Making An Impact! – Hulk Is On Team Hogan

Where Booking Impact! looks at the in-ring action, Making An Impact! looks at the drama that’s unfolded out of the ring. Impact Wrestling delivered progression and intriguing moments that should continue to build in the weeks and months to come, should creative continue in its current direction of talent and stories. With that, let’s get down to it on today’s Making An Impact!

Making an Impact

With Dixie Carter and AJ Styles bickering over contracts and the importance of AJ Styles’ talents for the company, it almost seemed as if the TNA title match was playing second fiddle. Last night was the first time Bully Ray and AJ Styles directly confronted one another regarding their Bound for Glory main event match. With 2 weeks left until the biggest pay-per-view for TNA Wrestling, these two need to be at each others throats continually with no distractions. However, Dixie Carter will involve herself and hinder AJ Styles’ chances in some way, especially since Hogan has left TNA. Next week’s broadcast should be a reversal of roles with AJ Styles placed in a match with the defending champion causing a disruption and getting the upper hand on AJ Styles. A back and forth between the two heading into Bound for Glory is a good build and, with the addition of Dixie Carter, could lead to AJ backed into a corner he will have to fight his way out of with intensity and determination.


Impact: Feud. Bound for Glory should be a feud heavy, feud settling and feud beginning event. AJ Styles and Bully Ray’s program gives the world title match a dramatic feud. Dixie Carter adds fuel to the feud, creating a high stakes Bound for Glory main event. On AJ’s part via storyline, he has no contract. In reality, AJ has an extension until December, as reports are stating. His booking could lead to his final decision of whether to stay with TNA Wrestling or look elsewhere.

Velvet Sky was to face Brooke Tassmacher in a #1 Contender Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Before the match would begin, Lei’D Tapa makes her way to the ring in surprising fashion. Tessmacher leaves Sky alone to take a beating at the hands of the new Knockout. That beating was a statement, putting the Knockouts on notice that a new force was in TNA Wrestling.


Impact: The Knockouts Division is painfully low in talent. Not just talent, but a dominating heel performer. Brooke Tessmacher and Gail Kim, though obviously possessing the skills to get the job done day in and day out, portray characters that do not impose a dominating demeanor. They are arrogant and wrestling heavy workers that will strike you down with their words and their performance. Lei’D Tapa, if used properly, can be a truly dominating Knockout not seen since the Awesome Kong era. Her in-ring skills will still need to be tested but, if last night showed anything, it showed that she can certainly hold her own. Lei’D Tapa is a big woman with raw power and an intimidation factor that can be the starting point to rebuilding the Knockouts division for the remainder of the year and 2014. Regarding Velvet Sky, last night’s program could impact her onscreen relationship with Chris Sabin in some way, though how is uncertain. The next Impact Wrestling broadcast should be interesting for the Knockouts.

Hogan Quits

The moment that made the most impact was Hulk Hogan facing Dixie Carter and announcing that he has quit TNA Wrestling. What does this mean for Carter? Though having Hulk on her side would have made her power that much stronger, Carter now has a chance to do as she pleases without Hogan standing in the way. This could be a blessing in disguise for the TNA president. As mentioned earlier in this article, Hogan has left and Dixie Carter will be a hindrance to AJ Styles’ chances. AJ Styles essentially has no backup from an office level. Hogan’s voluntary termination could be what gets into AJ’s head, to which Dixie and Bully Ray can and will exploit. But what if Hogan quitting only fire’s up AJ further? This should make for more interesting developments as we make it to Bound for Glory.

Impact: The rumors of Hulk Hogan’s contract, his involvement in WWE 2K14 and this past Thursday’s Impact Wrestling all intertwine, despite anything the Hogan or Bischoff camp say. This was done in the event Hogan does not resign with TNA Wrestling. If Hulk Hogan is truly gone from TNA Wrestling, or if he is closer to being gone, TNA management needs to truly begin on looking ahead into 2014. Many will say that TNA will continue to sink with Hogan gone, but this could actually be an opportunity to start fresh again. They can focus on new talents such as Ethan and Lei’d Tapa. Build them up along with re-establishing TNA mainstays such as AJ Styles, James Storm, Gail Kim, Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe. Change is painful but it is necessary to grow. Truth to be told, you don’t need to fit 18,000 people into an arena to show your growth.

Give us your thoughts on the drama of Impact Wrestling and let’s get the conversation going!

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  • Luchador

    I enjoyed The show I liked that Lei’D Tapa is going to be the new force of knockouts since they don't have Kong its time to move on and get new knockouts, just one thing I would change of her and thats way less screaming. Bully and Aj was good and liked when he came back in and then went up with the fans. Hogan I think he's still with TNA and will make a surprise at BFG

    • Sean

      They are trying to make AJ styles like CM Punk. He has been misused in the company no doubt but AJ Styles should be used more like John Cena of TNA as hes been known as the face of TNA for a while, and Austin Aries is obviously the more suitable guy to be like CM Punk

      • Tna-babemagnet

        I respect what you are saying with that Sean, and you make a good point about what tna are doing in terms of making styles mirror cm punk in some ways. However, i personally think that tna should do their own thing with aj, rather than try to mirror what the wwe are doing, because tna need to show that they do not need the wwe to come up with ideas for them.

  • kyle

    Alex Barie 57p · 18 hours ago

    Hey Kyle. I like your creativity, but the biggest problem I have with your scenario is the BFG Series still being contested. Let's face it, we only have three episodes of Impact Wrestling left till Bound for Glory. The company needs to start building AJ vs. Bully as much as possible in that time. Involving Jay in that would just be a waste of time. We know AJ deserves it.


    kyle · less than 1 minute ago

    not a waste of time because if you think about it what did they do last week with aj vs bully nothing, with this booking u can create a star down the road and have a story to tell down the road with dixie heel turn. this how i see after last week have Dixie come out and said if hogan say sorry and and stay on hr side she would not fire him, then blah blah the ending will still happen, this week.

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