Kurt Angle… The Best There’s Ever Gonna Be

I’m focused
Dead up
Don’t get up, or never let up
I’m fed up
Dismissing the competition
it’s hopless,
I’ll trash their ambition
Ya’ll want a class on tradition
On one condition
Forget the best of the century
Ya’ll talk about the best of all-time
you better mention me
Essentially, I’m the best there’s ever gonna be

Every one of us have this hero who we look up to. A hero that we try to copy and imitate and try to draw inspiration from him/her. For me I had loads of heroes since I was a little kid like, for example, Ash. For me, Ash was a hard working dude who wants to collect more than 150 Pokemon and wants to achieve his dream to be the best and boy did this cost my dad a fortune (sorry dad). I love Pokemon so much that I sometimes use their old theme while working out lol.


When it comes to wrestling some see wrestlers as heroes and inspirational figures like Batman. That is why we see children wearing John Cena’s T- shirts, they love the guy and see him as a superhero that they want to be like in the future. Without a doubt Kurt Angle is a hero for a LOT of Americans and wresting fans and yes he deserves such a position since he is the only professional wrestler who has an Olympic medal, plus, damn it, the guy has an Olympic gold medal!!! Winning a Gold medal is an achievement and since I love the Olympics, I take my inspiration from those who take part in the Olympics and yes I love it when someone takes the medal. A medal is a way to say, “Hey you did it!!” Kurt Angle won a gold medal to crown his hard work and the blood, sweat and tears spent on training and getting ready to represent his country and himself in one of the most respected athletic events.


When I decided to change my lifestyle and take a more healthier route and lose some weight, I needed an inspiration and Kurt Angle played a HUGE role in my transformation. I loved his cyborg gimmick. It made me want to be a cyborg myself and challenge myself to be a better person and unleash my inner animal. Whenever I get this feeling that I’m down during my workouts or getting ready for a long run I listen to Kurt Angle’s TNA theme to fuel me up and set me on fire. Fact is, on my first half marathon I added Kurt’s song to my playlist because mentally it gives me the inspiration that I need to keep going. Wrestling wise I’ve been watching Angle since I was a small kid so he made an impact on my childhood and when I first heard that Angle decided to join forces with TNA. I decided to switch and give Impact a try because, hey, it’s Kurt Angle. Angle is like a seal of approval, when a guy decides to leave the WWE in his prime and go to a small company with a small fan base called TNA then well there must be something really good about this company. So Kurt was one of the main reason that made me begin to watch TNA and I am really glad that he did and without a doubt he added a lot to the company.

Kurt-Angle-professional-wrestling-155987_1024_768Think about it, Angle took part in TNA’s most memorable moments and story lines like, for exampl,e the dawn of the MEM and doing his crazy moonsault off the steel cage to create a “HOLY SHIT” type of moments. It is moves like these that makes wrestling so damn awesome to watch. Another thing about Angle is the fact that there is no such thing as a bad Kurt Angle match. Just think about it. Angle vs Bobby… how awesome there matches were!! Or Angle vs AJ Styles and don’t forget Angle’s WWE matches like his brutal match against Shane McMahon at King of the ring . For such achievements and moments Angle deserves to get inducted to TNA’s Hall of Fame. Yes, TNA’s HOF is young and not as big as WWE’s but getting recognition is a good thing and Kurt shaped a huge part of the company and helped TNA to get this far and go through years of instability, harsh criticism and massive competition. Plus let’s not forget Kurt’s efforts to bring back wrestling to the Olympics. Kurt a lot of times sacrifices his own body for the fans and goes through pain for the fans. I won’t forget when Kurt cried when he was introduced to the HOF. Let me quote from my fellow writer Cewsh:

“There are very few genuine moments of emotion in wrestling. As a product, professional wrestling is designed to manipulate emotion and drive it in a very specific direction along pre-established lines. Fans rebel against that plenty, to varying degrees of success, but somewhere in between lies moments like this one that transcend the industry to a degree, and allow us all to just be human beings together for a second. For TNA to do something like this for Kurt Angle, and for it to clearly mean so much to him and to the fans who go nuts throughout the entire segment, speaks more volumes about his contribution to this company than any amount of debating could.”


Thank you Kurt and congratulations and thank you London for making this moment a memorable one. This is a small tribute from me to one of my heroes and one of my main role models when it comes to fitness and staying healthy, kudos to you Kurt….

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  • kyle

    Kurt Angle he is the best wrestler in the world I am so glad Impact Wrestling Kurt Angle was one of the best I’ve ever seen this is the best player on the planet.

  • TT

    Completely agree Kurt is a hero and arguably the GOAT. I really hope he stays at TNA for a long time I haven't seen much in WWE recently to justify his return, nostalgia maybe and one more wrestlemania but the current product, HHH's regime, PG rating? stay where you are loved Kurt.