Making An Impact! – The Austin Aries 180

Welcome to another edition of Making An Impact! here on It was another solid Impact broadcast with no sign of TNA letting up in sight. In recent weeks, the show has focused on certain developments within the main event scene with the biggest development coming out of this past Thursday. Austin Aries is the #1 contender for the world heavyweight title in controversial fashion; completely changing the world title picture.

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Without a shadow of a doubt, Austin Aries deserves to be in the main event world heavyweight title picture. The initial reign, defeating Bobby Roode for the title, should have been a much stronger catalyst in bringing Aries to a higher level. Of course it did, but still not to the level where Aries needed to be. Upon losing the gold, there was never a true follow up for his hunting of the title again. He was eventually thrown into the tag team title scene along with Bobby Roode and the tag team division received two credible former champions. Though very successful as a tag team, a return to singles competition was more than evident. However, a bad decision on the part of Austin Aries appeared to push Aries back down the ladder and into shaky territory.

The ramifications of the crotch incident were reflected on the promos of Aries, or lack there of. This was also reflected in his overall demeanor inside and outside of the ring. There was apparently a fine involved and almost certainly a strong verbal lashing. It would also appear that he was told to remain as the silent member of the Roode/ Aries team, never quite speaking his mind as before and looking almost dejected, distracted or saddened while appearing. The outrageous and loveable self loving Austin Aries was scaled down to simply, for lack of a better description, another performer on the roster coming to work and leaving. Take a look back at previous Impact Wrestling broadcasts and there is a clear difference in Aries’ overall aura for some time after the crotch incident. Clear punishment that would, as we saw this past Thursday, be rewarded.

The Main Event Mafia has reformed in order to take down the Aces & 8’s. AJ Styles is still, and will always be looked at as the true savior of TNA Wrestling when the end of the Aces is imminent. So, how does TNA stir the top further in order to throw all of us off and bring in an unexpected element into the Aces 8’s saga? By quietly positioning Aries to challenge Bully Ray for the title by donning the Suicide costume and winning the X-Division Championship; challenging Bully for the world title at Destination X. Seeing it unfold on Impact Wrestling brought the “OH!” moment it was supposed to bring.

Austin Aries paid his penance and is now X-Division Champion. The plan will be to challenge Bully Ray for the world heavyweight championship at Destination X in July. A new challenger has stepped up and adds more intrigued into not only the Aces & 8’s group, but also the Main Event Mafia and their plans.

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Austin Aries has taken the world title picture and turned it upside down. He has also taken his previous position and turned it upside down; making the best of the opportunity given. A complete 180 for the show and a complete 180 for his career. Austin Aries is the talk of the town and The Greatest Man That Ever Lived looks to be back in the saddle.

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  • Broc Harrison

    Too bad they threw that all away, and gave the shit back to Sabin.. TNA for ya.. All the talent in the world, all the necessary hype, then nothing.. Really Really close to not watching anymore..

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    nope its pointless and made no sense now that sabin has the title back and tna drop the ball big time here

  • Ric Santos

    How about we not give away spoilers guys? Just a thought.

  • Broc Harrison

    Links to the spoilers on the same page… Write a piece on how tna always screws the fans… Just a Thought….

    • Ric Santos

      Where is a link on this article? If a link is provided on any article, it is for you to click on and read yourself. I do not include spoilers in my articles themselves and would appreciate if others who comment do not include spoilers and ruin it for others who don’t want to know what happens. Also, if you believe TNA screws the fans, why do you watch and why do you visit this site? WWE fanboys and trolls can visit and enjoy how WWE doesn’t ‘screw’ fans over. To the behind the computer screen tough guys, thanks and keep wishing you were in the business. Done.