Making An Impact! – Gail Kim And Taryn Terrell Make History

Impact Wrestling from Las Vegas, NV closed out on a strong note; maintaining the excitement throughout the entire night. The Aces & 8’s have a new VP, The Main Event Mafia have revealed their fifth member and Chris Sabin will challenge for the world title on July 18th at Destination X. Of all of these great moments, the stand out of the night goes to the Knockouts Ladder Match featuring Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. Once again, these two showed the boys how it’s done.


Continuing my analysis from Booking Impact!, which can be read here, the bout between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell was done extremely well. Respect, trust and professionalism for each other was evident throughout the contest with both displaying no fear in the risks that were taken. The end result produced significant highlights for not only the Knockouts division, but for TNA Wrestling. One would only hope that up and coming talent paid close attention to how two wrestling minds, when the chemistry is in sync, will always produce the match of the night.

In comparison to the Slammiversary contest, was this rematch better? While the Slammiversary bout was more high energy, the Ladder Match was more brutal and calculated. Each have valid points in the argument but whichever bout you prefer, both were able to take Kim and Terrell into a different level of in-ring competition. Now that they both have had two matches with wins on both sides, the logical approach would be the rubber match to see who is the alpha Knockout.

Looking back at their time in WWE, it’s amazing at how both promotions differ in their views of female talent. The WWE scales back their Divas so they do not show up the men. Kaitlyn, though receiving praise for the bumps taken on a recent bout, was also talked to in regards to staying safer. Stay safe or make sure you know your place as a WWE Diva? Merely speculation, but in looking at the TNA Knockouts, why wouldn’t the WWE encourage the ladies to kick it up a notch? One should always aspire for growth, both professionally and personally, and Gail Kim/ Taryn Terrell are doing exactly that in TNA Wrestling. Their time in the spotlight is more than well deserved.

– Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell need to be showcased prominently on Impact Wrestling. For two matches in a row, they have received the most reaction from the crowd and internet.

– In regards to the Knockouts Championship, a heel versus heel match would work, but a better approach would be to turn Gail Kim. However, stay away from a full fledged face turn. Gail Kim is best suited as a tweener or anti-hero.

– After Gail, Taryn is assumed to be next in line for a shot at the Knockouts title. She must remain visible by establishing herself further in the ring. Give her more ring time with the likes of Tara or Miss Tessmacher to work on her wrestling abilities.

Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell are changing the landscape of women’s wrestling. For their second bout, they have again won the acclaim of their fans and their peers through hard work and the desire to prove all of the naysayers of women’s wrestling wrong. In this world, Divas need not apply.

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  • wrestlingscoops2323

    there not changing the landscape of women wrestling at all and wwe divas in the past did harcore matches cage matches table matches so its all been done before. so nothing new at all

    • Ric Santos

      Look at the last 10 years of women’s wrestling between the two promotions. They’ve changed the landscape.

  • MonstaHeel450

    Steel Cage is next for Kim and Terrell to decide it all. And it has to be Main Event-ed. Same way Mickey James and Tara did few years ago. That'll definitely put those two on the map. Count on it.

    • Ric Santos

      I like the way you think. Many others see the rubber match in a steel cage so, we shall see.

    • RsK

      Very true, they need to main event like Tara and Mickey did, I loved that match

  • jblack424

    Question? Didn’t terrell defeat her in her first ever match? Not trying to rain on parade cause if so have them join mickie in triple threat match kim pins terrell then beats mickie for her rematch. Knockouts title match either steel cage or I quit match.

    Ps to wrestling scoops kid if your gonna come on here and complain about tna don’t watch it. Everytime I read an article you comment with something negative. Example for you great shows like sullivan and sons and graceland if you need sonething to watch