The Main Event Scene Is The ONLY Bad Part Of TNA Now


TNA has been great lately. A few weeks ago they brought in Brittany (Who I was getting EXTREME early Mickie James vibes from during that segment with Madison). Also Knockouts-related, the best womens faction/tag team of all time is back together. They brought in two international stars in the past month. Bully Ray and Bobby Roode are having an amazing feud and it is only going to get better from here. EC3 continues to prove that in a few years he can be a top guy. They have crazy characters like Willow and Samuel Shaw and guys like Kenny King and Rockstar Spud with very interesting and different gimmicks. Everything is very good right now…except the main event scene.

Ever since Magnus won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Final Resolution, the main event scene has been a MESS. Finally Joe got a world title shot after being irrelevant for about 4 years, but in his first title shot at Lockdown they had one of the dumbest endings to a main event in recent history and now this match had an ending that was almost just as stupid. Eric Young is finally being rewarded for his years of dedication to the company, but he probably will go back to doing comedy in a month or so.

It isn’t the talent that is bad, it’s how they are used. If it was 2007 Abyss with Father James Mitchell being a complete badass I would be all for him being fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship. But it isn’t. It is short-hair, ugly and ridiculous looking mask, garbage, watered down Abyss. What the HELL was with the “I love you” crap? I try not to be negative but that was SO bad. If the goal was to make Magnus look like a complete pussy, congratulations TNA, you have succeeded.

The main event wasn’t awful. I mean I’d be lying if I said it was anything special but the ending stopped it from being considered even remotely memorable as anything other than pure garbage. People won’t remember the decent parts of the match, they will remember the terrible ending. They won’t remember EY and Joe putting on good performances. They will remember Magnus ‘controlling’ a guy who was in the first and only two BARBED WIRE MASSACRE matches in TNA history by saying, “I love you.” I love this company but it is garbage like this that makes people hate it. I’m actually debating turning off TNA before the main event from now on if Magnus or Abyss are involved and if they have any promos, I’m muting it. This is UNWATCHABLE. You can say I’m exaggerating but you don’t understand how frustrating it is trying to support a company that’s world champion (who has been champion for nearly 5 months now) THAT HAS NEVER WON A TITLE DEFENSE CLEAN. Like I said, I try to stay positive, but it is becoming VERY hard to be positive when it comes to the world title scene.

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  • Christopher Bell

    Yes! I knew I wasn’t the only one that was thinking about Mickie James/Trish Stratus during the Brittany/Madison Rayne segment.

    I agree with you. I’ve never understood the relationship between Abyss and Magnus. Magnus bought out Abyss. Why is Abyss all of a sudden interested in money? He used to be a monster. He was TNA’s version of Kane. A big and scary monster on the loose. Now, he’s Magnus’ pet. He will do anything Magnus tells him.