Making An Impact! – A Show With A Bad Influence

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to Making An Impact! here on This week, only one group of men made enough of an impact to move the show forward: Christopher Daniels and Kazarian aka Bad Influence.



Though no in ring action from the two as a tag team or singles competitors, they continued to be a presence throughout the show. They’ve dipped their hands not only into the AJ Styles and James Storm scenario, but included themselves into the Austin Aries/ Bobby Roode drama and have planted the seeds to a possible program with the Aces & 8′s. They were the entertaining duo they always are and hinted to three continuing or possible stories they can anchor in one broadcast presentation.

These two work well as a heel team or anti-hero’s. Not the way of AJ Styles, but their own way of doing what they want to do. This is mentioned because of their aspirations, or so they claim, to take down the Aces & 8′s by way of reforming Fortune with Bobby Roode and AJ Styles. Fortune can be interesting this time around, instead of a terrible attempt at a Four Horsemen reboot. The four men have obviously grown since Fortune’s breakup and a new Fortune with these personalities in 2013 could make for good television.


- TNA should always showcase Bad Influence in some capacity. Though they did not have a match, they proved they can carry a show through story progression via backstage segments and ring side antics.

- Continue to have Daniels as the mouth piece but also give Kazarian his own voice. Be more confident in Kazarian and Kazarian will then become even more confident.

- Develop Bad Influence further around AJ Styles, James Storm and Bobby Roode. While they take care of businesses between themselves, they should also branch out and have this situation affect everything else surrounding them for more cross over work.

Team TNA is still being dominated by the Aces & 8′s and Hogan is still trying to hold on to relevancy instead of pushing talent properly. Chavo/ Hernandez & Aries/ Roode had the best match of the night and they looked good; however, they did not take advantage of making more of an impact during the entirety of the contest. Progress was made by others in some areas of the show, but they did not have as much to offer in regards to true progression.

Bad Influence was the shining light this past week and should be given the opportunity to steal the show again.

Sound off below with your thoughts on Bad Influence and if you felt someone else made that much of an impact to have been mentioned. Thank you for the support and reading the articles here on Have a great Sunday and until the next time: “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game”

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  • gstrucky

    Personally I never thought much of Daniels until Bad Influence was formed.Since then he has been consistently one of the most entertaining performers on the roster….I feel he deserves a huge main event push once Bully Ray loses his title.

    • Ric Santos

      Daniels is a very underrated talent, despite his many years in the business and loyalty to TNA. He definitely deserves to be in the world title hunt but, as you can see from my previous articles, I see AJ Styles and Roode having a world title feud down the road.

  • TNA Chris

    He’s older, so this would not be pushing young talent. They need to feature Magnus more

    • Ric Santos

      Age has nothing to do with a talent deserving a shot at the gold or not. Kurt Angle is 45 and he has proven many times, and still proves, he has a championship run in him.

      I agree with you though that Magnus should be highlighted a bit more prominently.

      • TNA Chris

        Yes, but if TNA pushed Magnus like WWE pushed Orton. They would have a star for many years. Of course they have to keep him fresh.