Making An Impact! – The Phenomenal Return

The man honored on tonight’s Making An Impact! has been featured many a time here, and for good reason. A respected and entertaining performer, The Phenomenal One has proven again that he is the true face of TNA wrestling. Presented to you on Making An Impact! is “The Franchise” of TNA Wrestling, AJ Styles.


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When called “The Franchise” (all due respect to Shane Douglas), that individual is the best performer in a company and, possibly, with no equal in their respective brand. There are traits that justify an athlete in having this title. In the WWE, “The Franchise” is John Cena. His star power, marketability, values and dedication to his craft and company are only a few of the reasons why he is the man in the WWE. Say what you will about the man’s in-ring skills, but you cannot deny that Cena holds your attention. In TNA Wrestling, the constant is AJ Styles. Not only does AJ Styles possess the same traits, he trumps the competition with his God given ability in the ring that he claims every night he performs. Despite questionable direction in the past, it would be difficult to bring up a bad AJ Styles match (bad on his part, anyway).

Who didn’t legitimately mark out when AJ Styles came down to his “Evil Ways” theme, only to rip off his jacket to the “I Am” theme and tear the house down with The Mafia? It was exciting to see Styles make his way unexpectedly, but to see the return of the AJ Styles we know and love out of the blue captivated us at home and the live crowd in Norfolk, VA. Styles also picked up the win for his team, leading to Devon being removed from the Aces & 8′s and TNA Wrestling.

In looking at the story progression of Rebel AJ, there has always been the sense that the old AJ Styles would resurface, but last night proved to be quite a fast turn. What changed his heart and mind? Or who changed his heart and mind? Whatever the reasons are, AJ Styles is the strongest talent on the roster and the strongest candidate to win the Bound for Glory Series and the TNA Heavyweight Championship at this very moment. The original focus has returned with, one would assume, some of the darker attitude and grit. Let it be known that “The Franchise” of TNA Wrestling is coming to win the Bound for Glory Series and take down the Aces & 8′s.

- Mix the old with new. Maintain some of the new attitude of 2013 AJ Styles with the skill and focus of the AJ Styles we all know.

- As we near the end of the BFG Series, plant the seeds to a future bout between AJ Styles and Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

- In relation to point number two, book AJ Styles to win the title.

Do you believe AJ Styles made the most impact on Impact Wrestling: Hardcore Justice Part 2? Do you believe there was another talent who made a stronger showing? Sound off below!

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  • wrestlingscoops2323

    hello they turned AJ face because angle is in rehab and there need someone to take his place and thats the only reason why and they riuned the loner storyline big time with no payoff at all

    • Ric Santos

      Okay, now give us an educated explanation of your point for the discussion aspect of this article.

    • Ric Santos

      Also, wasn’t the payoff with this entire AJ angle that he would return to the AJ Styles we know and take care of the Aces? Looks like that’s what’s starting to happen. So, what payoff were you expecting Mr, I Have Nothing but Negative Comments For TNA But I Watch It Religiously?

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    the only reason they turned AJ face is because angle is in rehab and they need someone to take his place in the mem

  • kyle

    i think it the best move for tna right now they need bully ray too have reason to hate AJ and there u go getting rid of his brother.

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