Is Aces & 8s Missing Part Of The Puzzle?

There is no doubt in my mind that Aces & 8s is the biggest thing in TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling right now. There is certainly talk about their One Night Only pay-per-views and the recent contract mishap with Bobby Roode, but show wise, Aces & 8s are on top. After seeing what happened this past week, I got to ask myself if Aces & 8s are missing part of the puzzle via through TNA booking.


We all know where the faction stands. It has some mid-card talent, stars that just debuted in TNA out of nowhere, a road agent, and an established tag team. The main stars are D-Lo Brown, Bully Ray and Devon. Well, that should be were not are as D-Lo got “fired” through Twitter this weekend. At any rate, the people part of the group do not make the following events logical.

After Impact Wrestling ended on Thursday, TNA’s official website and Twitter page was “hacked” by Aces & 8s. They took over the sites and posted articles/tweets about them. It was a great way to spread their message as well as showing that they have a lot of power. Where is that power though?

In order to take over a website, you have to be fairly skilled in computer technology, security and all of that stuff. Twitter is just a password, but a website is totally different. Who in the group can do that? Who has that power? D-Lo is/was a road agent. Bully Ray, Devon, Knux, D.O.C, Garett, Wes, and Mr. Anderson are all performers. They are wrestlers. I doubt anyone can hack a website. Even if they can, it wouldn’t make sense. Who the question is, who?

Whoever did it really must have power in the company. They either had access to the site in the past or have access to it now. They would have to be quite a genius to beat the security walls and post articles whenever they felt like even though they would be at risk of being caught. Names could come up like Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, and Hulk Hogan.

The problem I have with this is that TNA will not be going in this direction. Or so it seems. Yes, the group “hacked” the site. TNA got control of it, but nothing has been said about it since. They don’t follow up on it. They aren’t saying if there are leads or if they know the IP address of where this “hacker” was. I certainly think they can make a story about it this.

TNA booked that the Aces & 8s take over the TNA website and their official Twitter page, but TNA is not giving the puzzle piece for the group. The puzzle piece is the follow up. Sometimes puzzle pieces get lost. Sometimes they are stolen. Did TNA take away that piece? Without a piece, we can still put together the puzzle, but it won’t be perfect. It won’t all be there. Give Aces that piece. Give us the piece so we can make this puzzle complete. There has to be someone behind the takeover. There has to be a follow-up. This can lead to the MAIN person in the group. While I don’t believe anyone can be higher than the president, there should be something that goes along with this takeover. It will only make sense.

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