why she got on the list in my explanation. It's time to move on from thinking of her as "Hogan's daughter" and start thinking of her as an actual talent on the roster.

      • Lynn

        I totally agree with you about Brooke Hogan. To me the only reason people seem to complain about her isn't because of her personally, it all comes down to their hatred of Hulk Hogan. People seem to hate him so much and I have no clue why. I think people forget that Hulk Hogan is a legend in wrestling, he's one of the guys who made wrestling what it is today. If it wasn't for him and others like him in the past their wouldn't be wrestlers like The Rock, John Cena, Chris Sabin, Austin Aries, etc. People just needs to give Hulk and Brooke Hogan a break already and find something worthier to hate on and just enjoys the great shows TNA produces.

  • Numero Uno

    Kurt's in MEM not A & 8s

    • Alex Barie

      Wow! Thanks for catching that!

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  • jblack424

    No aj no samoa joe who put on a show? It had me wanting more and idk if this is for your fantasy league but they had to be over brooke and hulk. No offense but hogan coming out to announce roode and hardy to the ring just to keep telling us what we know from last week. As far as the poll have announcers quick announce it show it. I enjoy your work the most on this website alex but ajand joe over hogans this week. I feel since slammiversary tna is on another level right now. One more quick thing I’m picking morgan in mafia. He didn’t submit from sting for sting to fight bully. I see him not doing it for hogan but maybe for sting. Plus he has history with mafia.

    • Alex Barie

      Thanks for the kind words, and I appreciate your feedback. The reason why I didn't put AJ or Joe on the list is because neither of them won their match. Yeah, I loved their match and wanted more too, but I only have ten slots on this list. I understand where you are coming from and I'm glad to hear that you would put them on your list. Hopefully they make it this week.

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