Making An Impact! – The Two Who Saved The Show

Coming off of a very lackluster Impact Wrestling broadcast from Corpus Christi, there was not enough given from the fans or talent to warrant a Making An Impact! article. However, after watching the show again and thinking it over, I do have to gives kudos to two stars who practically saved the entertainment value: “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “The Cowboy” James Storm.

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AJ Styles makes the list for a second week in a row. As mentioned in the first edition of Making An Impact!, AJ Styles is in a great position and appears to be utilizing his new attitude effectively. He also had the only good match on Thursday’s show with James Storm in the main event. It was a very nice touch to wear all black ring gear. Subtleties like that get high marks. Though AJ isn’t a confirmed heel, I’m reminded of Jushin Liger donning black ring gear when he turned heel in Japan to accentuate the turn.


- Keep the program going with “The Cowboy” James Storm and Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Kazarian). This is the program that is re-introducing AJ Styles to the new live audiences for TNA wrestling. Build on the tension between he and James Storm, as well as the struggle to get Bad Influence off of his back. Eventually, taking down the Aces & 8′s should be AJ’s priority and booking.

- Try not to stray far from the current persona, if AJ is in fact not turning heel. Too many times when a heel or anti-hero is confirmed as a face, they become sappy and sickeningly goody goody (see Alberto Del Rio over at WWE).

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Storm is a very likeable character and truly came into is own after splitting with Bobby Roode many moons ago. Storm has knowledge of what TNA fans want to see and this is evident in his matches and non wrestling segments. He is a TNA original, after all. As far as character development, he did not add anything new to the mix. However, what adds him to the list is having a very entertaining main event along with AJ Styles.


- The “cowboy” persona has been built and is James Storm. No reason to change his character in any way.

- Slap some sense into AJ Styles. Storm should have a strong presence with AJ Styles in the ring and in the back. This is where it gets a little tricky as you don’t want James Storm to come off as a villain. However, attacking AJ from behind in the back and things to that extent should be a tactic used to get AJ to see the light and see his point. Tough brotherly love.

- Storm has to insert himself deeper into the Aces & 8′s story outside of the AJ program. He was essential in the beginning when the locker room questioned if he was the leader of the Aces. He will ultimately get there with AJ Styles but he needs to have his own presence and not be a side kick or another one of Team TNA trying to take down the Aces in vain.

TNA’s Impact Wrestling this coming Thursday will originate from Indiana, Pennsylvania for another live broadcast on Spike TV. The live shows and crowds are without question the better of the broadcasts, so let’s hope for high energy emanating from start to finish. Let’s also see where the men, making an impact, go on Thursday.

Do you agree with me and my thoughts? Sound off below and thank you for reading my latest.

If you haven’t been made aware, TNA News’ own Alex Barie (twitter: @AlexAssumptions) will be interviewing Christopher Daniels this Tuesday for what I know will be a great interview for a special Point Of Impact, so don’t miss it!

Until next time: “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game”

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  • AmongstDemons

    They clearly have the talent to make the shows good as mentioned before but Dixie is blinded by her own ignorance to realize this. They'll never be taken as a serious competitor to WWE aslong as Hogan gets to push who he deems good enough to. His judgement is backwards and he still believes this is the late 90's that he's as good as WWE. I admit WWE has ALOT of problems but not as nearly as TNA. They give this illusion that they're this family friendly company when they treat alot of their workers like shit. Of course it doesn't matter as long as Hogan and his slut daughter get paid for doing nothing except filling up the program with they're incompetence. The guy can barely walk to the ring but still thinks he's of any relevance to the company or even the industry itself. Except for fans are still buying into his bullshit and are just as ignorant as Dixie is. They have a chance to showcase the talent that is there but choose to take up the weekly shows with the horrendous A&8's. This is one of the worst factions ever in any promotion. It's nice to see Bully be champ but come on, it's alittle tiring seeing how repetitive this has become. Joseph Park (Abyss) has become so retarded is almost become comedic every time he comes out. Of course they have to bring 50 year Sting back as well so we get to see 2 geezers beat up a group of jobbers. Congratulations Hogan and Sting, you showed us! *rolls eyes*
    You showed us that no one will ever get their chance to get over because you just have to make it seem that you still matter. Hulkamania is running wild and you get to step on everyone because no one is better than you brother. What a joke. I really hate what TNA has become since Hogan took nearly complete control. Of course we can't forget Dixie who let this all happen. Once her parents realize this is a dying breed, they're going to cut them lose. They haven't turned a profit in years and they keep putting money into this sinking ship. It's like those parents that give their kids anything they want only to watch them destroy it and not learn the real damage they are doing. Guess that just goes with the territory eh? Dixie bullshits her way into getting this company only to give it to a bunch of tyrants. The only reason some of the wrestlers stay is because they don't want to go back to the indy scene so they put up with this nonsense. Wearing a mask hiding their true feelings. Adam Pearch who I have tremendous respect for said it be a couple weeks ago when he looked at Bruce Prichard and called him a damn fool. This shows you the foolishness the resides in the company when they overlook a great talent like Pearce. Jay Lethal doesn't even want to be part their this travesty of a company.