Making An Impact! – Who’s On Team Dixie?

If TNA Wrestling’s Impact Wrestling this past Thursday showed us anything, it was that nothing is certain. We look at Aces & 8′s, The Main Event Mafia and Dixie Carter/ AJ Styles/ Hulk Hogan and feel the rumblings. Not only through the entertainment aspect of the show, but behind the scenes through internet discussions and news. An impact is being made that began last week and will resonate into 2014.

Making an Impact

Bully Ray is too focused on his own business and Brooke Tessmacher to worry about the life of the club. He even dubbed Wes Brisco, Garrett Bischoff and Knux lackeys that he does not pay to think. With the dishonorable discharge of Wes Brisco, as well as Mr. Anderson weeks ago, it would appear that Bully Ray is himself attempting to break up the club so he doesn’t have to worry about his “lackeys” anymore. The Aces & 8′s are now, more than ever, a non factor in the TNA Wrestling landscape. Where they were the biggest threat to the company months ago, they are now a stable within the organization going through the motions that all stables go through: separation. As mentioned also, this could very well be the biggest master plan. These internal issues could be smoke and when TNA clears the smoke, what they find may be something bigger than what they can handle. Either way, the Aces remain on our radar for what’s to come of the world title and the club.

Impact: Both onscreen and off, the Aces look to have run their course. It is time for Bully Ray to be the lone heel he knows how to be, along with Brooke Tessmacher as his new element. After this past Impact Wrestling, this point is more than evident. If they continue on into 2014, the club will need a revamp or go out with a whimper.

There’s no question that Austin Aries is back and looked upon by TNA management. As the world title picture is filled with would be contenders after the BFG Series, the X-Division is looking to be taking yet another turn in its storied history. The X-Division title is the first step in getting a world title opportunity, so what better way to advance onto the main event scene than by captivating within the division and capturing the X-Division title? The division is where names are made and Chris Sabin is looking to make his name mean something again, now as what looks to be the division’s top heel. Though Manik is champion, Austin Aries looks to be the top face. Helping Manik on Impact Wrestling after Sabin’s assault cemented Aries into the X-Division picture. Throw in a returning Kenny King and we have a division that may be shaping up into a hard hitting and exciting division again for 2014.

Impact: The X-Division has regained some momentum heading into Bound for Glory, a division that put TNA Wrestling on the map with its most hardcore fans. Kenny King, Austin Aries and Chris Sabin have returned to their TNA roots and should provide us with a Bound for Glory match that will awe and possibly steal the show.

Who is Magnus? This is the question that The Main Event Mafia have been working on answering since bringing him on board with the group. Sting sees a world champion, while Magnus is too frustrated to ease his mind and follow the words of The Icon. As mentioned previously, The Mafia have deviated from their initial plan of focusing their energies on the Aces & 8′s. Magnus is too concerned with his recent loses, along with EGO (Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels & Kazarian), to truly focus on the task at hand. What this is leading into is Magnus’ continued singles run and eminent breakup from The Mafia. Sting and Samoa Joe are working with Magnus to put him on the right path, but his mettle is truly being tested. The journey through that test, however, looks to be taking it’s toll. Though The Mafia won this past Thursday, he was not a deciding factor in that win due to the interference of EGO and injury.

Impact: With earning the trust of the company’s top veterans and growing with each win & loss, Magnus is continually building the characteristics of a future world champion. Those characteristics can be projected as either a face or heel. He can hopefully master enough confidence and perfect his craft where he can join the list of the few talents who can pull off both positions with fantastic results.



The AJ Styles and Dixie Carter drama took a another turn when Hulk Hogan took it upon himself, as he should being the general manager, to try and patch things up with a new contract for AJ Styles, only to have Dixie Carter rip it up. Styles appears, in story, to be facing Bully Ray without being a contracted talent. Dixie also gave Hulk Hogan one week to decide if he was on Team Dixie, she being able to make Hogan better than he already is in his current position, or essentially go against her. More layers are added into this intriguing story but TNA needs to be careful and not make the world title match itself secondary. What this story should lead to is some sort of world title match stipulation. AJ receives a contract if he wins? No disqualification for the match? There has to be some sort of small payoff for this drama going into Bound for Glory. Bully Ray will need to insert himself deeper as the defending champion and possibly open a new route to take this AJ Styles/ Dixie Carter situation.

Impact: This program gives Dixie Carter a platform to introduce herself to the TNA Wrestling fans via another platform. Taking the role of the heel boss is traditional and a good way to have fans invest in AJ Styles. The real life situation with AJ Styles’ contract comes into play and his world title hunt onscreen affects the backstage happenings. It will be interesting to see how AJ’s booking is handled heading into Bound for Glory.

Give us your thoughts on the drama of Impact Wrestling and let’s get the conversation started!

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  • millie

    I think Dixie carter went to far and needs to be stop and for AJ I hope he does win and be come the new TNA champion and beats bully Ray.

  • gary carter

    what kinds of plan does she have for tna wrestling it is getting boreing to watch it getting like wwe wrestling.

  • Dan Adams

    I quit watching the WWE because it was getting pretty perverted. Three or four people jumping and beating up one person and than bragging how tough they where. Now it seems that TNA has taken the same script. I know wrestling has gone from a sport to an entertainment, but I'm thinking that "The Cosby Show" is now more entertaining. I have been a wrestling fan every since I can remember, and I'm 51 years old. I left the WWE behind and it looks like I won't be riding the "Dixie Train" either. My time can be spent doing something better. Good-bye and surely not missed TNA.

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