Making An Impact! – Angle And Roode Takeover

Making an Impact

Where the in-ring action stops, the drama of Impact Wrestling starts with Making An Impact! here on Last night was an interesting broadcast to say the least, with developments and confrontation throughout the night.

In a swerve that fooled us all, Bully Ray and his Aces & 8′s (Knux, Garrett Bischoff, Taz) took out Mr. Anderson after Bischoff, Knux and Taz all removed their cuts and proclaimed that they were done because of Bully’s ego and direction. An earlier backstage confrontation between Anderson, Knux and Bischoff started the rumblings as Anderson tried to get through to the Aces members to get out. In what was thought to be the final nail in the Aces coffin, we were all proven wrong and loyalty is the name of the game with the Aces & 8′s.

IMPACT: The Aces & 8′s are alive and well. While it was expected that this would be the final year of the group, it looks as though the stable will be around heading into 2014. If the Aces will be around for a while, they should return to their initial level of intimidation and power in dealing with Mr. Anderson. The eventual return to the world title scene for Bully would also have the same level of importance as his chase for the gold leading to Lockdown and the win at the event earlier this year. This also can place Anderson in the title hunt if he were to come out on top after his direct feud with Bully Ray and the Aces & 8′s. He could certainly make it to the title scene if Bully were to end the feud on top, but a different route would have to be taken in the event that were to happen.

Opening Impact Wrestling were the members of The Main Event Mafia and the announcement that the group will disband as all members are focused on their individual goals in the TNA Championship Tournament. As for Sting, he is focused on dealing with those who haven’t paid their dues and feel entitled, what this means and who his comments were directed to are unknown at this point.

IMPACT: The direct impact of the group’s amicable break up is the focus in the title tournament, but also the indirect strengthening of the Aces & 8′s. Sting stated that their mission of taking out the Aces and removing Bully as champion was accomplished, but this is not so. What does this mean for the Mafia Vs. Aces? One would assume that The Mafia is too distracted as a group to focus on the Aces, so they will take what they’ve accomplished against the Aces as a victory and move on. There is doubt that Magnus and Sting do not have friction, but that may be addressed at a later time by Sting during the tournament.

Throughout the entirety of the evening, Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle could not hold back and battled in and out of the ring multiple times in multiple places of the 2 hour program. Literally from beginning to end it felt. Austin Aries, facing Kurt Angle next week in a Submission Match, even entered the fray at one point. Next week’s championship bout, and the brewing feud between Angle and Roode, were both progressed in chaotic fashion.

IMPACT: What more can a wrestling analyst/ journalist ask for than the continuation of two of the most technically gifted athletes in TNA Wrestling setting the tone and maintaining the tone for the entire program? A match, of course, but that will come again in time and it will be yet another glorious wrestling match. Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode have established a main event program that is only second to the AJ Styles drama with Dixie Carter. Since AJ Styles is not currently having a direct feud with Dixie on television (taking the TNA World Championship belt to Mexico and now to Japan on November 16th), the current Angle and Roode feud is taking over Impact Wrestling programming. One of these men, if not both, will make it to the finals. They are the intensity of the tournament and will continue their battle well after the tournament has ended. A treat to watch.

Capping another week of Impact Wrestling action, we look forward to next week’s program in what will surely be a show stealing match between Austin Aries and Kurt Angle, continuing the first round of the TNA World Championship Tournament.

NOTE: Though comments and discussion are encouraged, we ask that spoilers for next week’s Impact Wrestling broadcast are NOT provided in the comments area in consideration of your fellow readers who do not wish to be spoiled. Thank you.

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  • Luchador

    On Sting my guess is that he will go after EC3

  • Steven kelly

    Oh id so love to c ec3 vs sting but will dixie allow it hmm. I cant think of anybody else who thinks their entitled except sabin. Now that would be fun a sabin vs sting program

  • Aaronscottj

    At this point I think Sting should plant a lawn on the stage and attack anyone who steps on it. However a feud with Chris Sabin could give him Option C.

  • Steven kelly

    Im just happy sabin is staying healthy n making up for his near two year absence. Who else here thinks gail kims gunna face jobbers til madison rayne returns. Thats how im reading that storyline