Making An Impact! – Don’t Forget, He’s Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson has broken down the walls and is the first member of the Aces & 8′s to truly challenge the authority and direction of the Bully Ray lead group. This situation was a ticking time bomb from the beginning and last night’s Impact Wrestling detonated with a heated explosion from Mr. Anderson, who essentially cost Bully Ray a win against Sting when all was said and done. He is man who made the most impact on Impact Wrestling.


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Analyzing the habits of Mr. Anderson’s character during his time in TNA makes this current situation true to this early hypothesis: Mr. Anderson is looking to knock off Bully Ray and lead his vision of the Aces & 8′s. His version of the Aces & 8′s, however, does not differ from the initial incarnation of the group. Anderson simply wants the group to follow the rules that all members, including its president, must adhere to in order for a long group life. The issue is Bully Ray himself and this is where loyalties are questioned, as well as ego in the long run. Bully Ray believes the rules do not apply to him while Anderson believes the group may be greatly faltering (see the latest Inside IMPACT via the following link). What can come of Mr. Anderson’s rebel like actions and non conformity to Bully’s law of the land?

Mr. Anderson is a born leader, he simply has not been given the opportunity to showcase that side of his character with any promotion. He can talk on the mic, has the in-ring skills to be a threat to any one of his opponents and is very good at convincing anyone of anything. Of the members of the Aces & 8′s, he has the strongest personality and carries the qualifications needed to lead. He’s the VP and has already proven in recent weeks that he can carry the group with no problem and with no need of Bully Ray’s presence. Anderson is looking to maintain the dominance the Aces have attained but Bully is shifting to his own agenda. Not aiding Bully Ray on Impact Wrestling spoke volumes and is the first step in the possible Anderson takeover of the Aces & 8′s. The only questions left are the following: Who will the other members side with? Does Anderson have a backup plan in the event he becomes a lone wolf? Have the other members always been with Anderson and are looking for the opportunity to boot Bully Ray out of the club?

The most important question is this: What if this is all another plan by the Aces & 8′s to throw off TNA yet again? Losing Devon, losing the shot at Bound for Glory and dissension in the ranks could all be a grand plan with the ultimate goal being to keep the gold on Bully Ray at the end of Bound for Glory. Interesting to think of the possibilities, but the one known fact is that Mr. Anderson has taken the reigns and is reemerging in TNA as a main event level competitor who is playing for keeps.

Do you agree with Mr. Anderson making the most impact on Impact Wrestling? Sound off below!

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  • Steven kelly

    In my mind the way to reinvigorate the aces is to havd anderson win at no surrender then face aj the guy who cost him face at bfg and cheating aj out of the win leading to a feud culminating with aj winning title at genesis that would give mre build for mem and a whole lot more