Making An Impact! – AJ Leaves In Style

Making an Impact

Heading into the next episode of Impact Wrestling from Salt Lake City, UT, this past episode left us with a unique perspective into the future of the storylines currently being told.

Though Magnus and Sting did not have a lengthy segment on Impact, their backstage meet certainly closed the door on the Bound for Glory outcome. Sting seemed to be alright with Magnus’ gesture at the end of their bout, while Magnus realized the error of his ways and wanted to make things right with an accepted handshake. The only thing on Sting’s mind was if he has passed the torch or lit a fire in Magnus. Or did he accomplish both?

Impact: The BFG bout between the two certainly put Magnus on the map, but it’s still unknown if the proverbial torch has been passed or if a fire was lit. The booking of Magnus will be interesting to see, as it would appear that a heel turn was teased after their pay-per-view match. With a proper handshake on Impact, this could be Magnus moving forward to begin cementing his legacy in TNA Wrestling or it would be a case of subdued ego that reveals itself when Magnus feels wronged again or wins again. It would be naive to say that Magnus and Sting have completely left their feelings aside.

The build to the Bound for Glory match between Angle and Roode is nothing to compared to what these men can build towards after their back and forth this past Thursday. The stage is set for a multitude of back and forth contests in the coming weeks.

Impact: The world championship scene is most impacted by these two. Proving they are next in line to enter in the world title picture, Roode and Angle look to bring a certain credibility to the gold. Not taking away anything at all from current champion AJ Styles, who is himself an immensely gifted wrestler and athlete, but Roode and Angle are in a different wrestling league. Any of these two taking the gold at their current level of in-ring intensity would create engaging stories and the line of wrestlers looking to knock them off stretching far.

TNA Tag Team Champions Bro Mans continued their celebration on Impact but it was quickly interrupted by James Storm & Gunner, Bad Influence and Joseph Park & Eric Young. Bro Mans took their game up a level at Bound for Glory and are finally making their presence known in the tag team division.

Impact: TNA’s tag team scene is in dire need of a revamp. With the Bro Mans as champions, a legit tag team rules the division. What TNA should focus on is building the tag team division around Bro Mans. Many would argue that Bro Mans are not deserving of an opportunity, but the fact is TNA is gearing towards building new stars and rebuilding their original goal of showcasing new talent as the alternative wrestling promotion. This is a great place to start in this new path. Hopefully, the Bro Mans’ title reign has longevity and they further prove they are and can be even more polished tag team specialists. They have the look and a gimmick that can get under the skin of other tag teams in TNA Wrestling. The perfect psychological advantage for Robbie E and Jessie.

The continuing drama of the TNA championship moved to an unexpected place when Mr. Anderson made his return on Impact Wrestling and not only took it to Bully Ray in the opening segment, but helped AJ Styles to retain the championship in the main event. AJ Styles had no fond words for Dixie Carter as he left TNA Wrestling in style with a new car, a gift used to try to draw AJ back into Team Dixie but was taken anyway. It didn’t work as AJ is now looking to defend the TNA world championship outside of TNA Wrestling as he is no longer part of TNA; making Dixie Carter “pay”.

Impact: The one aspect of this scenario that has taken a turn is the now feuding Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson. It was expected that Bully would continue his world title aspirations after this past Thursday, but booking Anderson to cost Ray the title now changes plans. The tension between Bully and AJ was almost forgotten due to the Dixie Carter/ AJ drama, and this keeps Bully away from the title for the time being. This is TNA’s chance to finally blow off the Aces & 8′s and move Bully away into a full-on lone heel and move Anderson into the light so he can build his way back into the main event.

As far as AJ Styles and Dixie Carter, their program is taking an interesting twist as AJ Styles is looking to defend the gold outside of TNA. This is another attempt to blur the lines between reality and story-telling as TNA now has no world champion, AJ Styles has “no contract” and Dixie will attempt to rectify the entire situation. In the latest 24/7 video from TNA Wrestling, Dixie was interviewed and stated she is looking ahead into the future, so what will this coming Impact Wrestling have in store for the title? This is very reminiscent of the CM Punk/ WWE Championship controversy, so can we expect a similar outcome in TNA writing a way to crown a new champion only for AJ to return? Will AJ make an appearance this Thursday to set the record straight on his status?

The new TNA is taking shape, without question. Tune in on Thursday as these and other developments take shape. Don’t forget that Gail Kim is the new TNA Knockouts Champion and Chris Sabin is the new TNA X-Division Champion. How will these stars make their impact next week? Sound off below!

NOTE: Though comments and discussion are encouraged, we ask that spoilers for next week’s Impact Wrestling broadcast are NOT provided in the comments area in consideration of your fellow readers who do not wish to be spoiled. Thank you.

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  • Steven kelly

    You summed it up beautifully bro its going to be an interesting 6 months in tna. Il bet they will even find a way to get aj over to england say to defend in an indy event at same time as impact tour is here in uk. Oh and itd be even better if they did it on the impact thats going to be broadcast LIVE for very first time in the uk the impact in glasgow

  • kyle

    Can u feel the excitement

  • Steven kelly

    God yeah

  • Vincent Is Valentine

    Time to break out the popcorn!

  • Steven kelly

    Mmm popcorn yum

  • Sean

    Nice read Ric as usual. I can see why E C likes your articles, in addition as youve said, the roode and angle segment was intriguing. Again, after Kurt advertised my article, it seems as if they took advice from the article. Now alex is set to interview austin aries. damn, tnanews is influential!

  • Steven kelly

    As it should be sean articles are always top notch :)

  • Ric Santos

    You guys kick ass. Thank you! :)

  • bob

    A.J. number one….TNA TNA

  • lampshadenose

    “Contact Info: Russian Entertainment Monthly Release
    Date: 30 November
    2012 Russian Billionaire Starts US Based Wrestling
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    opposite WWE Raw, Americas Number One wrestling
    show which also airs
    on Monday Nights.”

    - Google search AJ Styles WCWF INFERNO looks like AJ leaving is for real yall.