Is Slammiversary A Throw Away Pay-Per-View This Year?

I have been trying to wrap my head around the whole Bully Ray vs. Sting match for the TNA World Title at Slammiversary on June 2, 2013. I been reading both sides of the argument. Each sides brings up great points on whether Sting should be in the main event. It led me to question the whole PPV all together.

When I was at Impact Wrestling two weeks ago, I saw first hand Sting win the number 1 contender match against Matt Morgan. When I saw that, I knew there will be a lot of criticism. Most of that criticism came from the IWC. They said Sting was too old to compete for the title. I wrote an article trying to describe how age really does not matter in the wrestling business. So, Sting can still work. While he may not be in his prime, either is The Undertaker or The Rock, but he can still work in the ring and on the mic. The next criticism that came up was that TNA should be pushing the younger talent and someone young should be fighting Bully Ray. Brad Drysdale discussed this point further in, “Implications Of Matt Morgan Vs. Sting“. I understand where he is coming from. I have always been in favor of pushing young talent and talent that has never been in the main event, but should be in there. Some of these stars are Magnus, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and AJ Styles to name a few. It would be great seeing these stars as champion. While it would be great, I pondered the storyline from Slammiversary to Bound For Glory.

Slammiversary 2013

At Slammiversary, it will be Sting vs. Bully Ray and the TNA World Title will be on the line. That is a little more than 3 weeks away. The thing is, Aces & 8s are not done yet. June marks Aces’ one year existence in TNA. I’m sure they will have some type of party for that on the show. If you look at the stories, you can assume that the Aces will not be finished at Slammiversary. The story with AJ Styles makes you realize that Aces will not be finished at the PPV. I will get more into that later.

As far as the match goes, I can see Bully winning it. Aces can’t look weak. If Bully loses the title, Aces won’t be taken seriously anymore. They would be a joke. So, Bully has to win this at the PPV. It makes sense. Even if Sting does win it and Bully wins it back in a week or two… it will taint Aces from the inside out. So, it really doesn’t matter who faces Bully at the PPV. It can be Magnus or Joe, but they will lose. Would you rather see Sting lose as it won’t damage his stardom, or would you rather see Magnus lose his very first TNA World Title shot and people will most likely carry that with him for the future?

I asked a casual wrestling fan on what he thinks about the TNA World Title match at the PPV. He doesn’t see Sting winning it either. He sees the story, “Drag on.” He then brought up AJ Styles! Rightfully so! AJ has been this mysterious character for the past couple of months. Everyone is asking what side he is on, either with Aces or with TNA. AJ will remain speechless into Slammiversary. Remember Kurt Angle and AJ’s segment last week? I see that as a set-up for a match between the two at the PPV. After Slammiversary, I see a complete focus with the main story. Aces have been the main attraction for months and months, for a whole year, but now the tide will change. From Slammiversary to Bound For Glory, AJ will be the main attraction. He will be the main story. During that time, we also have to think about the Bound for Glory Series. Brad Drysdale talked about that in his latest article. He is calling for AJ vs. Bully at Bound For Glory. It all makes sense!


AJ Styles can’t compete for the title until Bound for Glory this year. So, why do anything now? Why even be on the show or compete? That’s AJ’s mindset. I can see him in the Bound For Glory Series. Is it predictable? Yes, but don’t we want to see AJ Styles go for the title? I can see AJ be the savior for TNA. He will win the title and that, in return, will ultimately destroy Aces. They will look weak and incapable of doing anything else. What more do they have?

That’s is where I see TNA going from now to Bound For Glory. It all makes sense. It’s logical. The problem that I do have is Slammiversary though. So, the frame is set for Bound For Glory, so does Slammiversary do anything for us? Honestly, Slammivesary is the last main show to really sell Aces and Bully as a champion. With that being said, why doesn’t TNA go all out? If it was up to me, I would bring back the King of the Mountain Match. Have Bully face 4 men. Have him win. That’s how you sell a champion. Put him against four huge stars like Kurt, Sting, Joe, Magnus… or exchange them with whoever you want. Either way, Bully would win and it really would not hurt the young stars like Magnus because it’s not like he was pinned or he submitted. While Ray beating Sting one-on-one is big, it is not a huge sell.

Slammiversary may have a big match card, but the main event is quite predictable. The story is leading up to Bully vs. AJ at Bound For Glory. Throwing the age out the window, story wise, is Slammiversary a waste this year?

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  • wrestlingscoops2323

    i see sting winning the title at tna slammiversary because he would get his ultimate revenge on the aces and eights by winning the makes sense for sting to win the title at slammiversary.

  • canadaintnafan

    Really aces and eights story hasnt been done well at all. Tna hasnt let them win much at all. The nwo never lost tell around the end. I wish tna writers would do a better job. I see bully winning but then again theres a big sting push right now to.

  • Numero Uno

    Sting will win get his revenege blah blah. I kinda want to see Sting in the main event at BFG but kinda dont.

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