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In the shocker win of the night, Magnus bested Bobby Roode to advance in the BFG Series and faced AJ Styles to end No Surrender. Despite a losing effort at the BFG Series finale, Magnus further proved why the future may actually be now in TNA Wrestling. AJ and Bully may be going to Bound for Glory, but Magnus made the lasting impression.


Magnus was not supposed to advance to the BFG Series finale to face AJ Styles. Booby Roode was the favorite heading into the bout, which meant a heel versus face main event. However, we were all proven wrong as Magnus surprised the world with his win over The It Factor. Magnus picking up the win is a prime example of TNA’s backing and vision for his character and position down the road. Along with a new contract that was recently agreed upon, it is safe to say that Magnus looks to have a very fruitful TNA tenure.

As stated on Booking No Surrender, he has come a long way since his gladiator days. He has stuck with it and hasn’t loosened his grip. Magnus is in a great position in TNA Wrestling as his character can move along a few different paths. The disappointment was more than evident after the main event matchup, which begs the questions: How will Magnus rebound? Will he rebound the right way?

In one case, we have Magnus accepting defeat and bettering his game in order to get more TV time, get more mic time and interact with the crowd so they are behind him more than ever. Proving his worth to the company, we can expect more high profile matches to test just how ready he is for the eventual world title push. In a second case, there could be a turn where Magnus’ youth and ego become his own worst enemy and goes the villainous route to become champion sooner than later. Each scenario elevates his status further and brings either a new babyface or new heel to the main event scene to shake things up further. TNA and creative will have the final say, but Magnus can certainly sway to one side or another depending on just what kind of reactions and support he believes is right to continue his progression.

The important thing is TNA not losing him in the shuffle. We know AJ Styles is challenging for the title, but we also know that Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are not too far behind. Stepping up for that main event spot against established superstars will be a challenge. If history has shown, Magnus will rise to the occasion and not wait for the opportunity, but take it. Magnus will become an even bigger player in the TNA landscape. Do not ignore the possibility of “The Brit Factor” world title era in TNA Wrestling down the road.

Do you believe Magnus made the most impact on No Surrender? Do you believe someone else should be recognized? Sound off below!

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