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Chris Sabin is our current TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Last night’s win at Destination X cemented Chris Sabin as a top tier talent and has proven that dedication to your craft does pay off. Though the card was phenomenal all across the board at Destination X, Chris Sabin is shining brightest.

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It was a shocking victory as virtually on one gave Sabin a clear chance at victory; believing Bully Ray would still be champion come Friday morning. Sabin has proven, and joins a prestigious list of those who have done the same, that size does not matter and a champion is measured by his skill, determination and desire to be champion.

Chris Sabin has grown as a talent and an individual, beating the odds when his legs were out of commission and beating the odds when his tag team partner, Alex Shelley, was no longer with the promotion. Sabin stood by TNA through the most questionable times of his career but it all paid off in the end. Now, what does a Chris Sabin victory mean? Like Austin Aries previously, Sabin has kicked in a door to allow more athletes who are not the biggest of the bunch to compete for the world heavyweight title. TNA has many big men, but a good amount of sleeker/ leaner talent have the ability to shoot for the stars if an opportunity is taken advantage of.

Sabin’s victory also takes the title picture and turns it 180 degrees. What can we expect now from Bully Ray and the Aces & 8′s? What level of desperation will we see the former champion in as he attempts to regain the gold? An interesting aspect that everyone needs to remember and focus on is Austin Aries and the pep talk to Sabin before the title match. With Austin Aries defeating Bobby Roode in the opening contest of Destination X, along with his resurgence, is there a possibility of a friendly feud between the two? A world championship contest with Austin Aries and Chris Sabin is sure to be a wrestling enthusiast delight. Only time will tell but Hail Sabin is the official battle cry of the world heavyweight champion in TNA Wrestling.

- With Sabin as champion, he will need to step up his game even further. We know Chris Sabin the in-ring competitor but we need to see more outside of the ring. Do away with the sappy comeback story and make way for Chris Sabin the aggressor. The world title scene is a completely different animal.

- Place Sabin in high profile matchups with talent from the top of the card, further proving that Chris Sabin can hang with the big boys and teach them a thing or two.

Whether the outcome was to your liking or not, history was made at Destination X with Chris Sabin and the world heavyweight title. You can be sure that the fallout on next week’s Impact Wrestling broadcast will keep the fire burning.

NOTE: Though comments and discussion are encouraged, we ask that spoilers for next week’s Impact Wrestling broadcast are not provided in the comments area in consideration of your fellow readers who do not wish to be spoiled. Thank you.

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  • Mastermind

    Bully ray/AA takes back the title next week, TNA booking as always

    • Ric Santos

      TNA announced next month that Sabin will defend the title at Hardcore Justice on SpikeTV against Bully in a steel cage match. Next time, read before spewing anti TNA commentary. If you don’t like TNA, don’t watch it. Done.

    • steidman

      please provide examples of this booking. It is cool if you do not like TNA but your statement has no basis.

  • steidman

    I wonder how this will play out and if Sabin is planning retirement because of the knees. IMO, I just do not see him as a long term world champ. But I do appreciate TNA giving him the title as he has been there from the beginning and has been a extremely hard worker.

    Also, Bully will be able to call himself a two time champion if he wins again. I think this will be Bully's only run with the title as there are several other worthy stars ready to hold the belt.

    • Ric Santos

      Many are under the assumption that Sabin will not have a lengthy reign. He could surprise us, you never know. As far as Bully goes, he’ll be champion again one day. He’s the best heel wrestler in a very long time.