Making An Impact! – The Carter Family Era

The new Making An Impact! will look at the drama that unfolds outside of the ring and how these events impact what’s to come. Last night, three particular events took place on Impact Wrestling that are setting a new course for their respective players: Chris Sabin’s sudden turn, further dissension in the Aces & 8’s and the AJ Styles/ Dixie Carter blowup.

Making an Impact

Before Manik’s opening contest with Jeff Hardy, Chris Sabin had a backstage meet with the masked man. Chris Sabin explained how he was the reason why someone like Manik is not only around, but is the X-Division Champion. A confused Manik made his to the stage as Chris Sabin, along with Velvet Sky, made their way ringside to watch the contest. Fast forward to the end of the bout and Sabin raises the hand of the losing Manik, only to attack him from behind before Jeff Hardy would stop it. Backstage, Sabin stated that Manik was the most disrespectful person he had ever met and that he is not earning respect but taking it from now on.

This sudden heel turn makes no sense in the continuity of things. Chris Sabin, upon returning to TNA Wrestling, continually touted his never give up attitude and how he returned to live his dream of becoming world champion. Not only did Sabin become the TNA Champion, but he did it with humility and the desire to be a fighting champion. The reaction was overwhelming and his victory marked a new era in the TNA title picture. He did lose the gold, but TNA portrayed a frustrated Sabin looking for “something to give”. Logic states that Sabin would continue with his world title aspirations but play by the Aces & 8’s rules. Perhaps losing some restraint and owning the ring to prove he is still world champion material.

This isn’t the same as Bobby Roode breaking a beer bottle over James Storm to capture the world title. Roode has had a history of being a bad egg so his turn, though sudden as well, made more logical sense in the big picture. Sabin’s turn, however, is a turn that completely nullifies the comeback story and the summer Chris Sabin had. This could have been a more believable turn if things were not going Sabin’s way multiple times for months down the road.

Bully Ray successfully retained his world title last week at Impact Wrestling: No Surrender with the help of his club and Brooke Tessmacher. On this week’s episode, Bully Ray wanted to give a thank you to one individual in the ring who helped him the most. That person was Tessmacher, to the disappointment and anger of his remaining club members. Knux, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff all vented to a leader who would rather back away with his girl and not face the verbal, and possible physical barrage, from his club.

The Aces & 8’s have been around for a long time. Is it time for the group to finally split? It would seem so according to the IWC and now via television storyline. However, this dissension seems too easy to digest. If history shows, and as Bully himself has stated on Twitter, Bully Ray always has a plan. The world champion is in full control of the situation. Perhaps there is trouble for the club and this very well may be the split that’s been bound to happen. But this looks more like another grand scheme in the Aces & 8’s drama leading into Bound for Glory.

If this is a another master plan, the only way to disband the Aces would be to have a tag team matchup with the life of the group on the line. Another scenario is the disbanding of the group happening after Bully Ray takes credit while another member, say Anderson if he is still involved, disagrees and leads the real friction.


The anticipated face to face between AJ Styles and Dixie Carter did not disappoint. The best wrestling storylines and promos are those that blur the lines between reality and entertainment. The WWE is doing just that with the Triple H/ Daniel Bryan/ Randy Orton picture and TNA looks to be using this same method with AJ Styles and Dixie Carter.

What was said last night by AJ Styles was certainly truth. If not AJ’s own personal feelings of the truth, then the truth felt by those former talents he mentioned and those in the IWC who feel TNA is not what it used to be after a change in control of the company. Dixie’s response was the expected reply after an authority figure begins to crack under the pressure of real life business drama and decisions needing to be made. This is an excellent opportunity for a real “sink your teeth into it” kind of story that TNA needs. Not only that, but even more layers will be created for AJ Styles and Dixie Carter as on-screen characters. “Shutting down” the show by turning off all of the lights was a brilliant way to end the program.

The questions now are: How will this affect AJ Styles and his goal to be world champion? If and when he does become champion, what loops will Dixie put him through to test his mettle? It will be very interesting to see how this whole situation plays out on television. As stated on Prepare For Impact!, this could be yet another incarnation of a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin/ Vince McMahon type feud. Not as intense, but telling an engaging story that will hopefully enthrall and excite. It would also be interesting to see if Dixie and/ or AJ Styles use current real life TNA business happenings to further fuel the fire and blur the lines even more.

Give us your thoughts on the drama of Impact Wrestling and let’s get the conversation started!

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  • Luchador

    I agree about Sabin I think he should of pick himself up and try to go for the belt again in time, besides that Impact was great and loved the ending I hope they keep on using the real life drama to make it more interesting

  • Sean

    It is unfortunate how management across the wrestling industries fail to give many stars a chance to vindicate their losses. Only Daniel Bryan continues to never give up and continue to be a good guy nowadays. We saw it with Christian when he lost his World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton. We saw it with Ryback whose 'Feed Me More' was incredible, now Sabin.
    As I suggested in the Bound For Glory – The Resusication for TNA? article, TNA should of kept him as a huge factor against Aces & Eights

  • jim

    why are you ( TNA )making Ryback act like a fag that Haymen is in love with lol and what ever Dixie has planned is she watching WWE and following Steph.