Impact Wrestling 6/27/13 Top Ten Tier – Unmasking The Truth

Welcome back to the another installment, the second installment, of Impact Wrestling’s Top Ten Tier where rank the top 10 talent of the week. This ranking scale goes hand and hand with the 6/27/13 episode. I rank it based on how much time they got on television this week to match outcomes. As I stated last week, “It is strictly my ranking, but feel free to give your thoughts and your own ranking!” If you want to check out last week’s Top Ten Tier, click here.

1. Austin Aries – LW: 9; Wks: 2 Top 10 Up

There’s no doubt Austin Aries takes the number 1 spot this week. It only makes sense. While I don’t like him going from number 9 to number 1, it is all about a week to week ordeal. He went from winning a match against Jay Bradley last week to winning the X-Division Title and cashing it in against Bully Ray at Destination X. It’s quite amazing how fast someone can be put over. Aries is right back where he was last year. While many people felt like he lost some steam after the whole Christy Hemme incident, Aries is back in full gear.

2. Samoa Joe – LW: -; Wks: 1

Samoa Joe wasn’t on the board last week, but someone wrote to me and said he very well should. Joe didn’t win his match though. This week, he did win and even joined the Main Event Mafia. That gives Joe a lot of points and it gives him the number 2 spot. Joe is now aligned with the very best in the company. He will be acting like the best and will be dressing like the best. He is in a major role on the show and that will give anyone a great spot on the board.

3. Magnus – LW: 4; Wks: 2 Top 10 Up

Magnus is on a huge role… and I mean huge! Magnus won his match last week in the first week of the Bound for Glory Series. He gained major points with a submission win. Magnus went on to beat Roode this week and is still leading the leader board for the series. He is on top and that says a lot. Not only is TNA giving him the ball right now, but it will only help him for the future. Magnus is on his way and it certainly shows as he moves up one slot from last week.

4. Mickie James – LW: -; Wks: 1

Mickie James put her title on the line against an aggressive Velvet Sky. Sky wanted a rematch for weeks, but failed to get it because of her knee. She was cleared to go only to have Mickie re-hurt the knee. She came back and was ready to go, but Mickie isn’t going to give up. She beat Sky and left Sky crying at the end. Mickie’s heel turn is quite a success and now she moves on to her next opponent.

5. Bully Ray – LW: 3; Wks: 2 Top 10 Down

Bully Ray was number 3 last week, but he had to move down because he is slowly on the verge of losing it. The Main Event Mafia is getting bigger. Aces & 8s are slowly falling as they lost the Television Title, D-Lo Brown, and the falling out between Doc and Mr. Anderson several weeks ago. Bully Ray has been through rough battles and now he has Austin Aries to worry about. Ray didn’t see that coming at all. Elto explained in detail about the whole story in his latest article featured here.

6. Kurt Angle & Sting – LW: (Kurt: 2), (Sting: 1); Wks: 2 Top 10 Down

It only makes sense to pair Kurt Angle and Sting up from now on because when Sting is on, Kurt is on. When Kurt is shown, Sting is shown. They are family now and they are sticking by each other’s side. They were shown very frequently on the show as they look for possible members to join them in the Main Event Mafia. They are having a great time building their family.

7. James Storm & Gunner – LW: -; Wks: 1

I had to pair these two up on account of them being TNA Tag Team Champions. They weren’t on last week’s show, but appeared on this show. James pulled out one great in-ring promo. The discussion during the live Impact Wrestling coverage on had people debate on whether James is a great on the mic. There’s no doubt that he is and certainly one of the best in the company. He was interrupted by Robbie E and Jessie Godderz. They are now a tag team that will be breaking into the division. It certainly is a step down from who James and Gunner fought, Bad Influence and Roode and Aries, but it is a tag team. The division goes from solid booking for 4 to 6 months to barely any tag teams in the division. Gunner and Storm, quite frankly, are the tag team division now.

8. TJ Perkins – LW: -; Wks: 1

Some people actually didn’t know who played Suicide since the character returned, but it was TJ Perkins as we broke the news on TJ has been revealed. We seen him on camera a couple of times as he was brought to the stage by Hulk and he was confronted by Bully Ray backstage. I don’t know if TNA will be keeping the Suicide character around or have TJ just be TJ.

9. Hulk Hogan – LW: 10; Wks: 2 Top 10 Up

Hulk Hogan appeared as number 10 last week and I got some heat about it. I read everyone’s comments on it, but I am still sticking to him being on the ladder. I clearly had to move him up, not only because Adam had to be last on the ladder, but because he appeared multiple times during the show. Not only is he involved with the whole Bully Ray situation, but he also became involved with the whole Suicide/Austin Aries situation. He was right in the middle of the whole situation trying to get to the bottom.

10. Adam Ohriner – LW: -; Wks: 1

I was very critical about the Gut Check match on this week’s Impact Wrestling. It was all for the right reasons. Adam faced Ryan Howe and it certainly was a match that had no direction or plan. A match is suppose to tell a story, but that is not what went on in the ring when these two fought. It was just a move by each trying to impress us. Sadly, their wrestling skills did not impress me. I liked Ryan’s character as it was unique and different from what TNA has today. I liked Adam’s look. I have been reading what others have been saying about this match and I do have to agree that Adam looks like another Crimson or Rob Terry. Adam has a great muscular body, but it isn’t any different from the stars I just listed. You have to stand out. Adam won the match, which gives him this spot, but can he hold it or climb the ladder? It all depends if he gets a contract for TNA Wrestling next week. If not, he probably won’t be seen on here again.

This certainly was a roller coaster type of The Top Ten Tier this week. Looking at last week, lots of people quickly leave the board from Jeff Hardy to Christopher Daniels to Mr. Anderson to Brooke Hogan. The thing is, those people weren’t even on this week’s show. Ken Anderson was, but he lost. AJ Styles wasn’t even on the show. I’m coming to realize that it is not going to be about being on the leader board, but how how long you can stay. That is the ultimate task!  Who would you have in your top ten list for this week?

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