Is Bad Influence The Right Mix For The AJ Styles Story?


The past two weeks Bad Influence aka Christopher Daniels and Kazarian have inserted themselves into the Aj Styles feud with TNA and Aces and Eights. Like their two competitors they want the services of the Phenomenal One, and believe that with their friendship they can get him. My question is does TNA need to be inserting them into the storyline? The short answer would be no, but let me explain, why TNA needs to be careful.

The AJ Styles Saga has been brilliant and has been so similar to Sting’s character turn in WCW.  Styles has shown a darker side and we are still unaware of his true intentions. TNA was following the right path with this and can continue this for the coming months while Aces and Eights continues it’s dominance(1).

I don’t know why the powers that be whether it is Hogan, Bischoff or Carter, decided to force Bad Influence into all of this? I mean I have heard that both TNA and WWE Booking have been paranoid by wrestling sites predicting storylines, but is all of this necessary? Please don’t take this as me knocking Bad Influence, as I actually find them hilarious, and if you have watched TNA for the past 10 years you know that both men can wrestle.  I just would prefer that they stay involved in the Tag Team feud, and think it could a tremendous 3 way battle between them, the Dirty Heels and  Champions(2).

Why not just leave the AJ Saga where it is and see where it goes, adding James Storm as the TNA Representative is good, he is tremendous in the ring and on the mic. Having AJ walk away after his match while the Cowboy was jumped from the Aces and Eights was a nice touch, it keeps everyone guessing. Again this is a great  story that doesn’t have to be tinkered with, just so TNA can be different. Please leave it as it is and keep Bad Influence out of it, for all of us.

Until next time, I will see you when I see you! Follow me on twitter @carljfred,  I was the one who had a Twitter Discussion with Alex about CM Punk going to ROH or New Japan.

(1)    Remember Sting’s character didn’t reveal his side for many months and when he did it set up a perfect storyline

(2)    That being Chavo and Hernandez

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