Impact Wrestling 7/4/13 Top Ten Tier – Title Change To Prove A Point

Welcome to the third installment of the Impact Wrestling Top Ten Tier as I rank the top ten stars of this week’s, the 7/4/13, episode of Impact Wrestling. Remember, these rankings are based on how well each star does on the show as well as the amount of time they appear on the show. Check out last week’s installment to get caught up. Where do people stand this week?

1.Chris Sabin – LW: -; Wks: 1

There’s no reason why Chris Sabin shouldn’t be on here this week. Putting him in a spot besides number one would be an absolute joke. Chris showed heart and determination on this week’s show. He showed the reason why he came back from two injuries that put him out for nearly a year. Chris has what it takes to be a main event star. He has the look and mic skills. His in-ring talent is uncanny! Sabin was in the main event this week and won it. He regained the X-Division Title and he is closer to the TNA World Title. Plus, I have to mention that he got the most points in this week’s Fantasy Wrestling.

2. Kurt Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe, & Magnus – LW: (Kurt: 6), (Sting: 6), (Samoa Joe: 2), (Magnus: 3); Wks: 3

If I spread each each member of the Main Event Mafia, they would take up almost half of the board. Combining them makes sense. With that being said, they are gaining ground quickly! Kurt and Sting were 6 last week, but Joe was 2. Joe joined in and Magnus was 3. This group picked up a great talent named Magnus. He has been on a role and continues to be. I hope for the best. It’s surprising because, while these stars are climbing the board, Aces & 8s are nowhere to be found. They just aren’t that destructive as they used to be. They just aren’t as dominate. The tides are turning.

3. Mickie James – LW: 4; Wks: 2 Top 10 Up

Mickie James didn’t fight this week, so she moved down the board, but she cut one great in-ring promo. She climbed the ladder in the ring and cut a fantastic heel promo. One thing that stood out to me is that they didn’t even need Gail Kim or Taryn Terrell on this week’s show… Mickie moved their rivalry forward. That’s really quite rare. Mickie is really going all out in this new character and I am really enjoying it.

4. AJ Styles – LW: -; Wks: 1

AJ Styles is back on the show and faced off against Kaz. It was a fair match, in my mind. It wasn’t anything spectacular. It could have been better, but it was good for them. At any rate, AJ made Kaz tap and that gave AJ 10 points in the Bound for Glory Series. He is now closing his way in on that number one spot. Number one isn’t the spot you want to be in at the end though. One through four works. AJ is in the top four. He is riding it out… on his own!

5. Hernandez – LW: -; Wks: 1

Hernandez beat Jay Bradley with a pin and he gave himself 7 points in the Bound for Glory Series. It was a quick match. Jay is getting there, but he isn’t with the likes of Kaz or James Storm yet. TNA needs to continue with Jay in order to get him to that level. Hernandez beat him and he is on his way up the board.

6. James Storm & Gunner – LW: 7; Wks: 2 Top 10 Up

James Storm and Gunner were 7th last week and they moved up one notch after their quick victory over Jessie Godderz and Robbie E. A victory over them really doesn’t prove much, but it shows how dominate they are. James and Gunner are on the top of the division. Some will say, “What division?” Give it time as divisions grow and die and grow again. It takes time. James and Gunner continue to impress, so hopefully they will fight a team that can be an actual threat.

7. Bully Ray – LW: 5; Wks: 3 Top 10 Down

Bully Ray is slowly moving down on the board. Ray hasn’t fought for a couple of weeks on Impact Wrestling. He does appear multiples times though, but that isn’t good enough for the TNA World Champion. Plus, Bully Ray has a challenger on his bumper. First we thought it would be Austin Aries, but now it is Chris Sabin. Either way, Ray has to be a bit nervous. Chris proved himself. Ray could very well lose the title. Don’t forget the threat of the Main Event Mafia. I think Ray is starting to realize that he is fighting two wars. The end is usually very near after that.

8. Austin Aries – LW: 1; Wks: 3 Top 10 Down

It’s astonishing to see Austin Aries go from the number 9 spot to the number one spot and then down to the number 8 spot in three weeks. Austin is the perfect example of what this series is all about. It’s all about looking at each star and seeing how much they change over a period of time. I was expecting a slower move like Bully Ray, but Aries all over the place. Aries lost, but he put on a great promo at the start of Impact and he was in that main event at the end. Aries shined just like Chris did. They both tore the house down. Now, will Aries go back up to the top spot from next week’s show? We shall see!

9. Hulk Hogan – LW: 9; Wks: 3

Hulk Hogan continues to be General Manager and continues to leave his mark on the show. The instance this week is where he made the main event of the evening, but he also changed a whole character. Suicide is now Manik. We know the character is played by TJ Perkins, but Hulk used his power to reinvent a character.

10. Manik – LW: 8: Wks: 2 Top 10 Down

Manik… aka TJ Perkins… aka Suicide! Last week it was the TJ Perkins/Suicide name at number 8, but now it is the transition of those two names to Manik and it lands at number 10. While he did lose the match as he was taken out by Aces & 8s, he was featured at the beginning of the show with the whole character segment. He looks more aggressive and, “In your face.” as I described on my Facebook page. I don’t know if the character will be around next week since he was taken out on a stretcher this week. This could be the last for Manik for awhile.

Off the list:
Adam Ohriner

A very interesting Impact Wrestling this week and an even more interesting Top Ten Tier. Lots of character and story development. It is certainly showing just after 3 weeks. Who will stay and who will leave next week? You never know!

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