Is Mr. Anderson A Good Investment?

Ken Anderson is not a newcomer in the wrestling business by any means. He has been in the wrestling business eyes since 2001. He has been in WWE and is now with TNA. He has the experience, but he isn’t necessarily a young star to push. Is Mr. Anderson a good investment?


As I stated, Anderson has been involved in the wrestling business since 2001. During that time, Anderson has been floating around the independent scenes and also had several tryouts with WWE. Not only that, but he was contacted by Jeff Jarrett where he was trying to have him sign with TNA. That fell threw and Anderson ended up with WWE.

Mr. Anderson, Mr. Kennedy at the time, had a huge run in WWE. He debuted on Smackdown in 2005 and really made his name known. He had his trademark entrance where he would announce himself and repeat his name twice: Kennedy…. Kennedy! Soon enough, the whole audience would be copying and imitating him. They loved it yet his character hated them. He rose to the top and battled for the World Heavyweight Championship several times. Sadly, he suffered an injury which left him off television for months. He was drafted to Raw in 2007. He came back and had a short program with Carlito, but ended was written off television because he was suspended for 30 days after failing a wellness test. He came back and had many different feuds and also played a role in the movie Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia. He was drafted back to Smackdown in 2008 where he announced he dislocated his shoulder. He made small appearances while he was injured, but returned to Raw in 2009 as, yes, he was drafted back to Raw. He was released several days after he returned.

Anderson Title

He wrestled in the independent circuit for the rest of 2009 but made his debut on TNA in 2010. His ring name changed to Mr. Anderson and he quickly went into a huge and big story with Kurt Angle. They wrestled in multiple matches from a ladder match to a steel cage match. He signed with TNA for one year, but Dixie Carter announced that both sides agreed to a long term contract. In 2010, he battled for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and actually won it in 2011. He held it for several months. After his reign, he fought in several stories but then had a 4 month absence. After several more stories, he was attacked by Aces & 8s on an episode of Impact Wrestling. He came back several weeks later and joined with the group because no one helped him from Team TNA when he was attacked.

After going through his career, it’s no secret that Ken Anderson has quite a storied career so far. He has the experience and knowledge with WWE through his time there, so he is able to bring that to the table as he has his current run with TNA. While he does bring something to the table, is 37 years old too old for a major push? I already discussed age in the wrestling business, but what about Anderson’s past?

Mr. Anderson is known to be “injury prone” as he had multiple injuries while he was with WWE. Strange enough, Anderson hasn’t been injured since he has been part of TNA. Not only that, but while he was with WWE, he failed a wellness test. Now, TNA doesn’t have the extensive wellness testing like WWE has, but it doesn’t look like Anderson is taking anything. Certainly we can’t judge based on looks, but I want to bring the question up. That is, was he being pushed too hard in WWE?

Being on top in the WWE takes time, energy and basically your life. You have to be committed. You have to give up your free time and, sadly, your family, to be on the top. The stress is unbearable! I don’t think Anderson was able to handle that. He wanted that top spot, but he also tried so hard. He tried so hard that he suffered multiple injuries and failed a test. Sure, the test rests on his shoulders, but people have that mindset on taking things so they can be better off. That is not the case.

When I went to Impact Wrestling several weeks ago, my friend and I actually had a confrontation with Mr. Anderson. While we were in the media section, my friend was taking pictures of Aces & 8s in the ring. He held the camera up to get the best shot, but Anderson really didn’t like the idea. He motioned to my friend to, “Cut it out.” My friend and Anderson had a starting contest. My friend then pretended to throw something at Ken. That was when Anderson walked back behind the group. In sort, Anderson plays his character even when he is not being shown on the camera.

I asked on my Facebook page what people thought of Mr. Anderson. I got the responses of, “Sloppy in the ring” and, “In the past TNA has dropped the ball on him.” For me, I never thought of Anderson as a great wrestler. Yes, he can work, but I felt like he could be reckless at times and quite sloppy. On the flip side, Anderson is a showman. He can be heel or face and can play those roles with ease. Anderson has one of those traits where his character is over rather than his wrestling. Ken can adapt. He can play anything off.

37 years old may not be the best age to push someone to the top, but Anderson has been at the top before. I love how he is involved in Aces, but I certainly think he can be the main character in any story. He has that talent. Someone wrote they are pleased with Anderson right now in Aces & 8s. The question has been brought up on whether Anderson will leave Aces. It doesn’t matter if he leaves or not because Ken can play any role, but I think he excels in being a heel.

Anderson may not be a young gun in the wrestling business, but he has the experience and the acting skill to make his character be over. Do you think Mr. Anderson is a good investment?

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  • wrestlingscoops2323

    mr.Anderson gimmick is so stale and old now and he needs a new gimmick and all he is in aces and eights is background thats all and he has no push at all

  • jordan

    Yes. Too old?? Look at all the wrestlers that are still activate that get pushed. TNA should give him one more shot and a legitimate one too.

  • antonio inglada

    they need to change the "nwo" rip off its getting stale and it kill WCW when the egos of those involve got too big , u have great wrestlers that havent been given a good chanceto shine in wwe, change the undestructable status of the group, have more wrestling from all of them and maybe, maybe it will be an improvement from the Nwo ….Mr Anderson can be good but needs that chance to shine just like the rest of the Aces and 8's

  • simon

    One of the most aggressive wrestlers I have ever seen fantastic!!

  • Numero Uno

    He has had great matches with Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy

  • Alex Barie

    I mentioned his age because most people wouldn't push a 37 year old guy as they would much rather push the 25 year old. I am just stating that even though Ken is 37, he can still be pushed to main event status.

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  • Bane Robertson

    Wrestling is popular sport in recreation area. It is interesting to playing but risky to practice in house. Wrestlers play it to collect biggest gold watch.

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