Making An Impact! – A Bully Of An Angle/ An Angle For Bully

Happy Mother’s Day from myself and us here on!

Today’s edition of Making An Impact! recognizes two individuals who made the most out of this past Thursday’s Impact Wrestling broadcast: Bully Ray and Kurt Angle.

Bully Ray Title

In the first edition of Making An Impact!, it was mentioned that Bully needed to become the badass 5150 heel he needed to be and channel his ECW days with his verbiage and action. Getting rid of interaction with Brooke Hogan was also essential and this past Thursday’s Impact broadcast showcased a very dangerous Bully Ray. This is the Bully we should be seeing as world heavyweight champion.

Bully not only put D’Lo in his place, but also let the Aces know that he was in charge. The moment he told the rest of the Aces to hold down D’Lo (backstage segment) and almost broke his skull in with a hammer, he brought out the exact kind of viciousness to put the TNA roster on notice. Unfortunately, he will have to interact with Brooke Hogan again but this is a great example of how much of a heel Bully can truly be without Brooke turning him into an immature boy. This also shows Team TNA that he is not playing, not even when it comes to his own crew.

- Have Bully go over Sting and retain the title at Slammiversary 2013 to continue to assert his dominance further as world champion like this past Thursday.

- Put the final nail in the coffin when it comes to Brooke Hogan. Quit the games and “divorce” her so Bully can free himself of that and rip TNA a new one as he should be doing. It’s funny how the overall Aces & 8′s picture is the driving force lately but not the world title picture. I’m sure you see what I mean.

- Concentrate the Aces by trimming the fat. Get rid of D’Lo and anyone else who doesn’t draw for the team. Knux comes to mind. DOC has his matches so he is a visible presence.

Angle Debut

Kurt Angle looked incredible on Thursday night. He stole the thunder from Sting in the AJ Styles/ Sting/ Angle/ Aces & 8′s segment at the beginning and remained a presence throughout the night. It almost seemed as if he was the one leading the way for the icon Sting.

In the case of AJ Styles, it’s very easy to follow Kurt and his intense tiring of AJ’s emo style. It’s do or die time for the company so AJ needs to shape up. Sting can be a little naive and sweet at times but AJ, being a TNA original, should be aware of how truly important the Aces situation is and needs tough love. Angle’s anger and frustrations throughout the night was a great platform for Angle to intrench himself deeper as a leader and possibly the main event title scene if AJ is not willing to defend TNA’s honor.

- Continue to showcase Angle as the frustrated leader who now has no choice but to make those split second decisions for the better of TNA. To AJ, Angle stated “you’re either with us or against us”. Allow Angle to set that standard and show the roster it’s no time for games.

- Hint at a possible world title goal. Even though it is my belief that AJ styles will ultimately crumble the Aces and feud with Bobby Roode in the future, Angle should be in the main event scene, even if it is only to enhance it. Being a wild card of sorts can be a very good place for Angle at this time and challenge for the world title once AJ and Roode handle their business.

Do you agree with these two as the men who made the most impact on Impact Wrestling? Sound off below and give us your thoughts.

Again, have a wonderful Sunday Mother’s Day.

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  • TNA Chris

    I love bully’s work with Brooke. Once you get past the fact that she’s hogans daughter. She’s done pretty good work.

    I’d like to see Magnus work his way up to the main event. He has the look and skill set, but his character is kind of lame.

    • Ric Santos

      I agree in the Magnus front. He needs to be a bit more aggressive and lose the entrance music.

      I’m not a fan of Brooke/ Bully but don’t mind her working with the knockouts.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    th aces and eights looks so weak right now that no can take them as a serious threat anymore so the aces and eights storyline has to end soon

    • Ric Santos

      Hence why a more aggressive Bully needs to emerge with a core crew and not get too large, a la nWo

      • TNA Chris

        They need to make a tag team out of two of them. I can honestly say, I don’t even remember Knux wrestling. DOC and Knux would make a fierce looking tag team.

  • lynn s.

    I like the Brooke Hogan/Bully Ray storyline and the way I see a part of this storyline is why not have Brooke be the one who brought Abyss back. Bully keeps saying he screwed Brooke over and now they can have Brooke ask how it feels to be the one screwed.

    • Ric Santos

      That’s a reasonable approach, as long as Bully Ray doesn’t become Big Kid Ray. I haven’t been a fan of Abyss ever since he aligned with Hogan in 2010 but we’ll see how the story progresses.

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