What The Knockouts Division NEEDS


I have been loving TNA’s Knockouts division ever since Angelina came back and reformed the Beautiful People with Velvet Sky. I didn’t even have that much of a problem with it before that cause Madison had come back and made the division good again. However I have had one major problem ever since ODB won the title off Mickie James in September of last year. However, I do think there is one major problem with the division. There hasn’t been a legitimate Knockouts Championship reign since Mickie James had her amazing heel title reign last summer.

Since then, ODB, Gail, Madison, Angelina, and Gail again have held it.

ODB had what will most likely go down as the most forgettable Knockouts Championship reign of all time. The only reason she won it was because Mickie was leaving and she was pretty much the only face who hadn’t held it recently. She lost it at Bound For Glory to Gail Kim with the help of Lei’d Tapa. Then Gail had her reign where she pretty much only defended it against random girls that came in such as Candice LeRae and one of the Blossom Twins. Then Madison had her reign. This had the potential to be an awesome Knockouts title reign…until she lost it to Angelina Love just because Angelina returned a few months into her reign. Then, Angelina had her reign where without Velvet’s hairspray, boobs, and seduction of “Stiffy”, she wouldn’t have ever won the title, let alone successfully defend it.

Honestly, I think Gail should reign for a couple months and lose it to Velvet at the August NYC shows. Then at Bound For Glory Velvet successfully defends against Brooke or ODB, and loses it to Taryn who won a number one contenders match against Gail at BFG. Or they could have Gail reign til BFG and lose it to Taryn there, and then Taryn eventually drops it to Brittany. For the sake of the division, I think both Taryn and Brittany need to have long first reigns where they have amazing title defenses and I think one of them should break the record for longest Knockouts Championship reign. The bottom line is, the division needs a long and great Knockouts Championship reign if they want the belt to gain back the prestige it once had.

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  • Vincent Is Valentine

    We’re all just puppets on Gail Kim’s strings…

  • Luchador

    If they make all the knockouts roster champs the belt won’t have no meaning

  • kewlkatz

    Velvet vs ODB/Brooke/Taryn would be terrible matches. There’s a reason the belt is back on Gail, and that’s to put over Taryn in the biggest and best way possible.