My Love/Hate Relationship With TNA


I have never been the kind of person to care about the mix between wrestling and talking on a wrestling show. I never cared if the show starts with a segment or a match. I have never (and will never be) the kind of wrestling fan that literally counts the minutes to see the difference between wrestling and promos. But the past few weeks, this has been pissing me off. MVP’s stable, specifically MVP, have been getting way too much mic time, and being in WAY too many segments. The segments aren’t even that bad, but there are so many segments that the matches are being affected by it. I know that not all short matches are bad and not all long matches are good but Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards getting 5 minutes for a match on Impact is disgusting. Regardless of storyline, in ROH at Best in the World 2011 they had an amazing 40 minute world title match. Why are two of the best technical wrestlers in TNA, hell, in the world, getting FIVE MINUTES ON IMPACT WHEN THEY ARE CAPABLE OF PUTTING ON FIVE STAR MATCHES?

Last night when I was ranting about MVP taking TV from young guys, a friend of mine mentioned that I’m a huge fan of Jeff Hardy who is only a few years younger than MVP. The difference is, Jeff is not on TV for more than like 10 minutes a show, and last night in his time, he elevated both Bram and Magnus quite a bit. MVP is doing the exact opposite. He is not elevating young talent, all he is doing is taking TV time from young talent.

Another problem I had with the show was the Joe vs Aries match. These two also had a world title match main event in Ring of Honor at Final Battle 2004. I understand that it was best for storyline purposes for the match to be interrupted, but why couldn’t they let them go for at least 15 minutes before that happened? Oh yeah, I know the answer, MVP! There is a simple solution to this, CUT OUT AN MVP SEGMENT!

Honestly the only parts of TNA I’m enjoying right now are the knockouts, the Willow/Bram and Magnus storyline, and the Gunner and Shaw segments. I seriously was considering turning off Impact and then not watching again until the New York City shows. But whenever I feel like turning it off, I can’t. No matter how mad I get at TNA, I just can’t bring myself to turning it off. All day I was pissed because of how bad Impact was. Then “History of TNA Year One” came in the mail. I’ve been watching it for the last hour, and it has reminded me why I love this company and why even if I don’t love all the shows I will always support the company.

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  • Alex Barie

    I love the emotion and the realization at the end of the article. While you, and so many others, are furious at TNA, you can’t stop watching or caring because you and others want them to succeed. I want them to succeed. However, there’s a few things we need to point out.

    While TNA may read this and say, “Yes, he is getting mad at MVP for being on so much. That’s great because he is heel and that’s heat.” In reality, it is hurting their show. I don’t have a stop watch beside me to see how many minutes MVP was on my television screen last night, but I do know the prior weeks he has been on for almost an hour from various segments to matches. So, while they think it’s great that you are complaining, it’s actually a problem. MVP is being over exposed…. way more than Hulk Hogan when he was on Impact Wrestling.

    Second, you talk about time in the article. You state that Davey vs. Eddie should have had more time in the match. While that really wouldn’t have made sense, Austin vs. Joe could have gone on longer. At any rate, TNA only has a certain time limit every week to get everything in. Yes, they could absolutely cut a segment or two from MVP. But, we are also seeing the X-Division being smashed by this time constraint. TNA uses the excuse of not having enough time to have them on the show. A simple segment can’t be managed? A little #Impact365 video to start or build a story is out of the question?

    We all get furious and angry at TNA for their tactics, but at the end of the day, we continue to watch and support. As Vince Russo wrote, and I believe Jeremy Borash said, giving our thoughts, bad or good, is always the best because at least they know we are watching.

  • Jamie Corcoran

    I’m kinda with ya but also note that MVP on screen is putting KIng on (young unused talent) but yea Wolves need more time on the ring as does z however characters make a promotion not 30 min matches for the sake of doing 30 mins