Kurt Angle Speaks With TNANews.com – Being A Workhorse In A Company And His Response To CM Punk’s Health & Break

There is no secret that WWE star CM Punk is in bad health and that he almost quit the company recently. You can read the full story here. Punk is now taking a break from the company to heal. I started thinking about CM Punk and how he is the workhorse of the company. In fact, Richard Gray and CM Punk know it themselves. CM Punk can be seen writing it in this article while Richard wrote about it in the same article but his excerpt is below:

There’s no denying he’s a company workhorse, capable of handling intense pain without meds.

CM Punk is the workhorse of the company now, but it makes me remember a conversation I had with Kurt Angle about two months ago. Kurt told me he was the workhorse in the WWE before he left. Vince McMahon told Kurt that he is the workhorse. Kurt said, “It was a blessing and a curse.” Remembering that had me thinking. I know Kurt Angle left the company because he was overworked and needed a break. Punk is also overworked and needed a break. Punk is in Kurt Angle’s shoes. Would we have seen a “CM Punk released” on WWE’s website?

Angle Debut

Kurt Angle moved to TNA Wrestling after he left WWE. He became the company’s workhorse. He had a much lighter schedule though. He was able to turn his life around while having the easier schedule. The company used him every chance they got to build them up. That was 2006. Seven years later and we could be seeing the same thing.

I contacted Kurt Angle about this article about him and CM Punk. I don’t mention our conversations publicly, but I asked him if I could use what he said this time. Kurt gave his reaction about Punk. He wrote:

Punk has a lot of ability. His ring work is great. But what sets him apart is his promo skill. You have to have both to get to that level of greatness. I personally don’t like Punk, but I have to respect him. Is he a “Kurt Angle?” Heck no. But he is among the best today.

Punk Promo

Certainly that is a lot to chew. Let’s break it down. CM Punk used the phrase, “Best in the world” with his gimmick over the past year or two. The single phrase sold shirts, hats, and more! He was over like rover with the IWC. It didn’t matter if he was heel or face. Punk had a following and those people were fans with him no matter what side he was on. People really thought he was best in the world! Kurt Angle, on the other hand, is known to be the best wrestler in the world. He is known as the number 1 wrestler today amongst many, including Richard Gray. There’s no doubt that Kurt is one of the best of all-time. Quite possibly he is the very best! See the comparison? Kurt’s description of Punk is absolutely right regarding his promo skill. That is what Punk is known for. Just remember his promo in the summer of 2011. That is still being talked about today. Kurt said he doesn’t like Punk, and I can understand why. When I interviewed Kurt in August of last year, Kurt mentioned a particular wrestler, no names were mentioned but he was talking about Punk. Kurt reacted to Punk’s comments on how TNA is an indie company. Kurt showed emotion. He has been with TNA for 7 years. He has been trying to build them the entire time. The company has some of the best talent in the world. Kurt said that you shouldn’t disrespect another company because, “You never know what will happen.” Did Kurt see the future?

What if CM Punk did quit WWE? What if he left? What will happen to him? Where would he go? We can probably guess that TNA would try to sign him in a minute. Would he go there? Someone wrote to me today saying that he could go to ROH or New Japan. I then asked Kurt whether Punk would have quit if he didn’t get a break now. While we know he almost did quit… it was about other reasons. Disregard those reasons though. What if everything was fine in regards to creative, but Punk had serious health problems. Would he be in Kurt’s shoes? Would he have quit? Kurt wrote:

I believe yes. I needed a change. I could have taken a year off and came back. Maybe that would have been a wiser decision, but I enjoyed my TNA matches. But Punk needs to heal. It’s not WWE’s fault. You must decide when enough is enough, and make a decision.


There is a lot to digest again. Kurt believes Punk would have quit. Kurt had to. Could Punk take a year off like Kurt brought up? If Punk didn’t want to go to any other company, that could have been an option. Would Vince McMahon allow that? Would he approve? You would think that he would look out for his employees, right? WWE is in a tough spot though. The Rock is gone. The ratings on last week’s show weren’t hot. WWE needs to keep the momentum going after Wrestlemania 29. Kurt doesn’ blame WWE though. If he is hurting, Punk could easily walk out. He can easily say to give me a year off. We know Vince would hire him back in an instant. Kurt finally knew when enough was enough. Punk hopefully knows the same.

Being a workhorse in a company is great. You are the top talent. You are the one being showcased on every show and pay-per-view. You are the one advertised. You are the main star! It sounds great. It is what everyone wants to be. It very well might be the hardest job in the company though. Your life is work. You eat, sleep, and drink work. It builds up. It affects people mentally and physically. Too much for too long tears you apart. Kurt Angle went through with it 7 years ago. Now it is CM Punk’s turn. Workhorse – “It is a blessing and a curse.”

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  • Carl

    good stuff, I read this and what Richard wrote on WrestlingNewsWorld about Punks frustration, if Vince didnt give him the time off that he needed he would have walked.

  • Cody Springer

    Punk will retire early at the rate he’s going. Being hurt all the time is just gonna kill him. when Kurt left WWE and joined TNA, I was personally happy for him and it also extended his career.

    As far as Punk saying that TNA is an Indy company is off base, TNA isn’t as big as WWE but its surely not an company.

    I do respect that Punk stood up for himself by threatening to quit, you can only take someone else’s crap for a certain amount of time before you reach a breaking point.

    • Numero Uno

      In the second paragraph u said that TNA is surely not an company. Did u mean to say Indy company?

  • TNA Chris

    Punk will never go to tna if he criticizes them every chance he gets. Shame because I’d love a punk vs sting match.

  • http://Facebook Jerry franks

    Punk is just that -a punk. The person behind the comments is just a bag of wind . When Paul heyman becomes involved , quality goes out the door. Some times the owners need to quit counting the till receipts and look at the people who put the money in there. TNA is no different than wwe, hogan took all he could From wwe and got called back to duty to try to keep Linda in line but that didn’t work. Now brook is involved and while she is a knock -out ( no pun intended) she needs to go back to singing . Some time you need more than a short skirt and big boobs to make a career. Dixie , scrap the aces and eights story line ..BORING!!!!!! How about AJ stiles is involved with bubba ray. Anything but this stuff that playing now!

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  • http://www.tnanews.com/wrestlemania-axxess-dixies-genious/ Sean Prem

    Very interesting article by the lead editor. I am personally a huge CM Punk fan. I would put him above Kurt Angle, but its because of their periods of their prime in the business. Kurt Angle has given us so many amazing battles, but being a fan from a global perspective, he didn't have a great appeal for us. It was during a period when Steve Austin was the heel, and it didn't seem as effective to see Kurt Angle outdo Steve Austin. So much so, that after the Alliance had fallen, Steve Austin immediately whooped Kurt Angle. In addition, I know we are working for tnanews, but I can't agree to the assumption that Kurt Angle can be seen as the best ever, which HBK is better. Brett Hart perhaps was better, because his strategic style was mesmerizing. Also I would argue that Rey Mysterio jr the most under rated star was better. Rey Mysterio jr and HBK were prominent during the Kurt Angle prime period, so that puts his credentials down abit.
    Then in TNA, AJ Styles truely is the phenomenal one, but the problem is, he can't cut a half decent promo. Also, as written in one of my earlier articles, about the extinction of hardcore fans, Kurt Angle arguably lead to the demise of Samoa Joe. A storyline that was dragged on to ridiculous proportions. By the time Samoa Joe beat Kurt Angle, his reputation as a true dominant force was erased.

    Now, CM Punk, he's great for so many reasons. He gave Rey Mysterio jr great matches. Him and Randy Orton stole the night off Miz and Cena at Wrestlemania 27, which he reminded Miz during the lie detection test a few months back (a great moment of Raw). But the biggest reason why CM Punk is so great, is because he was the one to finally stand up against this wwe pg infested era. I just attended the Smackdown show at the O2 arena, and it was filled with fans laughing for Santino Marella and undoubted love for the good guys. This is the modern crowd, while I was also at New Jersey on that famous night of Raw, and the few hardcore fans left, were able to create a new star in Fandango. This is the fragile wrestling world we are in, yet CM Punk is bringing hope again. Vince McMahon jr catastrophically failed in having effective feuds with the modern stars like Cena with Batista. But CM Punk opened an olive branch, in one of the best Raws for a long time, in their brawl. He is able to relate to what we all are, internet fans. His promos with Brett Hart, Mick Foley and other legends are amazing, because while he speaks hate for them, his in ring attire and the watchful galze of admiration from the legends, shows their appreciation for his effort. CM Punk, isnt just about wrestling, he represents so much more. Before Daniel Bryan entered Wrestlemania 28, he was destined to be a new Rey Mysterio jr, the champion who got lucky. Back then only CM Punk would voice positive views on Daniel Bryan. The wrestlemania crowd awoken Vince, but the feud they had, along with AJ, helped to create new stars. Even just a match with Dolph, when a wwe champion was put to the limit by Dolph, not a common scene in the wwe pg era for a champion to be pushed to the limit, it helped to make CM Punk and Dolph great. He helps to push people. CM Punk is unjustly hated. But he;s a genious.
    I can go on and on (like my articles) but heres one more point, CM Punk suffered a concusiion in the hands of the Miz, a month or so ago, but he still came to Raw. Even with his knee surgery, he came to Raw. He's a great workhorse, and deserves the utmost respect. For all of these reasons, he is the more important person than Kurt Angle

    • http://www.fishhead2100.blogspot.com Mr. C.C.

      You understand that I seen something in Fandango before you guys made him a "star…"

      Both Kurt Angle and CM Punk are great in their own respective ways. I like CM Punk as much as the next guy, but these CM Punk fan boys think he can do no wrong. Also, the whole speaking out against the PG rating was partially a work. Like every shoot in the WWE, it's a worked shoot. Joey Styles' was a worked shoot and so was Paul Heyman's years ago. So get off your high horse… Seriously…

  • http://Nokia@ovi.com Laarnie

    Cm punk, will remain tha best in tha world… We talkin bwt the future hall of famer here

  • Mr. Prime

    Guessing everyone has forgotten Punk has already wrestled for TNA and is probably basing his comments off of his experiences while there.

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  • http://www.wwebetting.com/ Samual   Matt  

    great blog I am a huge WWE fan from Holland

  • http://www.coventrywest.com/Land-Rover-Online-Store.htm coventrywest

    Punk at first came to prominence through his career on the grappling freelance circuit, primarily as a member of the ROH listing, wherever he was the primary head trainer of the ROH wrestling college further as winning each of their championships.