Making An Impact! – Dixie’s Bounty For Glory

Two days and counting until Bound for Glory Sunday. On this past Impact Wrestling, AJ Styles grew eyes in the back of his head with a $50,000 bounty in place while Sting and Magnus continued their rocky relationship. How have these events impacted the competitors heading into Bound for Glory? How has the pay-per-view itself been impacted?

Making an Impact

In the opening segment of Impact Wrestling, Magnus interrupted Dixie Carter and Bully Ray, speaking his mind about the Bound for Glory Series and the ridiculous bounty on AJ Styles’ head. A challenge was made by Magnus to the current TNA World Champion for later in the night that was accepted. Magnus took a loss via low blow when the referee was distracted by Sting on the outside, who only interfered to help as Bully attempted to use his rolled up steel chain against Magnus. In the ring and in the back, Magnus vented to Sting who took in these frustrations of Magnus wanting to prove to him that he can get the job done by alone. Sting’s response: “You’ll be alone at Bound for Glory”.


Impact: Bound for Glory is just as much a proving ground for Sting as it is for Magnus. Nothing has been said of Sting’s contract status with TNA wrestling as he is usually year to year with the company. If 2013 will be the final year we see Sting in TNA Wrestling, this Sunday could be Sting’s opportunity to let himself loose and put on a Hall of Fame performance with the youngster Magnus. If Sting will remain with TNA Wrestling after 2013, then this Sunday will still be Sting’s moment to make. Bound for Glory is Sting’s personal Superbowl, making an impact in some way, shape or form this time of year. The goal to accomplish this year is to put Magnus on the map. This may or may not be a passing of the torch, but will certainly be one of the most important bouts in Magnus’ and Sting’s career.

Bobby Roode gained the upperhand on Kurt Angle last night. With the help of EGO, Bobby Roode has the momentum heading into his BFG match with a beatdown in response to Angle’s disruption of the EGO Hall of Fame. However, Angle is not known for being down and out when called into action. If history has proven, Kurt returns with a fury only the Olympic Gold Medalist can channel.

Impact: Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle will put on one of the best pure wrestling matches at Bound for Glory. In story, with Angle’s beatdown, the intensity level has picked up. In preparation of their matchup, Roode and Angle have the setting to steal the show. While everyone is expecting something special in the Ultimate X Match, not alot of talk has been given in regards to what can be a hard hitting and awe inspiring wrestling clinic by two naturals. The eyes should be glued to this contest as Roode or Angle or both can spearhead into 2014 with TNA World Championship aspirations and victories.

Returning to the opening segment of Impact Wresling, Dixie Carter put out a hit on AJ Styles with $50,000 on the line and an opportunity for the individual who takes out AJ for a title shot. Attempts were made throughout the night by the likes of Jessie Godderz, Kazarian, Daniels, Knux and Garrett Bischoff. Even Chris Sabin attempted a strike but was foiled by the intimidation of Samoa Joe, one of Sabin’s opponents in the Ultimate X Match. At the end of the night, and after all failed attempts, Styles met Bully in a contract signing to send us home ready for Bound for Glory. As with all contract signings, a fight ensued between the two main event competitors and the $50,000 bounty sprawled across the ring.


Impact: For the most part, the build to the Bully Ray/ AJ Styles match at Bound for Glory has been minimal. With last night’s broadcast as an example, the entirety of the night focused on Dixie’s bounty over AJ Styles, while Bully Ray was secondary. Even with Bully’s matchup against Magnus, the focus there was on Sting and Magnus’ bout. The contract signing was the only direct contact made by both competitors to hype the main event this Sunday and that is a problem. Bully should have referenced Magnus as a warm up to AJ Styles at Bound for Glory or something written where Bully Ray states that he will see AJ Styles in Magnus so he will beat the crap out of him just like AJ Styles on Sunday. The excitement is there to see AJ Styles compete for the world title, but the build up should have been better and less confusing. Dixie is doing her best to portray a new character, but the direction in which her new character is going in regards to the world title is not the best direction.

There are a number of ways the world title match could have been built up after the BFG Series. As good or as bad as the world title build has been for the fans, we must prepare ourselves for what is not only the biggest pay-per-view for TNA Wrestling, but what could be make or break in the eyes of the naysayers.

Give us your thoughts below as we continue to countdown to Bound for Glory!

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