Making An Impact! – BFG Gets Real, Damn Real!

Thursday night Impact Wrestling continued the on-going Dixie Carter drama and an unexpected return from a soon to be TNA Wrestling Hall of Famer. The Bound for Glory main event progressed in the ring, so we look at the drama outside of the ring and how these events shape the action to come on Making An Impact!

Making an Impact

The opening segment of Impact Wrestling featured Dixie Carter and Sting having words with one another. After stating that Hulk Hogan will go unnamed, Dixie began to rant about how she needs no one to help run her company. Sting made his way down and wanted answers in regards to her recent behavior. Dixie took Sting making his own match as a sign of disrespect and made a match where if Sting and Magnus were to lose their tag bout, the Bound for Glory Sting Vs. Magnus match would not take place. A frustrated Sting could only pace as Dixie Carter made her way to the back.

Dixie Carter

Impact: It’s safe to say that Dixie Carter is getting much more comfortable on the microphone and being heel. One can see that she is more of a condescending authority figure which rubs people the wrong way, not so much a power tripping character (yet). This is where her character and story differs from how the WWE is currently portraying Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. The interesting aspect is how Dixie’s character is continually confronted by locker room leaders such as Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles and Sting. No other members of the TNA roster have come up in defiance of Dixie, but will that change? Interacting with different members of the roster will prove to be beneficial to the development of the main story and Dixie’s onscreen character. If done right, she can tackle many stories on Impact Wrestling and evolve certain talents in their respective programs.

In the shocker of the night, Kurt Angle made his way into Tulsa, OK to interrupt the EGO Hall of Fame induction of Bobby Roode. Angle hasn’t been seen in months, dealing with personal matters and recharging his batteries. During the EGO Hall of Fame induction, Bobby Roode touted his dominance in TNA Wrestling and questioned the induction of Kurt Angle into the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame. This brought out the Olympic Gold Medalist and an in-ring confrontation which lead to the addition of Bobby Roode Vs. Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory.


Impact: Bound for Glory is the biggest event for TNA Wrestling, so all hands should be on deck to make the night as memorable as possible. Angle was believed to be only involved in his Hall of Fame induction, but a Bound for Glory bout against a talent the caliber of Bobby Roode gives the event a much needed boost. Not that Bully Vs. Styles or the 5-Man Ultimate X Match did not give the pay-per-view something to sink your teeth into, but Kurt Angle making his in-ring return will be something special. Not only will this surely be a contender for match of the night, but this can be a preview of who will next be competing for the TNA Heavyweight Championship in the coming year. For Angle, being inducted and competing in the biggest pay-per-view for TNA Wrestling should put that final period in the revitalization of not only Kurt Angle the performer, but Kurt Angle the man.

Give us your thoughts on what you believe were the impactful moments of Impact Wrestling and let’s get the discussion going!

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  • Luchador

    true I thought Dixie did a better job

  • The Boss

    I really like Dixie Carter’s character. As you said she is not the over baring power hungry authority figure that we usually see. She instead she keeps her authority on a professional level, but comes off as very smug showing that she sees herself in a higher class personally because of her family and who she is. That helps gives a different feeling to this often used angle and one that Dixie is more apt to handle.